fredag 22. februar 2013

Sweet tips + art update


Today I wanted to make a small update with some art I have made recently, 
and also a recommendation for you all! ^0^

I´ve quickly mentioned it before, but recently I have been reeeeeally into reading a manga called 

Yumeiro Patissiere

It´s about a girl named Ichigo, who loves eating cakes and sweet treats, and she has a very refined taste for them. One day she is picked out to start at a school for confections and baking, 
so she can learn more about making cakes! ^^
There she meets others who likes baking, and she also meets the sweets spirits. The sweets spirits are small, fairy-like creatures that has been sent to earth from the sweets kingdom to learn about making sweets and cakes! So, they have to choose a human to be their partner. 

Ichigo meets a sweets spirit called "Vanilla" (whose speciality is vanilla flavoured things)
 and they become great friends <3
After a while she figures out some of the others also have sweets spirits, and they all have specialities they are good at (and their names usually give them away ;-3

I love this manga because it features gorgeous shoujo art, and tons of details just drowned in cuteness ;v; Seriously, even though either Ichigo or any of the others are lolitas, 
they dress in super frilly clothing with tons of adorable alice-like details, 
bows, buttons, frills, lace, pintucks and sparkly little gems all over the place. So If, you are looking for a cute comic to read, that can fit with your sweet image, or just to please your kawaii-craving soul, look no further, this is it! It is an incredibly cute story, filled with all the most delicious and dreamy treats you could ever imagine ( new ones in every chapter!),  combined with adorable fashion and wonderfully sweet shoujo faces (enormous glittery eyes anyone???) and elaborate cute hairstyles. Forever a favourite in my heart, now that I´ve found it. I wish to purchase the actual manga books as soon as I can afford it, and I will try to watch the anime series as well. For now, I´ve just got to settle with reading it online as it updates >.<"

Since I completely fell in love with this series, I couldn´t stand not making any kind of fan art to show my appreciation of it, and thus.... these two pictures where made :3 

This drawing I made about 1-2 weeks ago, using paint tool sai ^^ I am very pleased with the result, and I think it is the prettiest digital drawing I´ve ever made ;v; 
So I am actually quite proud of it, and not afraid to say so! 

It is Vanilla-chan, Ichigos sweets spirit! ^0^ I really love her design, so I just had to draw her! She has the cutest hairstyle, don´t you think? I had no idea what to put in the background, so I made some bows, and cakes (first time drawing digital food like this!).... I am sorry the cherry pie looks a bit derp, it´s my first time drawing it >.< I like how the cookie came out though! It looks like it has actual texture and everything :D yay!
 I also find it hard to draw gold, so the spoon might look a bit funny :-/... All in all though, I am really happy with it! ^0^ I hope you guys like it also! Please let me know what you think <3 

The second fanart picture I made, I finished only today! 
I have promised myself to draw more male characters this year, because I am quite bad at male anatomy and such >.< But I really like how (some of) this came out! I only used my own hands as reference, live-acting the poses, not even taking pictures while I drew ^0^

This is Kashino! One of the "sweets princes" that Ichigo befriends at the school. He is actually not the kind of guy to smile, but I wanted to make him look happy for once ^^ His sweets spirit is called Chocolate, so you can guess her speciality ;-3 hehe... 
The story of this picture is that Kashino just made that delicious café latte, mocca and physalis cake (with pocky topping) and he is letting us know that he couldn´t have done it without the help of his wonderful fairy friend, Chocolate ^^ hihi <333 
I made this only using photoshop for the colouring, so I know it´s not as good as the previous one... I really wanna become good at using photoshop also though, 
so I need to practice even though it´s kinda tedious at times >.<"""""
The one thing I see that is really off in this picture, is his shoulders... but I find it very hard drawing shoulders underneath clothing like that, so I guess that´s just something I´ll have to practice... 
Please let me know what you think of this one also!

So yeah, If you feel as enchanted about this adorable manga series as I do,
 and just wanna get to reading it straight away you can do so 

I, for one, can´t wait for the next updated chapter ;v;
 It fills me with fuzzy warm feelings when I read it.

Do you make fanart of things you like?

I hope you enjoyed todays cuteness tip, and artupdate!
Tuning out from kawaii-land, until next time, with more cute everyday life

onsdag 20. februar 2013

*Parent-free adventure*

Good morning to all!

