fredag 22. mars 2013

☆ Pinku Project grand graduation package ☆

I first of all want to thank you all for the supporting messages I have been getting lately!
It means very much to me, I take all your love to heart and I try to think positivly together with my family. We are all crossing our fingers. Right now, we just need to be there for each other. I am constantly finding myself crying though.... everything feels so heavy, like a rock on my shoulders,
pulling me down into missery

In between all these sad happenings, I have been trying to focus on the nice, little things.
finding it mostly impossible....
Yesterday, besides being another sad day like all of them, I was so happy to finally recive my big "Pinku Project graduation" package that I ordered some months ago! ^^

It was a bright point in an ever so dull everyday life.
 It is important to treasure those moments, especially now!

Just look at these amazing things that I got!
There is the special poster that I won! ;v; I am so proud of owning such a special collectible!
I got keychains featuring every one of the girls, as well as phonestraps,
 and all their seperate pictures with signatures! ^^
And besides that, I got so many freebies ;A;
Tons of cute stickers, loads of extra pictures, visitcards 
and even a cute mahou shoujo button, totally for free ;A;

I was so excited, it was all so amazing!
I took seperate pictures of everything, so you can see them clearly <3

The signatured pictures ;v; So adoraburuuuu <3

freebie pictures and visitcards ;v; 

Here are the keychains and phonestraps! <3 I couldn´t decide which ones to get,
so I just got them all >v>

And here is the poster I won ;A; I love it so much, I have allready put it up on my bedroom wall >w<

And even more freebies ;A;!!! I got loads of cute stickers, and free stuff from Pinkly Ever After<3
Look at the cute button, I just love it!

And now, to further honour my idols,
here is their full graduation concert!
Please watch it and see how amazing these girls are <333

Don´t they just melt your hearts
 like an icrecream in a microwave? ;V;
(I just wish they had a DVD with it!)

I have been waiting for this package for such a long time,
having it come right now was almost like a bonus! I really needed this little boost of positivity right now. I will try my best, and stay strong with my family. I want to be as strong like a magicl girl, and protect them as best as I can. Pinku Project has always been there to make me happy, and they allways make me feel like I can reach my dreams. So I will use the positive energy they have boosted me with now, and be with my loved ones. We all need each other.

And thank you all once again <3 I love you guys<3
You make me feel empowered!

What has made you feel sad or happy lately?

Now is also the first day of the holiday!
Next week, I am going to Scotland!<3
Until next time,

torsdag 21. mars 2013

+ something incredibly sad +

The last couple of days have been extremly rough on me... 
I am so tired from worrying and crying and just being sad 
that I don´t know what to do about myself ;_;

We got the test results back regarding my moms tumor surgery...
I really, really don´t feel like speaking about this to anyone, it is still to early. But you guys deserve to know whats going on, since I don´t know how my blogging schedule will be onwards...
I won´t post more about this matter... I just want you guys to know that the test they took were 
positive, or negative, whichever you prefer... it was a dangeours tumor, it was infected...
... it´s definate ;_; I can´t even get myself to write the word...
They will start the treatment soon...

...I just feel like dying now ;_; everything hurts...

Until next time,

søndag 17. mars 2013

Family birthday party + new makeup

First of all, I want to thank you all
 for the supporting messages you have given me over the last few days, during this difficult time.
I wannna let you all know that even though my mom is not out of the hospital yet, everyone is very positive about it. The sugery went very well, the doctors have said they think it will all be allright, even though they haven´t had the test results back yet. My father also thinks so, so we are remaining calm for now. 

I have visited my mom twice since it happend, once on Friday and once yesterday, and I am happy to say she looked a lot better allready yesterday! She had even been out of bed to walk a bit :) 

So once again, thank you all! <3

Initially, we had planned to have a family birthday party celebration this weekend. We decided to still go through with that plan, even though my mom couldn´t attend it. I felt a bit sad that she couldn´t be there, but it is better that she remains calm and gets better <3

I was really happy that, in between all this missery the past couple of days,
some nice things happend also! Friday, I got the most lovely surprise in the mail! :) 

I ordered a spiky-flower headband from my friend Saga (Irodohieru)
And I was so excited to see it arrived this quickly! I was so honoured that she bothered making one for me, even though she was actually sold out ;^; (she has a webshop where she sells them).

