lørdag 21. september 2013

♡ 5 Sweet Lolita things ♡ : songs

Here I am, returning with my series of 5 sweet lolita related things that you should check out!

Todays topic is as the title suggests: 

 The songs I have listed below are sweet, and have a nice air about them that makes them perfect for getting in the mood of wearing sweet lolita, all from the very basic everyday outfits, to the "over the top sugary cavity-enducing teeth rotting" sweet lolita that you could just imagine! 

So, if you are a bit lost in what to listen to, to set the right mood,
Take a look at these five little treats I´ve picked out for you :-3

Love Prolouge – Sucrette

The soft voice of Sucrette fills me with lighthearted joy that feels perfect for those slow and easy days when you just want to grab a cup of tea, paint a little watercolour paiting with light colours, or just read a book, relaxing all by yourself in your cute otome outfit ^^
I love it for being so dreamy <3
Happy! – Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin 

This song makes me, well... happy from head to toe! ^^ It makes me imagine haging out with other cute lolitas, having a teaparty or just running around being all silly and pranking eachother x3
It is definitely the perfect song to put on when you are with your best sweet lolita friends :)
Nemmy! Nemmy! Nemmy! – Yunyun 

This song fits perfectly when you feel like its time to clean up that pink, sparkly explotion of a room of yours, after a long day of having fun and dressing up! ^^ I always feel like I get new energy when I can clean up while listening to super cute music! 
Magical Journey – Pinku! Project 

Ever feel like everything is hopeless and you have lost your spirits? Then you should definitely listen to this adorable little pick-me-up song! ^^ Pinku! Project still holds a big place in my heart, and just listening to their cute tunes make me wanna draw swirly and dreamy drawings, bake cute cakes and work my best to reach my dreams! Remember, dream big and dream bright! You can do whatever you set your heart to! <3
Lolitina – Aoki Misako 

 I don´t know if you guys knew that Misako Aoki made a sweet lolita song? Well, she did and I must admit I am in love >v< <3 It is super duper cute, and catches the super cute and modernized air that sweet lolita is reflecting upon the lolita fashion itself these days! So, if you want something inspiring and cute to both listen to (and watch) I suggest this song! It makes me want to wear all of my cutest clothes and have a cute teaparty with my plushies >v< hihi 
So, I don´t know about you, but just after making this list I allready feel more empowered and filled with kawaii energy to bring out into my daily life *V* I feel like I could do anything! ^^
That is the magic about cute music <3
I hope you enjoyed it, and found some new inspiration to your kawaii lifestyle ;-3
 Stay cute everyone! ^0^ FIGHTO!
Until next time, 

fredag 13. september 2013

My Swedish fairytale: Day 12-13 – crafting and traveling

I am going to be frank to begin with,
there are no photographic evidence of these two last days sadly >.<


So if you are up for a wall of text, get ready to read the closing chapter of my travel to Sweden this summer! (Haha, I can´t believe it´s september allready XD)

The day after the Victorian picnic was yet another "chill day".
We had invited Saga (Irodohieru) and Amanda (Lolitaland) over for some tea and crafting, proper sunday style with no makeup or anything, just our bare faces in snuggly clothes, bendt eagerly over a ton of beads, clay and glitter. It was indeed one of the most cosy days we had together. 
I finally got to finish making the items I started earlier during the week (you can read about it HERE), Emilia drew designs for her upcoming items for a japanese flee-marked, Amanda worked on some beautiful clay roses, and Saga kept us all company with her wonderful being and fun comments ;v;

There is nothing better than friends hanging out like that. Relaxed, with good music and fun activities <3 Sometimes the little things are the best ones <3


After spending almost all day crafting, we realized it was getting a bit late, and we needed to start dinner. Saga and Amanda had to leave, to reach their seperate trains home,
so they couldn´t stay longer :-(
We had almost nothing in the house, so we decided to make a really simple dish ;v;
Omu-rice! And truly, it was really simple, as we only had oninons and rice in the mix XD haha.
But we put in loads of ketchup, and we had mozzarella cheese in the omelette, with spices,
so it tasted really good acctually! ^^
I was the cook of this particuilar meal, as I had seen it been done before,
even though I hadn´t made it myself ever >.< I am glad Emilia seemed to like it though ^^
It made me happy!