As you might remember, I have been quite alone this weekend/start of the week,
 but now I am happy to announce that my parents have returned! ^^

When they went away, I was just overjoyed over getting to spend some alone time by myself with my cat, but let me tell you, even that isn´t quite as fun after a while >.< Basically, they left really early on Thursday, and came home quite late yesterday (after 9 pm) so it was almost like 6 days! The first three days were fun an jolly, but when Sunday came along, I was starting to get reaaally bored :P And I was really annoyed with taking care of the hens >.< Yeah, I am quite the "girly-girl" about things like that, can´t help but finding it a bit icky :P It´s just that they are pretty large, and you have to go inside their cage to place out their food... and it smells :---------S

Anyway, even though it was quite boring, loads of fun things have happend also ^^
I got to play my Nintendo DS for the first time in ages, acctually progressing in SoulSilver (Pokémon) which I have been stuck on for months =v= heheheee.... 
(I have this bad habit of just leaving a game forevurrr if I fail a couple of times playing it... )

So yesterday, I vacuumed the first floor of our house again, cleaned up a bit in the kitchen and just relaxed until my parents came along :3 I am REALLY proud of this one thing I did though! It might sound like a small thing, but I feel so accomplished none the less x) I managed to sustain the fire in the fireplace that my parents lit the day they left! Yeah thats right! I managed to sustain a fire for five (almost six) whole days :D I think that is pretty impressive x3 hehe...

Well, now I just wanna take a moment to tell you guys how amazing my parents are... 
seriously, they are the best parents ever! Look what they got me from their trip ;____;
Adventure Time comic books (and even the genderbend version also ; A;!!!) 
and KitKat chunkies TTATT

I just screamed with joy and hugged them so so sooo much ;v; <333

I also took a couple of pictures from both comic books to show you just how cute this stuff is ;v;
First one is from the genderbend one, and the second one is from the regular one x3 <333 Love it!
I think I have just become a hopeless fan of these ones as well ;A; Luckily they are to be found on amazon though =v= hihihi.... 

Not only did I get these lovely things yesterday, but my long awaited artbook
 from Namie-kun came along! *0*

It is her second Touhou fan-artbook! ^^ I was "preorderer" nr. 35 (as you might be able to spot on the little sign there ;3 ) And she put in a tiny little extra comic ;___; <3
She made me a tiny little doodle of Marisa, like I asked for ;A; Namie-Senpai ILUVU OK!!! 


Here are some of my favourite pages:

boooooows *0* 
I don´t take credit for any of these drawings! they are all made by Namie-kun

If you are interested in getting your own copy of this amazing artbook take a look 

I reeeeeeally reccomend it if you like cute, nice art, that makes you feel all giddy and happy inside :3
Namie never stops amazing me and giving me inspiration!
 She is one of my absolute favourite artists on DA ^0^

Other than that, I also have a quick little outfit I wanted to show you guys!
I wanted to try out how I could use my new seifuku in other outfits than only as a set,
 and this is the result this far:
☆Sweet lolita school girl☆

Skirt: Bodyline
Shirt: Bodyline
Shoes: SecretShop
Socks: H&M kids section
Accessories: Bodyline, H&M kids section, 
CuteCanKill and gift


I know the hairstyle is kinda boring, but I just wanted to try out something really simple,
 for an everyday cute look ^^ 

Thats it for now! I am so excited about all my new things *v* This will be a good day! ^^
There is still so much left of the vication! I could do anything <3

Do you read comicbooks other than manga?

Thank you for reading, please stay tuned for more kawaii ;P

fredag 15. februar 2013

.:★Mahou sweetie + actual lucky gift!★:.

Hi ho hello!

I am so so soo happy today! This week was my last week of the school practice work project, and today was surposed to be my last day at work, but my employer was so kind to me yesterday, and told me I could take the last day off :D HURRAY! ^^ So today I have just spendt the day at home <3

My parents have gone to visit my sister in Scotland for her birthday 
(her birthday was last week, but my parents couldn´t go until this weekend!) 
So they are going to be away until Tuesday, which means I get the house totally to myself until then. I am really happy about that, since we went to the store and bought only the food I wanted and I could choose freely *V* 

So, today I have been really busy cleaning the house! I don´t know why, but sometimes I get this craze to clean everything, and then I just have to do it xD hehe
So now the kitchen is clean and nice, and I have vacuumed the whole house :3 I guess it is because I like being alone, so I like when it´s as good as it can be, and thus clean? 

