søndag 28. oktober 2012

..:Dark on the inside:..

since Halloween is approaching, I have been wearing a lot of darker outfits lately!
I thought I´d share some with you today :)

I really like the hairstyle of the first one!

Dark Wiccan

Skirt: Taobao
Top: Lindex
Tights: Amazon
Shoes: Ai*tai*na
Accesories: kreepsville 666

I recently got my first black blouse, its a bit short, but I still like it :3
Wanted to do a super simple gothic lolita outfit!

Gothica elegance

Skirt: Bodyline
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Tights: Amazon
Shoes: Roberto Rosso
Accesories: H&M, Glitter, vintage, bodyline

Recently went shopping with my mom, got this cute new pair of pants! ^^

Bruised Bat

Pants: H&M
Sweater: Listen Flavor
Slippers: Avalon
Accesories: Kreepsville 666, CuteCanKill, homemade,
gift, Glitter, Chocomint

I have been obsessed with morbid stuff lately also,
so I recently got this gorgeous necklace!

Don´t worry, the teeth are not real, but they are real vintage porcelain prosthetic teeth :)
So it means they were shaped after real teeth to be exchanged with them
if you lost your real teeth! ^^

Are you inspired by halloween
in your daily outfits recently?

Thanks for reading!

mandag 22. oktober 2012

The worst weekend ever

I felt the need to let you know why my regular update system hasn´t been working this weekend.
It began with the fact that it is extremly cold, icy and slippery outside right now where I live...

On friday, I was rushing down to the bus to go to school, just as I got out of my house, I slipped on our stone staircase outside our frontdoor, and fell, head first on the rocks....
I also hit my left hand (giving me a huge blue mark), both my arms and my back and my neck!

Needless to say, I couldn´t go to school! My parents suspected that I had a concussion, so I had to spend all day lying on the coutch, for my mom to observe me... at first, I didn´t really feel any pain, I was a bit dizzy and naucious, but after a while, my neck started hurting A LOT! I almost couldn´t use my arms, and just my neck holding my head up was terrible....

basically, I couldn´t turn my head in any direction, and at one point I almost couldn´t speak either, because it hurted my neckmuscles so much >.<

To make things worse, on Saturday when I woke up, I had a hard time getting out of bed, because that would demand me to lift my head, so I almost had to roll out of it...
I stayed in my jammies all day, and my neck hurt so bad that even though I was sitting down or lying in my bed/on the sofa, I never felt like I was resting, because my head constantly hurt.... 
I tried all kinds of painkillers, ate tons of them also, but nothing seemed to work! 
I didn´t have any energy left over for doing anything else than just lying or sitting there...
In the evening, I felt a little bit better, and decided to take a walk and finish a requested drawing, but I REALLY shouldn´t have done that!

When I woke up on Sunday morning, my condition was worse than ever...
my entire body was shaking, and I had to walk very slowly, breath heavy and sit down several times to take a break just to get down to the kitchen... I felt like hurling all the time, and I seriously had to force myself to get where I was going! I HAD to eat something, to stop the shaking....
THAT part was the worst, because, well... I don´t know about you guys, but I don´t really feel like eating anything when I feel like puking at the same time :-S
I decided on trying oatmeal though, since the taste is rather neutral.... 
I managed to eat 3/4 of a bowl...

This day, I HAD to stay in bed all day long... On saturday I could atleast sit or walk around inside our house.... It was the most boring and painfull day ever ... really, I spent all day just lying in bed, sleeping and gently surfing the internet when my body didn´t hurt to much... Had to take plenty of breaks though... my hands hurted a lot even from just typing :-(

And today, my mom ordered me to stay home also, because I am not 100% well yet, even though I am finally able to move my head properly, and the pain isn´t as bad as before... 

To top this of, I have a big test tomorrow at school, that I have been far to sick to study for >.< I haven´t had any kind of consentration, and two of the days I didn´t even have the text book that I needed to study! My teacher was kind enough to drop by and give it to me on Sunday, but since that by defenition was the worst day, offcourse I couldn´t read anything! 
Today, I have read as much as my concentration has allowed me to, I will try to read more this evening, but I have a bad feeling about the test TT_TT

anyway, it was the worst weekend ever, and the badest part about it, is that I feel even more tired now than I did before the weekend started! 

UGH! stupid life >.< 
Thanks for reading though!

tirsdag 16. oktober 2012

Kawaii tip of the week: stickers!

I have never wanted this blog to become one of those blogs with eternal whining about not having the time to update, or school taking all of my time... but really, what else can I say? I decided to do a quick update anyway, since I needed to take a little brake ^^

Since I got my new moleskine sketchbook, I have been in a desperate need of new stickers! Why, you might ask, well... that is simply because good art supplies have this little thing with them that almost always makes them equal boring design. I can almost asure you, that if you find a really good quality sketchbook, it is bound to be either black, or some other dark, boring colour. 

I have a certain addiction to "cute-ify" all of my art things, if they don´t allready come with cute designs. The quickest, simplest and easiest way to do this, will be with stickers! ^^
I offcourse went on a sticker hunt at once, and after some searching here and there, I ended up with a couple of super cute ones :) 

Supporting smaller businesses is really important to me, because I love that fact that people are able to create something unique and share it with the world! ^^ It is really nice also, because you can get really nice and special handmade things, one of a kind even :) 

I decided that the "theme" for my sketchbook this time, would be bunnies ^^
 These little cuties are currently all over the cover of my moleskine, 
and I can´t help but squeel a little bit every time I see it x3 

I bought them from this really cute store called 

both of them together were only about 7 $! The shop is owned by a lovely girl called Samantha, I really reccomend checking out her super cute designs if you like kawaii things ^^ You can find loads of other really adorable things in the shop ! Both apparel, mugs, plushies and other stationary <3 

Since I couldn´t really decide on what stickers to get, 
I also got these reeeally adorable ones from another artist as well ^^

(sorry for the yellow-ness of this picture >.<)

Her artist name is Kaiami, while her real name is Bianca! ^^
I just adore her cute studio ghibli drawings so much *v*
I fell in love instantly, and just had to get them!