We spendt the rest of the evening watching movies and finishing off the candy we bought when we went to the cinema earlier that week. We started off by watching a movie called "Stardust"
(that I reccomended we should watch) and went on with "The last unicorn" afterwards ^^
None of us had seen it before, so we decided to just go for it!
I would reccomend both of the movies, though "the last unicorn" certainly is a very peculiar video, and really different from anything I imagined it to be >v>"""

At that time we had finished watching that also, it was around 2 am or so,
and we just decided it was time for bed.


On the very last day, or acctually,  just the traveling day, we had plenty of time before I was going to leave. I took a good walk in the sunny weather, we had delicious baguettes with mozzarella and ham for lunch, and I spendt just about an hour packing everything in my suitcase, before we were ready to go. I think we left for the trainstation around 5 pm, since my plane was going to deport at 8 pm. It was quite a while to travel, but by the time we got there,
I still had over and hour left of waiting time luckily.

Now, I must say that our parting was a rather dramatic one at that >.<
I found out my suitcase had wastly exceeded the limited weight allowed, so I found myself having to pay a nasty extra–fee to make up for it! (I found it so weird, since I almost hadn´t brought anything new!) I was so mad and frustrated I just couldn´t help but cry.
I simply rushed around after that, trying to find out where I was going, and I could only give Emilia a quick hug before I had to leave in a rush. I was really scared of the extra fee I had payed and how it would affect my credit card, as I thought perhaps I would be unable to get home, due to the lack of money! (yes, I have very little money, and yes it was a big fee)... I completely panicked and called my dad as soon as I had passed the security area, to ask him about what I should do.
I was really afraid that he would yell at me and be really mad, but I was happily surprised at how calm and nice he was about it. He helped calm me down and told me everthing was going to be fine, and that it could have happend to anyone. When we had talked for a while, my pulse had reached a regular count and I could breath out like normal. I am so happy everything worked out fine ; _;
I was so scared!

After that, it was just travel, travel, travel, by planes and a busse until I finally came home,
around 2 am in the middle of the night. My father picked me up at the busstation, and by 3 am we were home and I once more let myself fall into my wonderful, wonderful bed in my own bedroom. 
Is there a more fantastic feeling than that?

I just wanted to sleep at once,  for it to become tomorrow really quickly. I was really looking forward to unpacking my bag and showing everything I´d bought to my parents as soon as possible.
(And you will be able to see more of that soon in upcoming updates ;-3)
I am pretty sure I fell asleep with a smile on my face :-) 


With that, my Swedish fairytale was over, and though I was sad, it felt wonderful to be home again, with all the great memories that I had left from the trip. Being able to meet so many people that I´ve only seen pictures of, or chatted with on the internet before, was really mindblowing to me.
It is always surreal when stuff like that happens in real life... 
I just hope I managed to leave such a positive and good impression on them as they did on me.
I can´t wait to meet everyone again, and set out on a new set of amazing adventures ;v; 
Please await my return! ^0^

Only the future can tell what´s ahead!

Thank you for reading once again, and I hope you´ll keep tuned ;-)
See yah!

lørdag 7. september 2013

My Swedish fairytale: Day 11 - The Victorian Picnic

Now, I get to the entry that you guys might have been (or might not have been? I don´t know xD) waiting for! It is atleast this entry that I have been most eager about writing! ^^

So, to get started! We had decided to not get up too late, since we needed plenty of time to get ready! 
But even so, the meetup wouldn´t acctually start until around 1:30 pm. We made ourself a kind of time schedule to follow, so we would reach the train and everything ;V; 
We texted both Amanda (Lolitaland) and Melva (Yannmmm) about meeting them at the sentral train-station in Stockholm, where we later would proceed together to
the destinated meeting spot of the picnic! ^^

Both of us where kinda nervous about what to wear, since we didn´t really own any kind of victorian clothing! The theme was also going to be "gothic" as well, so I felt like I would really clash
with whatever I would wear >_<" eheh

I eventually decided on my Baby, the star shines bright Twinkle Constellation skirt in dark blue! ^^ It is my darkest print over all I own, and it was pretty much the only thing that would work,
so I feel really happy that I decided to bring it with me <3

Emilia (Pastelbat) looked like she was picked right out of a proper, french rococco movie, and yes, at one point she even lay on her bed, demanding for me to "draw me like one of your french girls", with her poofy bouffant in silky curls down her back, and her gorgeous taobao–indie brand two-piece set featuring ballerina details. She really looked like a queen! I hope I will one day live up to that ;v; 


When we finally were ready to go, we realized we were going to be too late for the train, and thus we had to sit and wait for about 20 min. for the next one, which was kind of a bummer, since it was extremly hot outside >.< What don´t you do for lolita, huh?
Our biggest fear that day was to pass out of heat–stroke,
which acctually could have happend!