And so many other nice things have happend this week also! 
Really, I think I have the sweetest followers on tumblr EVER! Some weeks ago, I ranted about how I wish I had more poptarts, because I´d ate the last ones I had, and only a couple of days after that, I got a message from the sweetest girl ever that she wanted to give me some if I could only give her my adress to ship to ;A; I was like... SERIOUSLY?? You´d do that??? whaaah ;A; How come people are so nice to me D::: <3333  I was super duper excited!
And some days ago, the package arrived! And do you FREAKING know what??? She had put so many lovely extras in with it ;A; I wanted to cry!

She even put cute little notes on everything ;v; 
The biggest one says "Hi! I hope you are well and that these brighten your day ^7^!" 
AWWWWW ;A; Thank you dearest Lucy, you really did brighten my day! 
If you want to check out this lovely, sweet girls tumblr please look here:

I took a picture where I had removed all the little notes also ;V; 
so you can see all the goodness better! >v<

Thank you again and again Lucy! ^v^ I can´t wait to try out these! :D I am such a sweet tooth x3

That is not the only recent new thing to arrive :3 
Last week, I got my long-awaited "Candy Party" tights in mint from 

I had preordered them so long ago that I´d almost completly forgotten about it when I suddenly saw people starting to post pictures with the tights on tumblr! 
I was so excited when mine finally arrived, I had to try them on at once :3

I didn´t really have anything planned out for wearing them though, because they don´t really go with my wardrobe XD haha ( I am terrible, because I just buy things I think look great without thinking about if it goes with anything I own ^^"""") 

Also, since it was a saturday, I wanted to wear something cosy and "indoors-y" =v=

Cosy Candy kick!

Sweater: Milklim
Shorts: DreamV (part of a set)
 Tights: Sweetiecakes
Slippers: H&M
Socks: H&M
Accessories: HolleyTeaTime, Chocomint, Lindex

Also, a couple of weeks ago, after having an oral presentation in front of my class (in english) I was so stressed out about the result that I just had to browse some shops online to calm down. 
I figured I was bored with only looking at things, and wanted to acctually buy some new stuff, so I just jumped to it and got myself a pink "seifuku" from Bodyline :D 
I have wanted one for aaages, but acctually, I am the kind of girl to "go around in circles" around something I want for the longest time before I decide if I should get it or not =v=""" I can never decide! Impulse buying is such an adrenaline kick though, wow :D

It came in the mail yesterday, but I only got to take proper pictures today ^^
 I love it so muuuuch ^0^! Just look how cute it is :D 
I don´t get how I´ve not had one before! it looks so cute x3 

I was really nervous about the sizing, since I didn´t want it to appear to small,
 but still not being too baggy! I put together a simple and cute coord with it,
 that I wore today around the house ^^ 
Kawaii Ko-gal
Tights: SweetieCakes
Shoes: SecretShop
Accesories: gift, HolleyTeaTime, chocomint

Can you be really cool looking, and still kawaii? I wanted to look sweet but yet cool and spunky, so I put my hair in a tall, raggedy ponytail with a cute bow that matches my tights ^0< It looks kinda "Mahou-kei"-ish! Cute and spicy <3

 Now, my plans for the rest of the weekend is just having a great time :3 I hope I´ll get
to watch some movies and just enjoy myself =v= life can be so great sometimes <3

Do you own a seifuku ? 

Until next time sweeties <333 

lørdag 9. februar 2013

☆Sweet lolita interview☆

A couple of days ago, I was asked if I wanted to be interviewed about my fashion style in one of our local newspapers! ^^ And today the interview was finally printed :) 

I was super duper nervous about what to wear, because I wanted to look my best to give the readers the best possible view upon lolita fashion as a first impression!
Therefore I asked around tumblr about what to wear, 
and one suggestion was that "you should wear your favourite outfit,
 that way you can feel best at ease ^^". 
So I decided to wear one of my absolute favourite dresses: 

Little bears café in mint! ^^

I was kinda worried about getting my picture taken, because the interview was only over e-mail, so I had to provide the picture myself! Luckily though, I got one of my teachers at school, who´s a skilled photographer, to snap some for me :3 yay! so lucky >v< 


So when I had made sure to answer all the questions correctly, and made a thorough overview, I pressed the "send" button, and my heart went dokidoki all over the place >.<"
This is the first time ever that I have done something like this with my fashion style!
I mean like, publically speaking of it like this in a newspaper and such. 

