søndag 29. juli 2012

-my pretty home-

Today, the sun was shining when I opened my eyes, and I had just woken up from a dream that made me both happy and quite melancholic. Short to say, no energy to do anything really...

So, as the day came upon me, I thought I´d take some pictures of what our house currently looks like... 
Since my mom is the kind of person that loves interior, she often buys little oddities to fix up here and there.

As a result, our home has become a big mash of old and new, with everything from homemade things, to antiques, and some brand new stuff. The fun thing is that everything has its own story attached to it!

It is said to be pleasing for the soul to be surrounded by beautiful things, 
so with no further nicknack, here is some of the pretty things to be found in my house...

I was able to borrow a camera, which is the reason why most of the pictures are a lot better, qualitywise ^^ 

If you feel down one day, it feels really good to just walk around and snap a few pictures of what is aesthetically pleasing around you! It helps you focus on positive things and it also kind of opens your eyes more to what kind of beautiful and nice things you might have just beside you,
 that you don´t even think about on a daily basis!

It made me happier for sure today :-) 

see you soon again

fredag 27. juli 2012

◕+ Liebster Award +◕

The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. 
The Meaning; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. 

The Rules: 

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer 
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post. 
4. Go to their page and tell them. 
5. Remember no tag backs!

I am really honoured over winning a blog award THIS early in my blogging, well what to call it, career? xD
It was really unexpected and I were quite amazed really OAO""" 

I feel happy that you guys wanna know more about me :) That means I must be doing something right x3

I was chosen by this lovely girl for this award ^^ 

Please pay her cute blog a little visit! :) 

The questions: 

1. Who/what inspires you?
What inspires me really depends on what I need to be inspired to do, what kind of a mood I am in etc.
One of my biggest inspirations is Pinku Project ^^ They are a canada based j-pop idol group that I you might remeber me mentioning from earlier entries :) They stribe to inspire everyone with their kawaii outlook on life, and they want everyone to reach for their dreams. I  feel like they have such a "happy-go-lucky" look on life that it really lifts my spirit, even in the darkest of times ^^ It kind of broke my heart when they announced that they are splitting up, at the end of this year... I am just happy they are still toghether that long... >.< 

I get very inspired by a lot of different artist and lolitas also! ^^ Lately, a lot of japanese models has been my main source of inspiration. People like Kyary, Juria, Sayumi, Kuma Miki and Amo for instance :) I intend to start buying both KERA and ZIPPER magazines shortly, since these are full of the styles that currently tickles my fancy x3 

Very often, in art especially, I get inspired by just listening to music that I like,
 or weird dreams that I´ve had  and other peoples art.

2. What's the best thing that's happened to you in the past year? 
Since I am not sure if you mean this half year that we have had,
 or really last year, like in 2011, so I choose to say this year ^^ 
I think that the best thing that has happend to me this year, was that I went to paris with my sister, saw Versailles and shopped at real lolita stores :D 
Also that I finally managed to decide what I wanna do after high school :) 

3. Do you have/want any tattoos?
 Currently I don´t have any tattoos, but I have been thinking about getting the Angelic Pretty logo,
4. How would you describe your fashion style?
My fashion style is really weird I would say, I go from one thing to the other all the time, and I am never able to decide on just one style. I love more than 5 japanese street styles,
 and intend to indulge in all of them over time, (or maybe just make a mashup? xD)

my favourite style, however, is lolita! Most kinds I would say really, I haven´t tried every substyle of it yet, but I really want to one day ^^ 

Right now, I have to say that I am not wearing all that I want to wear, since my closet in general is very small still, and I really need more moeny to get what I want out of it... luckily though, I´ve got a job, so I´ll soon get more funds! I have a lot of "almost" outfits, and I very often feel like I have tons of good ideas, but still need the clothes to get my ideas "out there"! Just look at my tumblr, really,
 to see what kind of clothes I am into ^^ 
5. What food can't you live without? 
 litterary, I would say I need breakfast everyday, but my favourite food is really naan bread ^^ 
... yeah...

6. Tell me an unpopular opinion that you have 
Watermelon is jucky >.<

7. Top 5 bands/artists? 
 I have to take 6 XD no particular order:
- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
- Capsule
- IU
- Röyksopp
- Perfume

There is tons more also xD

8. Do you have any strange habits?
twisitng the back of my earrings when I think, speak with someone, or just watch something xD

9. What song never fails to make you happy?
 Spell - LAMA
 Haruka Kanata - Asian kungfu generation
Time machine ni onegai - Kamikaze girls OST
Tic Tac - Marino 
I wanna know - Röyksopp
Night Flight - Perfume
Kids - MGMT

10. What is your dream job?
Something that has to do with art, I am thinking about mangaka, or maybe something with fashion? I really want to go to Japan, whatever I wind up doing x)

11. What's the most you've ever spend on something and what was it?
I spendt over 100,000 yen on lolita clothing in one order once ... XD  
I learned my lesson, end of topic....

