tirsdag 28. mai 2013

"Wearings" these days...


 Just some everyday life updates for you guys
We have only got four weeks left of school! 
Time to put in that last piece of efforts for the exams
YOSH! Wish me luck, ok!

Last week, my sister (the one I visited in Scotland ) finally came home for summer vacation,
so on saturday, the whole family went into town for icecream
  and we had a nice time together in the lovely sunny weather  

I decided to wear the lovely sweater she made me for christmas, 
and made it up to be a sort of pastelly goth outfit.

Went into town with my family today for icecream, since my sister came home yesterday ^^ Wearing the sweater she made me <3

Sweater: Homemade
Skirt: H&M kids section
Tights: D.I.Y H&M
Socks: H&M  kids section
Shoes: An*tai*na (slippers shown: gift)
Accesories: Iro´s garden, Pie in the sky, Miyamo

I got my roots redyed on friday! Now my hair finally looks proper again
Whenever my roots grow out I just feel like my hair looks like a mess...

I acctually got dressed up on sunday also, even though I was a bit too tired to do my makeup,
 since I was just staying at home anyway image ehehe...

I have wanted to try doing a big sideswept ponytail with my clip-ins! And since I couldn´t really decide if I wanted do a classical outfit or a punk-ish one, I did a little mix I guess...

Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Shirt: Bodyline
Cardigan: H&M
Socks: Cubus
Shoes: An*tai*na
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Gina Tricot, Claire´s,
vintage, Baby the star shines bright

Quite simple...

I haven´t dressed up very much lately, since I don´t really have much inspiration...
My mind has allready taken its vacation though from school,
which makes it hard for me to concentrate properly!
I´m just gonna be sooo happy when this year is over, since it means I won´t have to do mathmatics anymore ;v;  And this summer vacation is gonna be so great, I just know it
Currently I am also really occupied in reading a book! It´s called Northanger Abbey (written by Jane Austen). It´s my first Austen book acctually, which makes it kinda special to me (since my mom has always been a fan, I´ve kinda grown up with loads of Jane Austen movies and stuff...). I quite like the movie, so I decided to give the book a go also. It is quite short, but I´ve still got some left, luckily <3
This summer, I´ll be working in the library again, as I´ve might have mentioned before.
Then I expect I will be able to read loads of new and exciting books >v<

Are you looking forward to summer vacation?

Bye bye for now!

tirsdag 21. mai 2013

+ New magical adventures in the official channel +


Super short entry today, with HUGE news! 
For the past year now (oh my gosh, has it really been a whole year? ) I have been working on secret project that I haven´t told anyone of you about. It has been totally shush-shush up until today, when I could finally see the finished result of the efforts put behind it all. 

I have decided to try out making youtube videos!

Thats right, you didn´t hear me wrong, I have decided to see what it will be like if I start doing som vlogging. Me and a very helpfull guy from my class at school has been working on this video, and because of different reasons (like super busy school schedules mostly) we haven´t really been able to do much about it until now. So without any further ado, I present to you all, a tiny little preview that I hope you guys will enjoy. (also please watch it in HD quality for the best experience!)

Frillypinkdreams: Coming soon 

Now, there is no set schedule as to when I will update, what I will update or anything like that, everything is completely new and not really planned out yet, so I don´t know much as of now. 
Anyway, I am really, really excited about this project, and I hope it all works out like I want it to.
I would not have been able to reach this far without the wonderful help I have recieved and the massive amount of support you guys have shown me. You have no idea how much it means to me!
Thank you very much
Are you excited about this new project? 
Any thoughts on what you would like to see?
I hope to see you all very soon again! <3

mandag 20. mai 2013

♡ 5 Sweet Lolita things ♡ : movies

Do you find yourself stuck inside for a weekend of only homework, homework and more homework, without any chance of getting to see your frilly friends? 
Or are you perhaps planning a meeting with some of them, but need inspiration on
what to do after finishing your tea, cucumber sandwiches and cupcakes?
 Well, you need´t think of anything too fancy, I assure you... 

Weather it is so take a brake on your own and loose yourself in a fanasy world for a while,
 or to have a wonderfully good time with your friends,
putting on a good movie is never off the table! 

This is why I have decided to start my new series 

♡5 Sweet Lolita things♡

with the topic of movies!

* Emoticons * デコメ of the same face as well

I have dug out a few movies I like, that I think fit perfectly with the whimsically cute air of sweet lolita, so if you´d feel like a little brake, take a chance and look into one of these little treats.

Kamikaze Girls  

Perhaps the most iconic lolita movie of all time, Kamikaze Girls is suited for all styles within lolita. If you haven´t seen this one, there isn´t anything I would reccomend more! This is my personal favourite movie, that I´ve seen a countless amount of times, and it still makes my heart beat faster.