So today, when I and my dad took a trip into our local town, we bought the paper, and I 
felt so excited to see how it turned out! ^^

And here it is! 

It is completely in norwegian, so you probably won´t be able to read it, but if you can, 
please go ahead and let me know what you think! ^^
The interview takes up half a page, yay! And I really like how my image turned out!

The other half holds three more pictures of three other girls that also got interviewed, but I didn´t want to add them here because I don´t know if they would like to be posted on my blog ^^" hehe

We took more pictures than that also, so I wanted to show you some
 so you can see my outfit properly!

Sweet lolita interview

Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Tights: H&M
Fake-fur collar: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Accesories: CuteCanKill, HolleyTeaTime, Chocomint,
homemade, gift and "trift"

I look horrible when I smile, sorry... no circle lenses also...and my nose turns so huge, I don´t even...
It was around -10 Celsius degrees outside, AND wind, so that is why my face is kind of red...
I swear, I my nails were so frozen and they hurt so bad it took two hours after the photoshoot to warm them up so I could bend them properly >.< But what don´t you do for fashion, ey? xD"""

A little close-up, to see some details better! ^^ 
I really LOVE putting my hair up in buns!
It is such an easy and cute way to make an outfit cuter! And with this print, 
it is almost like little bear ears >w<

So yeah! That was it ^^  I hope you guys enjoyed this little entry! :D From the day it was decided I at once felt soooo super excited to tell all of you about it^^
I feel so accomplished when I get to blog about stuff that happens in my life :3 

Have you ever been interviewed 
about your style?

I will hopefully go see "Wreck-it Ralph" tomorrow (finally!)
since it has gotten to my local cinema recently :3 
I am pretty excited! It looks so awsome on the trailers
I don´t really have any other plans this weekend, except noodles tonight =v=
looking forward to it ~

onsdag 6. februar 2013

+ so many awards o.o +

Guess what! I got the Liebster blog award, again and again and again! o.o 
Wow, I am so honoured you guys >w< I am so happy you like my blog so much! ^0^
I will try my best and answer all of your questions, but I will only write 11 facts 
about myself, because I don´t want to flood this post O.o
 And I will only answer "doubbled" questions once! ^^
(also, I won´t tag people, because I have done it before, 
and I don´t have any more to tag ;A; sorry!>.<)

The rules for accepting the award are:

1. Post 11 random facts about yourself

2.Answer the 11 questions that the nominating blogger asked you

3.Ask 11 questions to the bloggers that you nominate

4.Nominate 11 new bloggers (they must have less than 200 followers) and link their blogs in your post

5.Make sure you tell the bloggers that they've won!

Here is 11 random facts about me! ^v^

1. I have a pet peeve against people chewing with their mouths open
I think its really annoying and ugh >.<

2.I have a weird obsession with jellyfish
And I really don´t know why, they are just so pretty *v* 

3.My favourite manga ever is Kitchen Princess
Go read it if you haven´t! >0< It made me laugh, it made me cry <3

4.I am so antisocial I get uncofortable if people sit in the seats around me on the bus
There was people in almost all the seats around me today, and I felt like dying...

5.White chocolate is my favourite!
I love milk chocolate very, very much though ^0^

  6.I love wearing candy smelling perfume when I wear lolita
It just completes the look!

7.I have to have the light on when I sleep, and I like sleeping being warm,
 so I don´t open a window x3 haha

8. Hamtaro is my favourite anime
It is one of the first anime series I ever saw, so it has followed me since childhood <3
9.I have always pictured myself living in a castle when I grow up
... still do
10.I am obsessed with roomwear
I only own one pair of it though, from dreamv! ^0^
11.I don´t watch horror movies, I am a scardy cat >.<"""

The Questions:

1.What is your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is light pink, but I love all pastel colours! ^0^

2.Do you have a favourite food? If so, what is it?
I like scones, naan bread, sushi, chocolate,
 cheesecake, melted cheese, tea, pasta salad etc.

3.What styles of fashion do you like?
sooo many ;o_o I like lolita, amoeji-kei, hime-kaji, hime-gyaru, fairy-kei, mori girl,
cult party-kei, "Juria-style", pastelgoth, sweet gyaru, mahou-kei and more recently acctually Shironuri ^^ I bet there is more if I think about it xD

4.If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Japan! Tokyo!