I had a difficult time deciding if I should get a pinkXblack one,
 but I decided whiteXblack was more versatile :)

I love the headband very much! So I decided right away that I wanted
 to make my birthday outfit with it as my inspiration ^^

Rough Roses
Sweater: made by my sister
Skirt: H&M kids section
Tights: H&M, modified
Shoes: Taobao
Headband: Iros Garden
Accessories: Glitter, Kreepsville666

The image of this headband is soft, gentle roses with a rough edgy leather base and
spiky thorns sticking out, so that is what I wanted to make my outfit portrait! I choose my soft and fluffy sweater from my sister, and I took a pair of simple H&M tights that I ripped to look more punk.
I wore my rose bracelet, and my skeleton-hands necklace also!

It is so cold over here that I had to wear a pair of pants when I was over to visit my mom, 
but I changed back again when we came home.

I wanted to try out a totally new kind of makeup after seeing THIS really cute
tutorial on tumblr *v* I just fell in love with it! I will definitely use it more!
I am really unsure about it, because I  didn´t have the right kind of false eyelashes.
I am also quite unsure how I look with only false lashes on the top and not the bottom lashline.
I didn´t even have mascara on the bottom line.
what do you think?

This picture shows the makeup really well, even if the angle is a bit unflattering >.>"
How do you think I did with this makeup?

I was so lucky as to have loads of people be able to step in and bake for my birthday party, so we had loads of cakes and treats! ;A; I myself baked brownies, we had marzipan cake, cheese cake, apple pie, ice cream and many other lovely things ;_; Truly, it wouldn´t be possible
 without the help from my lovely family <3

I had such a lovely time, and I got so many nice things! I was so surprised by all the lovely gifts *A*

I got :
1. Money! And loads of it! They are represented by the envelopes ^^

2. Knitted socks <3 Always a winner :3
3. Makeup! I got two kits with looooads of eyeshadow, rouge, powder, lipgloss
and all kinds of amazing things ;A;
4. A moomin teacup with the image of Thingumy and bob, this made me so happy, because
I collect the moomin cups ;v;
5. Pukka "love" flower tea and rose water set! 

6. The folded, knitted object is acctually a seperate hoodie/collar thing that my aunt made after getting a russian recipe translated O.o Its really cool, so many at the party wanted to get the recipe xD

The huge cupcake is a card! ^^ I love it sooo much ;v; It made me think about
Vanellope von Schweetz, and that made me so happy because I love "Wreck it, Ralph" ;v;

It was a lovely night, really :) We laughed a lot, discussed all kinds of things, and drank loads of tea.
Around ten pm, everyone had left, and I felt super tired... I was so lucky as to get help from my godmother and some of my aunts to clean up before that, so when they had all gone,
it felt like bliss to change into my pyjamas, wash my face and just watch some tv.
I don´t know if it´s possible, but more than anything I felt like I was really hungover or something when I woke up this morning XD haha... and we didn´t even drink any kind of alcahol! Also, I wouldn´t really know about the hungover thing, since I don´t drink, but I can imagine it :P
 I did the last little clean ups when I woke up, and now the house
is as nice and clean as it was before we started! :)

Did you go to a party or
did you do something else fun this weekend?

Next week, I am having a few friends over for a friends birthday celebration :)
I haven´t had anything else than family birthday parties for many years now,
so acctually celebrating with class friends is kinda nice ^^ 

Bye bye for now!

torsdag 14. mars 2013

The worst day ever

Today is my birthday.
I bet you didn´t expect a headline like that, with a follow up line like that underneath it! 
Well, it truly was... 

Today was surposed to be my day... a day where I could feel a little bit pampered and dandy. Not having to do the dishes or make dinner, get greetings and presents, and simply have a nice time.
Sadly, I already knew when this week begun that my school day was going to be rather terrible. Therefore I took extra measure this morning, and made sure to look extra nice. Proper makeup, comfortable, yet nice clothes and even a little hairdo! Even though today
 was going to be a bit shitty, I could atleast look good.