Thank you all for reading this far! ^0^

Here are the people I think deserves this award!  
  (please excuse the fact that some of these might have more than 200 followers, since it is not listed on their blog!)
 ... And I couldn´t find more with fewer than 200 followers >_< SORRY!

And here is the 11 questions for you!  

1. What book are you reading right now?
2. Do you believe in ghost? Are you supersticious?
3. If you had to get a totally different style than you have, what would you like to try out?
4. top 5 musicians/artists/bands?
5. What are your phobias and things you are afraid of?
6. What is your favourite cookie flavour?
7. What is your top 5 favourite clothing brands? 

8. A weird habit?

9. Favourite anime or manga series?

10. Do you like vidoegames, if yes, what kind is your favourite?

11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Thats it! ^^ I hope want to let you know that it is totally up to you wether you do this or not, but I just want you to know that I wish you good luck with all of your fab. blogs ! :-----D

I hope you got something out of the questions I answered, and please know that if you wonder about anything, feel free to leave a comment below, and I will answer it as soon as I can ^^ 

Thanks again 


torsdag 26. juli 2012

~blonde blonde bloooondie ^0^~


Yesterday, I had a day off from work, and spendt 8 hours at the hairdressers, to become a blonde! I swear, I don´t think my scalp has ever had to endure that much pain,
 but I am very satisfied with the job they did, so I feel really happy now ^0^

Last morning, my hair looked like this:

I must admit that I had my doubts when the first round of bleach turned out like this: 
 yelloooowww xD 

But the result!
... is super blond oAo! You can for sure say that I am a platinum blonde now xD

it looks a bit dark on top, because my scalp is really dry, I couldn´t colour the hair 1 cm off the scalp more than once, because it was really painfull, but really it is blonde! x3 just a darker shade ^^"

Having this blonde hair, makes me want to wear a lot more white clothing! I feel like bleaching the hair totally white, and just become a total mori or something XD or maybe only wear cult party kei or white clothing, maybe just... shiro-kei? Is that a thing? :3 

Also, I wore a new pair of stockings to work today x3 They really fit with mori girl style, and they have a really rustique and "vintage"-y look with that beige lace on top!  I really love them, so I´ll post a picture :D

Such a dramatic change! I really feel brand new :D This was a really nice way to "become new" ^^ 

What do you think? 

I can´ wait to start looking up pastelly colours and decide what kind off shade I want for my hair.
For now though, I REALLY need to let my scalp rest for  a while :---P hehe,
 so I will stay a blonde for some time !^^ 

And hey, who knows, maybe blondes DOES have more fun? ;-)

- Josephine

tirsdag 24. juli 2012

~ Busy summer days ~


As life has been busy, and this years summer-job at the local library started 2 weeks ago, Josephine became a dull grown-up that had to take responsibilties and work...

The reason she didn´t update, was also because she was warming you all up to this months BIG event ; v; 
bleaching her hair !

~I am so freaking exciteddddddddd~

So, today I will simply make an update to show you guys what my past couple of weeks has been all about! (^^ Some daily outfits as well! )

 My godmother made the cutest, sweetest, and most cavity enducing cupcakes known to mankind...

I got new, super cute curtains for my bedroom >w<

I wore " fancy box" at work!

My brand new "Sugarbunnies" desk mat arrived! ^^
 This is one of the cutest and most usefull things I have ever bought!

Day off, spendt in a simple, yet sweet lolita outfit with pink, white and mint details.
 I wore my jewelery jelly headbow with this! ^^

It was an extremly cold day, and I went to work as a "leopard bear" xD

I was bored, and went into our loft and dug out my old Konata figurine that I got when I was 13 years old...

Wanted to wear something classical and elegant, but still punk-ish and cool for the weekend!

And a closer look, because  I love this picture :3

And in a last celebration of my hair, a close up of todays outfit at work ^^
 (That sweater is really wide on me, and I really have no idea why it makes me look fat in this picture O.o It wasn´t touching my tummy, only the lining of the skirt I wore )
(Most of this pictures are taken with instagram, my username is lollypopp1)

Not much else has happend really, I have seen the new spiderman movie in the cinema, and also the Abraham Lincoln one (xD) 

Other than that, I have really just been tired from working everyday, and anciously awaiting  the day of my hair colouring ^^ I have not been able to spend any money for 3 weeks, and finally =v= its happening...

Looking forward untill tomorrow *doki doki doki*

Ok, by-bye! 


torsdag 12. juli 2012

~ 3 days in comic book land ~

Today was the last day of the comic book course I attended this week! 
It was really great, and I had SO much fun ^^I have been looking forward to this all summer, and I were so exicted that something like this would happen at such a tiny place like this. It was a really talented and experienced teacher that lectured us (6 students in all). He had worked with a lot of great directors in Norway, storyboarding and such. He was also one of the regular people to sit in the commité of a very well known comic festival held in Bergen, called "Raptus"!
  I learned a lot of new things that will be super usefull for me in the furture, working with comics. 

(The signs says "Comic books and storyboards - auspices on paper", and the screen made the picture darker)
In all, it was a three-day course, and we all met up at 10 am every day, and went home at 4 pm.