The story takes place in Japan, early 2000´s. The main character is a young girl of 17 called Momoko. She has no wish to create relations with anyone, and desires most of all to live the life of a rococco maiden. Her favourite brand is Baby, the star shines bright, which she can be seen wearing on most occations throughout the entire movie.  Though completely emersed in herself, an odd turn of events leads her to meet with Ichigo, a scooter-riding yankee girl, and her total opposite in every way! Still, it is to be proven that the two of them creates a better duo than anyone would have expected! Extremly funny, and heartful, a definate must see!
    Watch the trailer now!
(this is a really bad trailer, since the man narrating sounds extremly cheesy, but sadly the only one I could find >.<")

Barbie in the nutcracker

 The first and perhaps most iconic Barbie movie ever. Don´t let the childish theme and exterior put you off! Glittering pink gowns, a town made entirely of candy, pastelly animals, fairies and tons of other cavity enducing cuteness to make your sweet lolita heart go doki doki full-time! A true fairytale, packed with all things frilly.

The story is about a young girl named Clara (played by Barbie) who one christmas recieves a nutcracker in the shape of a little soldier, from her Aunt. Then, in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep, the nutcracker suddenly awakens to fight the evil Mouse king that has made his way into Claras house. Clara is awakended by all the fuss, and suddenly finds herself shrunken into the size of the nutcracker! She finds out that the nutcracker is acctually a prince, and the Mouse king his sworen enemy, having cast the magical spell upon him that turned him into a nutcracker. Now Clara must veture into their world, beond the mouse-hole to save the prince and regain her former size. And the journey turns out to be quite an adventure!

 Watch the trailer now!
(another cheesy narrator >.< sorry!)

Mirror Mirror

A new adaption of the ever so classical fairytale about snow white! And really, who is more pure and innocent, and overwhelmingly sweet than her? A recent discovery of mine, that I have fallen completely in love with. A new and super sweet acctress does a picture perfect copy of the famous heroin.

I think you all know the story of snow white from before, but I bet you have never seen it like this! What intrigued me about this movie, is the amazing scenery, elabroate and delicate outfits, and the wonderful humour. It is a very cosy movie, that at the same time gives you so much wonderful to look at! Every scene has a new and amazing set of costumes, and dear I say that the ballroom scene is as pleasing to the eye as the ever so famous ballroom scene from "Labyrinth" ever was! I was in awe throughout the entire movie. It is imaginative, quite original and really... Lily Collins is the fairest of them all! Discuss all the frilly fancies with your friends, or just be completely starstruck by this amazing fantasy movie all by yourself.

Watch the trailer now!

Sharpay´s fabulous adventure

Now, before you judge me both long and well, I just want to say that I am the first person to admit this choice of movie is rather... ehm, tacky? Well, as a modern-day fashionista and a pink obsessed freak, I will say that everyone needs a bit of braindead entertainment from time to time, and that is definitely where this movie comes in its perfect element. Guilty pleasure.

You might recognize Sharpay Evans from the (in)famous High School musical movies, where she played a rather stuck up snobby "everything is about me!" type of girl, and really, you can´t say much is changed! But that is what we love about her. Sharpay is her own kind of modern day princess, making her way to the top, reaching for the stars. Not only does everything she owns scream pink and glitter, but her room is a total pink explosion!
This movie is about her starting a life on her own, with her little dog, hopefully making them both famous superstars along the way. The perfect movie for a good laugh, even with all of its thousands of clichés.

Watch the trailer now!

Marie Antoinette

Another all time classic on the lolita front, Marie Antoinette is the perfect movie for a pompadour princess with a love for all things fancy and upper class. I would widely reccomend this movie if you want some eye-candy on a boring day, and feel the need to pamper yourself a little bit extra. Everyday luxury indeed!

The story evolves around the french queen Marie Antoinette and her story about becoming, and being the queen of france. It is an interesting adaption, with a modern day twist of cool punk-ish music mixed in between all the bows, frilly lace and silk trims. It lets us get a deeper look into the rich and posh life at Versailles, with its pleasures and its sorrows. For everyone that is at all interested in details, old fashioned furniture or the rococco era (did I hear a tripple yes?) this is your go-to movie. I absolutely love the mixture of amazing fashion, combined with fun music, lively characters and the most wonderful tarts, cakes, confectionary and sweets you could ever imagine. It will have your mouth running in a couple of minutes, I garantee it! Girls night in movie!

Watch the trailer now!


Now, I hope you liked the little selection of movies I´ve picked out for you guys! ^^
Please let me know what you think of the movies if you´ve seen them, or better yet, tell me your opinion after watching a new one! I know a lot of these movies are well known and perhaps you´ve allready seen all of them far more than I have, but in my opinion these are movies to be seen over and over again.

* Emoticons * デコメ of the same face as well

Stay tuned for more sweet lolita tips, and perhaps more movie tips also!
Who knows what the future might bring ;-)

* Emoticons * デコメ of the same face as well

Until next time!