Two tests in one day, AND a terribly gruesome movie
 that our teacher was going to make us watch!
I was lucky enough to get an alternative to watching the movie, because I just couldn´t take it. (If you are wondering what movie it was, it was "The Green Mile"... It is such a disturbing movie that it makes me teary eyed and nauseous just thinking about it... I have seen it once, and I will NEVER do that again... I promised myself that... it was far to gruesome and horrible
 for anyone to ever have to suffer through...)

One of the tests was an oral presentation also, so I was twice as nervous about that. 
Whenever I am going to have a presentation, I just start shaking 
and the first couple of sentences are always sounding like I´m about to cry...

I don´t know how much I remembered about the subject, it had to do with legal rights as an employee, because the only thing I remember is that I doubted my words for two seconds too long, and I felt like a total screw up when I had to peek at my notes... 

Luckily, I felt like the other test went rather good. It was about literature (fiction) and especially the genre short-stories. I had read through the chapter many times, but lately I have just felt like everything I read comes into my head and leaves just as quickly... 
I simply can´t concentrate for the life of me.

It took a while before people remembered it was my birthday, but they were all very good to me, and sang me a birthday song and hugged me. That part was really nice.
Then the last bomb dropped. I had finally finished everything that had been stressing me and ruining my mood all week, when my dad texted me and said he was with my mom at the hospital for a check-up. Ok, I thought to myself, since I know she has had a pain in her stomach for a while, and she also told me she was going for a check up today. So this news didn´t really startle me. I was a bit puzzled over the fact that my dad joined in though, 
but he told me everything was fine and I should just go home after school. 
So I did... we texted some more, and suddenly he told me my mom had to have a surgery... o_o
My phone died and I felt a bit nervous... I put it on charge as fast as I got home, but we didn´t have any more contact over the phone after that.

I had no idea what was going on until my father came home some time later, and then he told me everything. They had found a tumor, and decided to get rid of it right away. They know nothing about if it´s a bad or good tumor yet and they probably won´t know until it´s been a couple of days with some testing and such... 

I am so scared ;_; I love my mom so much... I just want everything to be ok with her. I can´t even concentrate on anything. This is just so terrible. The worst part is that I feel like this whole thing is just numb. Like, I don´t feel no extreme fear or that I worry a lot, 
I just feel sorry that I am not able to care more. 

I am also so very sad because this means I won´t be able to celebrate my birthday this year either ;_;
I didn´t last year, and I can´t now... and I know it`s really selfish, but it made me so sad... I just... 
My dad was really a downer when he first came home, I tried to start making the rest of the dinner my mom had prepared for them to make when we came home, and he even said
 he didn´t feel like eating at all. I just couldn´t take it...that made the cup float over it´s limits....
 I just started crying. 

He hugged me, and helped me make dinner, and even though we were both kind of silent and deeply sunken into our thoughts, we tried to do the best out of the situation. We toasted and finished the dinner. My dad took the rest of it in a doggy-bag to bring to my mom,
 since he said it would be a lot better than the food at the hospital. Then he went to visit her... 
I honestly did not want to go along with him yet. 

And now we are here. At the end of the day. My whole day has been a big bomb dropped after another and now I am just so sad that everything bad had to happen on my birthday.

I just thought I´d share that with you guys. I know this entry might not be interesting at all, but it is a part of my life, and if you read my blog, you must somehow have an interest in me also.

Thanks for reading

søndag 10. mars 2013

Circlelens2u review + outfits


A couple of days ago, I got my new circle lenses and lense cases in the mail. I was so happy because this ment I could finally try out false lashes to see how I look with them!
Since these are only the second time I have ordered circle lenses, I was very nervous about it! 
The last time I ordered, it was from Honeycolor, but this time a friend of mine tipped me on that I should try this great webpage called Circlelens2u.

They have a great selection of circle lenses, in all kinds of cute designs! The only downer, was that they don´t provide lens cases, so I had to buy those on my own seperately. Luckily I found a really cheap set of ten cases on ebay, so now I don´t have to think of that for quite some time.