5.Where's your favie place to shop?
Online! ^0^ so many clothes to choose from O.o you can find everything! x3

6.Do you have any pets?
I have a cat named Arthur (named after king Arthur because 
of his regal way of behaving xp) 
and we have 5 or 6 hens.

7.What would be your dream job?
I would like to be stinking rich and not work, does that count? :3

8.What do you like about blogging?
I can express myself freely, and share inspiration and cute things with everyone ^^
I love reading about inspirational things, so I want to inspire others to live their dreams.
My drive to blogging is to live a kawaii-lifestyle! >w<

9.Are you scared of anything?
soooo many thing... the dark, seagulls, dogs, social situations, being a failure (all the time), getting yelled at, getting big, getting wrinkles, horror movies etc...

10.What's your favourite kind of music? Favourite Band or Artist?
I like j-pop, j-rock, k-pop, indie-asian music,
 electronica, classical music, anti-folk, 8-bit music, and OSTs...
I like music with weird lyrics and stuff... 
and sometimes I just like parts of songs, because of the melody!

Favourite artist? hmm... I love Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume, Marino, Röyksopp,
MGMT, Capsule, KARA, UI... I could go on forever o.o

11.Where to get your inspiration from?
It varies very much, from art, j-fashion street snaps, magazines, japanese blogs,
others blogs, tumblr, and sometimes just from music! ^^ I look up to many many maaaany wonderful
people that dresses in lovely clothes ;A; I think those inspire me the most!

1.What's your favorite internet site???
Probably tumblr ^^
2.Do you have a favorite song??? If so, what is it???
I think it´s several songs ^^
It used to be "Tasty love" - Kara
3.What makes you happy/sad???
I get really happy when I listen to good music, and feel good about myself. And when I draw something I am very happy with, or wear something I like a lot! :D
I get sad when I think about how hopeless everything seems....
4.What is your favorite place to relax???
At home
5.If you could change into any animal, what would it be and why???
 A jellyfish =V= because they are awsome ok
 Questions 6 answered before

7.Which country do you like better: Japan, England, Italy, Spain or Russia??? And why???
 I don´t know really... Japan I guess? Because almost all of my interests have to do with it
Question 8 answered before
9.What is your main hobby???
drawing and fashion
10.What is your favorite onlineshop??? And why???
oh god I can´t choose ;A;
11.What is your fashion style???
kiiiiinda feel like I´ve allready answered this one XD I wanna wear all the styles I like x3
I feel like I am mostly into lolita though, it is like my main style or something, even though I try mostly everything!
 From PastelHorror

1.Favorite Disney character?
Really? You think you can ask ME about that? ... I love disney ;v;

2.What where you doing 2 hours ago?
Watching tv with my mom :3

3.Last item of clothing you brought?
bought, or got? I got a pair of wine-red skinny jeans recently! :3
Though I didn´t buy them myself, but I did pick them out =v="""

4.What's the colour of your bedroom walls?
My bedroomwalls are pink! They have disney wall paper on them, with princess castles,
heart shaped jewels, swirls and roses with glitter <3

5.Favorite clothing brand?
Angelic Pretty 

6.Do you believe in the paranormal?

7.What are you wearing right now?
My fuzzy pink roomwear top with bunny ears, my Miyamo panda bracelet, 
and pinkcosy pants :3 

8.Do you carry a handbag when out, if so what's normally in it?
I almost always bring a book and drawing things, money, mobile, lip balm....
It depends where I am going!

9.Favorite perfume?
I am almost out of it now, so I don´t wear it anymore D:
It is a non-brand vanilla scent, but everyone says 
I smell like marshmellows when I wear it =V=

  Question 10 answered before

11.Do you collect anything?
 I try to start collections all the time, but I kinda fail =_= I wanna
collect so many thing though *^* Artbooks, korilakkuma things, Little twin star things,
arpacassos, and loads of other things >,<
I used to collect erasers when I were little, still have my collection today ;v;
I also collected a whole nighttable-drawer full of those tiny things you got with dolls when you bought them at the store, and really tiny toys... still have that also :3
  YATTA! I did it!
Free cookies to anyone that acctually read this far! ;v; hehee
It feels so crazy that so many gave me the award! ^^
I am a five times award winner, oh yes =v= <3
Until next time!