Check out her store!

These couple of sticker sheets were only about 9 $ in total! I was really surpised also, because the big one is acctually A4 in size! so its really huge! :D

I can´t wait to find something to stick these ones on also. I just love them so much >w< iih!

do you decorate your stuff with stickers?

Thanks for reading!

lørdag 6. oktober 2012

teddybears galore + recent japan haul

Hello, my dear lovely followers

Today I am back with more lolita-goodness for you all :D
I mentioned quickly a while ago that I was getting some new lolita things, 
and amongst them, one of my absolute favourite dream dresses! ^^

I feel so incredibly lucky to be the happy owner of my two favourite prints
 in my dream-dress list >w<

When I found it second hand, I became so happy that I just had to get it! This is the kind of dress that you don´t find very often for sale! Especially in the correct colourway >.<
Since I am terrible at buying basics, and things I need to cordinate my outfits, I decided to find a blouse to go with it :) I only have one pink blouse, and that one is a kind of "classical pink", since it is from Baby, the star shines bright, so I wanted to get another one with a "fresher" colour ! :D
After looking around for a while, I figured that they didn´t really have blouses in a desireable cut in-store (Angelic Pretty) right then, so I looked for second hand blouses, and ended up deciding on a black one! I don´t have ANYTHING that even looks like a blouse in black,
 so I figured it was a good idea (also, it was half the price of a new blouse). 

Still, I wanted something that I could wear with my new dress, since black certainly wouldn´t match, and therefore I decided to get a nice turtleneck cutsew from Angelic Pretty :D
So, in the end, I got two new tops to wear with lolita for the price of one new blouse!
 What a bargain! ^^

I ordered through Japonica Marked again, and I must say, they never stop amazing me! It was shipped on Monday, and arrived on Friday!

 Turtleneck (Angelic Pretty), Black blouse with pearl details (Angelic Pretty)

I was so amazed when I got the blouse out of the box, since it is in absolute PERFECT condition! You can´t even tell that it has been worn, and I got it half price!
The turtleneck has such a beautiful colour, and the lace details are just darling :) Fits with everything, and it´s warm and cosy for autumn and winter <3

And now... what you have all been waiting for to know... 
WHAT dress did Josephine get?



 little bears café (Angelic Pretty)

with MATCHING socks!

I have wanted this dress ever since it came out! And I have never found it second hand in mint, since it´s one of the most popular colourways ;A; 
But now... now I have it TT_TT And I am so happy that I could cry! It is like a dream came true!
and I certainly go IIIIIIIIIIH just looking at it XD

Look at this beauty!

Recently, I also ordered some false lashes, because I have been dying to try out the look x3 hihi
I can´t use them yet though, since I am still waiting for the eyelash-glue to arrive ;------)

Glamour eye diamond lash lashes, princess eye diamond lash lashes

I got the "glamour" diamond lash lashes, and the "princess" diamond lash lower lashes :)
 They look so stunning irl! I can´t wait to try them :D
  (I got these from Ebay, but it was only a few days before the big package, so I added them here ;-) )

And here is everything I got! :D

What a lot! ^0^ I am so happy I got the matching socks for free ^^ I only wish I had the headbow also >.<

The book in the picture is my first ever, brand new moleskine that arrived on Friday also! :D
As an artist, you have to have the right aquiptment, right? ;----)
 Moleskines are the best sketch/drawing books you can find! ^^

I tried it out yesterday also! This is my very first sketch/doodle in it :)
Kinda like it!

the text says "kami-sama... stay with me", though I suck at writing japanese, so it
 might say something else XD haha

I was to tired to dress up yesterday, but made my plans ready for today, and decided to do a cute 
coord with my new things >w< I love getting new lolita things! <3 I can do SO much more with my outfits, even with just the few things I got now! ^^

Since I didn´t get the headbow with the dress, I had to make-do with a chocomint bow,
 and some home made things :-P
I really like my outfit though! ^^ I think I am getting good at cordination <3

Teddybear girl

Jsk: Angelic Pretty
turtleneck cutsew: Angelic Pretty
OTK - socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Accesories: Chocomint, Angelic Pretty, handmade, 
Cute Can Kill, HolleyTeaTime


I freaking LOVE this print so much!!! >w<

Had to get my teddybear offcourse >w< I have had him since I was born! :)
His name is "Brun bamse", which would translate as "Brown bear".... yes, I was very imaginative XD

I love how my Holleyteatime ring perfectly matches the colour of the dress ^^

Twin-bun hairstyle to go with the "bear" theme of this print ^^ Look at my crappy home-knitted bow XD

Some more details of my outfit^^ This is my adorable CuteCanKill ring! ^^

I don´t think I will ever be able to grow up = V= <33

Lolita forevaaaaah * v* Who is with me??? >w<

So yeah... sorry for the picture spam XD haha... 
I am just so super duper happy with all my new stuff <3 ; v;

What is your favourite print,
 and do you own it?

Until next time, keep lolita-ing it up everyone! ^3^