Luckily, Melva had also missed hers, so we didn´t have to let anyone wait for us! We got there pretty much at the same time, and just had to look around for eachother a little bit before we found our friends. Amanda was a vision in pink, she looked like the most adorable little rose-bud you could imagine! She was wearing a print I don´t know the name of, from Angelic Pretty, but it was one of their less known flower prints however, in a gorgeous OP, with the most adorable lace sleeves, and a matching lace bonnet <3 Melva looked like a classical Mori-girl lolita, and a fantastic Victorian Maiden OP, wearing antlers endored with gorgeous roses! ^^

It was kind of embarrasing though, as we got plenty of sneak–photos taken of us >.< 
I would like to add that we had to get some tickets for the bus, and while we were in the queue, Melva suddenly clapped her hands and smiled widely at me; "I have a present for you!" "oh my gosh, really??? ;A;" I said, and felt quite embarrased for not even having thought about getting her something >.<. She looked around in her bag for a bit, and suddenly pulled up a Baby, the star shines bright plastic–bag, and I felt like I was about to faint for a moment @_@
"did she get me brand stuff???"
No, no she didn´t, but I feel like what she got me was one of the prettiest gifts a girl could ever get, regardless ;A; It was a super duper cute unicorn plushie, with a swirly pastelly rainbow mane and tail, and a twinkling star necklace, and a cute star "cutie-mark"
from the line of "Little Twin Stars" plushies ;A; (pictures later).
And not only that, it was genuinly from the official Sanrio store as well, and she had sprayed it with tons of her extremly well smelling perfume, so that I would remember her later ;A; AWWWW
I think it is hands down one of the prettiest, most amazing gifts I have ever gotten, and I almost felt like crying  ;_; How can I ever repay you, Melva ??? 


When everything was settled with out tickets, we decided to get the "food" we were going to have at the picnic (cookies and gummybears anyone? =V=) before we headed in the direction of the meetup place! We were still quite early, but we figured we could just as well get going, to make sure
we didn´t get completely lost, and thus far too late!
After a terrible busride that felt like a baking oven, past the crowded streets, we arrived at the location, around where the park was. Unfortunately, none of us knew exactly where we were going to meet up, so we ended up parading around inside of the park a couple of times, before we just decided to sit down in a "shadowy" place by the entrance to get out of the mercyless sun.

We realized it was still around 20 min until the meeting would start, so we simply just chatted.
Slowly, but surely, we spotted people that came walking up towards the park, wearing steam–punkish or gothic clothing, and we though "yay! surely they know more about the spesific meetingplace!" but alas, none of them knew either, so they pretty much just decided to crash down beside us
and wait for the others as well. 
Even when the arranger of the picnic arrived, he wasn´t sure about where the meeting was going to be, since he had just thought of it as the park in general. So, long story short, we simply ended up staying at the spot we had chosen! XD haha

It was so cosy though! Sitting on our little blanket together ;v;
Can you guess where I sit? x3
Look at how gorgeous everyone is ;v; I still can´t believe I was so insanely lucky as to meet these incredible people <3333 I LOVE YOU GUYS <3


We talked about everything and nothing, and had fun just being together ^^
Melva, Amanda, Emilia and me! <3 

Me and Melva! (picture from my Instagram!)(sorry about the green-ish hue >.<)

And Emilia and I :3

A couple of faceshots! ^^ I was acctually pretty happy with these, despise the weird shadows "> v >

It was so nice to be together without doing anything special, other than chatting ^^
We did so for quite some hours, while more and more people arrived, and our little picnic soon turned into a huge thing! After all, there had been almost 200 people saying they would attend, but we figured as the pride–parade was at the very same day ( it was a saturday after all!) many would perhaps do that instea! There was load of people at the picnic, but not nearly 200. Also, it was extremly warm outside, and as the theme was gothic, so I wouldn´t blame anyone for not going @_@ 
After a while, a friend of Amanda and Emilia came also! He was called Robin (if I remember correctly?) and by that I had officially met my first ever brolita ^^ hihi.... I didn´t speak much to him though, because I was really shy >.<

When it seemed like the area was starting to get pretty full, we decided to do some group pictures! Both because the sun was starting to move into our area, and because we really
wanted to do it before were leaving!