Shipping 5/5
I ordered the lenses around the 24th of February. It was shipped out on the 25th.
It took about two weeks (13 days) until it arrived. Exactly as I assumed,
 since it was shipped from South Korea after all ;-)

Communication/service 3/5
I didn´t do much communication with them, but I will judge this from the emails I have got from them after making the order. Even though the package was shipped on the 25th, I wasn´t informed about this until three days later, on the 28th! So it was a bit slow. Other than that, I appreciate that you have the option of checking out as a guest when you order. I rarely like making accounts all over the place if I can avoid it, since I might not even order from somewhere more than once.

Packaging 4/5
When I got the package, it was inside an envelope that was a bit bigger than the box itself.
Inside, as you can see, I found this brown cardboard box with a small strip of tape on the opening.
Inside, the circle lens glasses were packed in bubblewrap. There was no visit card or any sign at all that the package came from Circlelens2u. I think they should atleast have provided some kind of thank you note. Still I give them 4 out of 5 since they had a sturdy and nice packaging!

I got Sweet Cat blue and Diamond Star silver

Colour/effect 5/5
The two pairs I got, are called Sweet Cat in Blue, because those are the ones my friend has, and I wanted to see how blue lenses would look on me, and I also got Diamond Star in Silver simply because the design was so pretty *v* Trying out totally new colours! 
Sadly, the blue lenses turned out very dark on my eyes. 

As you can see, it is only barely visible that they are blue! I really like the enlagement effect these have though. I think they look really nice on me, so I still give them a top score, even though I wish the blue was more visible... 

The Diamond Star Silver ones were a lot darker, and I was really excited to see 
how the diamond pattern would look in on my eyes!
  The enlargement in these are about the same as the other ones, still I feel like they look a tiny bit smaller for some reason. The diamond pattern is quite visible, but I am not sure how I like it on my eyes. What do you think? 

Comfort 5/5
At first, both lense pairs felt a bit uncomfortable, but that stopped very soon. I guess it´s only since I am a bit unused to wearing them, and I haven´t been doing it for such a long time! The blue lenses had this thing that sometimes they became a bit blurry, if I had my eyes opened for a long amount of time, but after som blinking it was quite allright again. With both lenses, they eventually feel so natural to wear that I sometimes forget they are there/have to check
 that they are still in place, haha ^^

In total: 4/5 
Conclution: I will definetely order from Circlelens2u once again. They have such an amazing selection of circle lenses, and even with their small faults, like not providing lens cases, they run a top-marked store that I would reccomend to anyone wanting to order circle lenses :) 

As well as this review, I have some new outfits from this weekend to show you!

 Yesterday, I wore a french inspired outfit. I wore it with my blue circle lenses, and since they are called "Sweet Cat" I tried to bring the cat element into my outfit as well.

 French Cat
Shirt: Taobao
Skirt: H&M kids section
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Taobao
Hat: Marked in Paris
Accessories: BtSSB, Claire´s

As you might have noticed, my haircolour is different! I used a white toner in my hair some days ago, to lighten my hair further to prepare it for colouring it lilac/lavender, and because I left it in for such a long time, it ended up giving my hair a light lilac tint! I am going to bleach it atleast once more, before I´m going to colour it for real, and I will let you guys know at once when I do :) 

I will try to post more pictures of my face also ^^"
Would you guys like that?

Wore a cardigan because its very cold here still >.< HQ pictures make my
eyes smaller for some reason XD And I need to cut my fringe >.>

Sexy pout =3= <33

The second outfit, from today is very much like something
 I´ve done before, when I dressed as a witch!
But I wanted to kinda wear it again with my new lilac tinted hair, 
so I tried a new twist at it.

Modern-day witchcraft
Shirt: Lindex kids section
Skirts: Taobao
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Taobao
Accessories: Lindex, Kreepsville 666, Glitter

And some more  selfies! x3 hehe
Really though, I am super duper selfconcious about my face >.>"""

Ugh... my fringe make my eyes look tiiiiiiiiny... so does HQ pictures ;A;

depressed today... yeah... 

Ok, now I just have to post this before I regret outing my ugly face to the world >.>

Do you own many pairs of circle lenses?

Byebye sweeties!