On day nr. 1, everyone shared their comic idea with the teacher, and got some help developing a good storyline.
The first day started out kind of slow, we went through a lot of things that I allready knew (basics and such), and I felt kind of embarrased, since the girl next to me was reeeeeally talented and had a super idea for a comic. In this course, OUR task was to produce a 4-page comic, throughout the 3 days we worked, but since I didn´t have a "short idea" I was allowed to work with some pages from a longer series that I am planning ^^ 
The teacher told us what is important, considering angles, what scenes to prioritze when you make a story, how to catch the attention of readers, and how to best adjust a page to the general reading direction of a comic book. It was really inspiring, and great to speak with someone that really knew what they were talking about! And someone that acctually understood what I asked about, using spescial words and such xD

As time went, I felt better and better! ^^ On day nr. 2 I felt just about 200% better allready x3 
I got in chat with the girl next to me, who was also into manga and anime, and she was just SO nice! I felt realy terrible for envying her on the first day. We discussed series we liked, and showed eachother pictures we had drawn earlier! She is great at drawing boys, and I mostly draw girls, so our styles really differed!

I had a cat in my comic, so suddenly, she just pulled out a clean sheet and started doodling little cats, and I joined her x3 It was really nice ^^  She drew the cutest cats <3<3<3 I just awwwed all over them xD

(Another thing that was really great about the course, was that we got all of the drawing supplies provided! And lunch also ^o^)

On day 2, we also learned a lot about how important it is to have the correct layout on a comic! How different American comics are to french or japanese ones, and how we best could put the speach bubbles up to make it easy and understandable to read! ^^ 
We learned things I never thought about before also, like how the first page in a comic book should have a really big development panel that shows the surroundings, with few details, so that the reader can easily see what is going on and where, and so that its easy to read, which is important to keep the readers attention. 
He also showed us how three very talented and well-known marvel artists interpretation of a comic manuscript, and how they worked with it ! ^0^ we saw sketches, roughs and lastly finished results :) 

learning about different styles and layouts! ^-^

I worked really hard on my "manga", and when day nr. 2 was over, I had allready finished 3 sketched pages! (I won´t tell you what it is about, only that it has a witch, and a talking cat :3)  My new-found friend had drawn two pages, but she inked almost directly, so she had still got a lot further than me ^^" Hers had the most beautiful goldfish ever o_o

Today, being the last day, we learned a lot about perspective and anatomy ^^ 

 He drew a lot of fun drawings of different superheros, with horizontal lines and helping lines to easily place people in perspective, but still correctly, so that they didn´t look off in comparison to other characters. 

This day, my friend brought TONS of helping sheets, like the one with the heads that you can see in an earlier picture ;) But with poses, feet, hands, more heads, eyes and loads of helpfull things! It was really great ^^ I was overwhelmed! 
She also brought a magazine with info about anime/manga/games that she allowed me to look through! :D We had a blast making fun of the ugly drawings, and telling eachother what we loved with the pretty ones xD
I also showed her a book I have with clothing design and how to draw folds and such realistically on a body x3 
 (the teacher asked us to pay attention >.< uuuups, hihi)

I had to sit down and draw a seperate drawing of an old lady for the last page xD (Also, on the right is my storyboard/sketch to see what every page should look like and what it should describe in the story! )

The teacher told us about tons of interesting webpages to visit for buying art supplies easily and to get tutorials and such for photoshop! ^^ 

He also had a session where he hooked up his computer to photoshop and showed us how comic book artists that work for marvel colour and edit their pages! That was really amazing *A* He told us that these techniques where mostly unknown in Norway!

( If you look really close, you can see the gorgeous goldfish she drew *A*)

I ended up with finishing one page intierly, with inking and all, but I still need to finish the three most detailed ones x3

So, to end this entry, I just want to say that I would do it all again in a heartbeat! It is one of the most fun experiences I have had! I think everyone on the course agreed that it should have been a lot longer, even though we had all worked hard and were quite tired! I know I stayed up til 1 AM almost every night, to finish some sketches and drawings for this >.< And one of the other ones even had to skip day nr. 2 until after lunch because she was so tired ... 

And lastly, I decided to show you guys all the pages I drew! ^^ 

On top, page one and two from the left, and on the bottom, page three and four :) 
(I will add more shadowing, speachbubbles and such on a computer!)
As you can tell, only page nr. 1 is inked ^^""" I took ages to draw that lightning with only a small marker pen @_@

Here is my favourite panels! ^^
(let me also add that most of these poses is the first time I ever drew! like the one below)

Sorry, I can´t draw shocked cats XD haha

 Landed in a pile of trash!

 Creepy old lady is creepy O.o

 Seems like she got away though xD haha

I hope you guys liked it ^0^  I very rearly have this much fun, and I never meet anyone else with my interest of drawing offline, so I was super happy about it ! XD haha

 Have you done anything productive lately? ^^

Now, since it is really warm here right now, and I am quite overheated O_o So I will take a walk to cool down ^^ 

Aloha! and thank you for reading ^^ 

Until next time!