We walked around the park, until we found a shady place that wouldn´t kill us while we
took our pictures ; v;

Melva looked so gorgeous like always ;v; <333 
I love her doll-joint tights!

Look how amazing Emilia was ;v; She really looked like a "french girl" x3 <3

Amanda was such an angel ;v; she always looks flawlessly princessy!

I wish I was as stylish as Melva ;v; she is the most gorgeous
lolita I´ve ever seen in real life <3 ;_;

And lastly.... me ^^ I love this wig a lot! And I am happy I
got to wear my short–sleeved blouse in the warm weather!
Summer Victorian Picnic
Skirt: Baby, the star shines bright
Blouse: Bodyline
Socks: H&M kids section
Shoes: Björn Borg (modified)
Headbow: Baby, the star shines bright
Bag: H&M kids section
Accessories: taobao, 6%DokiDoki, Chocomint,
Homemade, gifts, CuteCanKill


And now just some random, fun pictures x3
 "Do the titanic pose" they said x3 I am pretty sure Melva
and I are star-crossed lovers =v= hehe

We are hardcore fighto–Lolis by day, oh yes! xD
 (Picture from Instagram!)

I kinda like how the light is playing in my face in this pic ;v; hehe

And lastly, I didn´t get any individual shots of Robin,
but here is a cute one with Amanda in it also! ^^
I admired him for wearing such high heels to the picnic! O.O

And finally, after everyone had taken atleast a thousand pictures each (and I´m sure we spendt over and hour just doing that XD) we headed back to our spot at the picnic. Earlier when we left, we got some kind people to look over our things for us, and everything looked just fine when we got back, luckily ;v;

By then, the clock was starting to approach 4 pm, and we were getting really hungry! So we decided to leave, as we had been there for so long allready =v= We wanted to go to a reeeally nice chinese resturant that Melva told us about! She even called them on her phone to ask if they could hold a table for us! It was quite far to go there though, and it was a bit stressfull, because none of us where sure where it acctually was, so we ended up having to call them like...4 times or so XD until we finally go the adress right, and just ran towards it when we saw the entrace because we were famished =<=

I and Melva got noodle wok, and Emilia and Amanda got sushi! Robin had just ate at the picnic, since he arrived later than us, so he didn´t have anything. It was really good, but omg I became even more steaming hot afterwards from the warm food, so I am incredibly happy that Melva lended me her super cute  Swimmer fan ; 3; *kissu*


After dinner and a little walk, the time was starting to tick towards 6-7 pm, and we thought it was time to head towards the train station again ;_; We were really hot and tired from walking around all day, and my feet were kind of killing me, so I think both of us just wanted to get a shower
and relax for a bit!
It was very sad saying good bye to Melva at the train-station ;_; I knew it was the last time I would see her during my trip, so I hugged her a lot and we held hands and just "awwed" and gushed over eachother for several minutes <333 I am so happy to have gotten her as my friend ;V; 
Amanda took the same train as us, so we could stay with her a bit longer! yay! ^^
I really adore her so much, and I felt very sad when we said good bye also, but luckily I knew we would see eachother again the next day <3

When we finally got home, both of us were exhausted. I got to jump in the shower first, and it was lovely just putting on a nice t-shirt and some snuggly pants afterwards =V= hehe
If I remember correctly, we just watched anime and movies the rest of the evening while lying in the big guest bed together. It was lovely <3
Another great day had gone by, and my trip home was approaching fast, sadly ;_;
Only one more day +  then the travel day itself! 

Tomorrow, we had plans with Amanda and Saga (Irodohieru) again,
But I will save that for the next entry ;-) 

Thanks for reading this far!
Imaginary cookies for you<3
Bye bye!