søndag 22. desember 2013

Sugary sweet Christmas: Chocolate crunchy Cookie Cubes

EDIT: I realize as I am a person with an ED, it might be weird for me to post something like this, but it doesn´t mean I can´t bake something for christmas for my family.
In the spirit of the holidays, there are tons of traditions coming up!
For me, christmas is all about the preperations, which there are tons of.
We spend most of december prepearing for christmas, and loads of it includes baking and cooking all kinds of delicious sweets, candies, cakes and other snacks, as well as salting meat, fish, making salads and other things. Norwegian traditions says you should always have atleast seven different kinds of cakes for christmas, so you can imagine how busy I´ve been during the last few weekends!
I have had far too much school to be able to work on other things during the weekdays, so the end of the weeks have pretty much been devoted to christmas.


It makes me feel like a little child ;V; all giddy and happy inside, just thinking about it!
I hope it will be a nice vacation this year, we have loads of time after all! ^0^
I worked really hard these past few weeks, and managed to finish ALL my homework before we got off on holiday, so now I can do whatever I want ;V; yay! <3


So, kind of like a little celebration for christmas, and because I acctually did this all by myself this year for the first time, I wanted to share a little recipe with you guys! :-3
My mom and my godmother has had this tradition of making christmas confectioneries together every year, since I can remember. This year, however, none of them had the time, so I took it upon myself to bring the tradition forth ^0^


These little delicious treats are called 
Chocolate crunchy Cookie Cubes!

These things are said to be so delicious that you need to put a lock on the box, hehe x3
And really, with the rich, crunchy texture, and the delicious mixture, with both coconut – and almondflakes, sweet crunchy crackers,  and loads of delicious chocolate, with cream and syrup too, these yummy confections are perfect for anyone who enjoys some sugary goodness *v*
(might be a bit filling though ^^" so there is plenty to give away!!)

These have always been my sisters favourites, so I hope she will enjoy the ones I made as well :-)
I think the thing that makes these so dreamy, is the fact that we use light milky baking–chocolate for the filling, instead of dark baking–chocolate, which just wouldn´t do with this recipe.

I would reccomend any sweets-lover to have a go at making these!
They are pretty easy to whip together, with some coordination and concentration
(remember that this is the first time I made them, and they became perfect! )
And because of the conventient cube shape, they are perfect christmas gifts also. Put them in a little box, and wrap a red silk ribbon around them, and you´re ready to go :-3



300 g chopped milk baking-chocolate
2 tbsp light syrup
185 g butter
2 tbsp unwhipped cream
250 g chopped sweet crackers
(I use Marie crackers)
200 g almondflakes
1 1/2 dl coconutflakes

150 – 200 g milk chocolate
15 g butter

Put down greaseproof paper in a pan that measures about 19 x 29 cm, and then butter it.
Mix together butter, sirup, the unwhipped cream and chocolate in a large sauce pan.
Use a low heat setting, and mix well until melted, but make sure it doesn´t boil!

 (TIP: always put the butter in first, and slightly let it melt before adding the other ingredients!).

Put in the chopped crackers, almond  – and coconutflakes, mix well.
Press the paste into the pan and set it aside.
Then you make the glazing. Melt the butter and the chocolate while stirring, and pour it over the pan.
Spread the glazing evenly and put the finished result in a cool storing place over night.
Cut the paste into cubes (around 2.5 – 3 cm wide),
and then you´re done! ^^

This was my little addition to the happiest seasons of the all! ^^
I really hope you enjoyed this entry, and will consider making the Chocolate crunchy Cookie Cubes for yourself also! If you do, please let me know!
And perhaps, if you don´t feel like making it this christmas,
there is always a good excuse to make chocolateconfections around valentines! ;-) 


As a last little addition to this entry, I would like to say that I am happy to announce that all my lolita things arrived in time! ^0^ So that means I get to wear my new outfit for christmas after all! ^v^
Whahh... I can´t feel bad around christmas, it is the best time of the year, and it just fills me with this happy feeling that makes me feel all giddy and happy inside >v< hihi

Do you have any baking traditions
for christmas?

Only a few days left now *V* iiih...
I almost can´t wait!


a little early, but still
Merry Christmas everyone!

lørdag 7. desember 2013

Fuwa fuwa pastelly yellow

 I feel awfull for not updating. And the longer I have gone without doing so, the more terrible it feels. Coming here with yet another excuse and yet another promise of trying to update more frequently. 
So insert standard excuse here, though I  am unsure if I will be able to update more often...
 and when it comes to how I am...

...Lets just say I am not doing very well...

Taking advantage of the cold weather, my love for snuggly and cosy clothing, and the fact that I needed a new pair of slippers, I went and invested in a cute new set of roomwear to wear around the house, from DreamV, and a pair of Kiiroitori slippers from Ebay! ^^

Here is the product–picture of my roomwear set:

I went with the "cream" colourway ^^ (because I thought the off–white details looked the best on that colourway, and because I wanted to match my new slippers ;3;) Also, who said you have to go pink to be cute?

Isn´t it just adorable? ^^
Sadly, I think it might be sold out by now though...

Here is a picture of it worn, with my Kiiroitori slippers!
It is so big and snuggly ;V; <3 Seriously, it feels like wearing a warm, fluffy cloud! 
And its so soft that you almost can´t feel that you´r touching it *_*
(anyone know how to increase photo quality on a Iphone 4?)
The qualtiy of my phone–pictures is decreasing all the time, I am sorry the crappy look of this...
It is partly due to the difficult "lighting"–situation I am in. In the wintertime, we have very limited amounts of daylight this far north...

Also, sorry for having to blurr out my sleepy face =v= heheh

The thing I love about roomwear is that it is adorable, cute clothes you can wear all by yourself while taking it easy after a long day, or if your are just spending some time at home ;V; It is warm and cuddly without being sleepwear, and it makes you feel really good! ^v^


 I am really in love with these slippers ;v;


These next two weeks my parents are visiting my sister in South Africa for her graduation, so I am home alone again...

I have been good, getting almost all of the christmast presents I have planned to get for people this year ;V; yay! Almost done. Other than that, our teachers has decided to bury us in homework up until the very last minute of school, before christmas break 
(huh,  its like they have to compensate for the time we´ll be free during the holidays >.<

Are you in route
with buying christmas presents?

Deco-mail pictograms of Rilakkuma

I even managed to get myself a little christmas present, hihi ^u^
I won´t say to much, but it involves a lot of lolita clothing, Angelic Pretty and a beautiful jumperskirt I plan on wearing as this years christmas dress ;v; <3 Ah, christmas is my favourite time of the year!
I just hope everything arrives in time!