lørdag 29. desember 2012

♥Sweet sweet christmas♥

I was a bit bored, and I really wanted to make atleast one more christmas-themed update, 
so here comes a super small one ^0^!

I have been a little bit depressed this christmas holiday, but one thing that never stops cheering me up, is cute stuff! So I was very happy when I got this super duper cute pajama set for christmas! 

And they really are super-duper pink! ^^ so comfy and cute! <3

Another thing that has cheered me up is finally going to the hairdressers to fix the roots on my head! >.< I felt so sloppy with them having grown out so much, so it felt really nice to fix it ^^

I got a super cute new hairband also! Hai to my evil twinnie!

A nice thing to do in the holidays is catching up with things you are into, so I have read a lot as well. My parents got me a beautiful fairytale book with Perraulst fairytales in it, and right now I am reading a manga called "Yumeiro Patissiere" ^v^ It is super cute! It´s about a girl called Ichigo who wants to taste all the cakes ever and become a patissiere, making cakes and sweet treats x3 And the drawings are super detailed and cute, so I just couldn´t resist it! A lot of her outfits are really frilly and sweet like maid outfits or even lolita! ^0^

In the series, there are loads of these little things called sweets spirits, and Ichigo has one called Vanilla. I really liked her attire and general appearance, so I decided to draw some fanart!

As you can see, it is only a lineart still, but I will colour it eventually >v<""" hehe
I really liked the result anyway! And I hope you did also! :)

Today I got some velvet tights in the mail that I ordered a couple of weeks ago!(red and purple) <3 That made me really happy, because I didn´t think it would arrive before new years oOo 

So yeah, this post was just to inform you about my everyday adventures this holiday and to let you know how I cheered myself up ^^" hehehe

Other than the above mentioned things, I have spendt time with my family, playing loads of boardgames (scrabble anyone?) and watching cosy christmas movies (and some anime :P). Still there is just about four days left, so I will try to enjoy those a lot! >v< 

What did you do during christmas?

PS: please comment in the Q/A post!
 I will keep it open for quite some time!

mandag 24. desember 2012

Merry christmas - week of lolita

It has been a wonderful day today! ^^ Christmas eve is the day everything happens here in Norway!
In the morning, we wake up to a stocking full of candies, presents and treats, and then its all television until dinner! 
After dinner we get dressed nicely, put out cakes and make coffee while we open the presents! :D 
We have just finished doing that, but since its still to early for bed, I decided to update a long overdue entry with outfits ^^ :)
So, last week, we went to the city for some last-minute christmas shopping, and I decided to dress up a bit for the occasion. I was so happy when I found my beloved red berret again!
 It has been lost for ever so long, and I used to wear it SO much before, 
so you can imagine how happy I was when I found it again! ^^ 
Kinda made my outfit around it, very simple and practial this time... the collar is acctually from a cardigan that I have, but I wanted a more wintery feel to the outfit so I took that also. It was so warm and nice to wear <333

Christmas shopping

Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew:Angelic Pretty
Faux-fur collar: Angelic Pretty
Berret: Paris
Tights: ???
Legwarmers: homemade
Accessories: Clair´s, Baby the stars shine bright

Onwards, I have been reeeally tired and exhausted by my disease lately... especially now that christmas is upon us, its a big "issue". So Because I both felt a bit stressed out and sad, AND because I felt like I really should wear more lolita outfits, I decided to try on another winter outfit... I really loved adding that collar to what I wore, so I did this time also! ^^ The bow in my hair is from my coat acctually :D it was loose so I put it on a hair band for this outfit ^^ I really like how it looks, because the fabric is satin, so it looks very princess-like *V*

Pink-frosted-snowcone princess☆

Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Faux-fur Collar: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Secret shop
Shoes: Secret shop
Acceossories: Angelic pretty, H&M, Taobao, CuteCanKill

I wore a very simple outfit to my godmothers birthday on the 23rd also. I didn´t have much energy, so I made it super simple. Kinda like the hairstyle though, and the high heels made it more mature.
(Sorry about the terrible lighting >.< It was late, and I was in a rush! )

Stricktly dark-blue

Skirt: Baby the stars shine bright
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Tights: Amazon
Shoes: Björn Borg
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Vintage

And offcourse, I wanted to dress up today since it is christmas eve and everything! ^^
I didn´t really plan it out at all, I just decided to wear my little bears café jsk because it is my newest dress, and my sisters (who are home for christmas) haven´t seen it before. 
Because I braided my hair last night after I showered, I had big curly hair, and tried to put it up in typical lolita twin-tails (even though my hair is far to short :P I really want a wig like that sometime!) 
I was acctually planning to wear my cutsew again, but found out that I wanted to try something else, and went for my one and only pink cardigan instead! 
(sorry about my derp face >.< I can´t smile... I am not wearing sircle lenses here, 
only regular makeup, not extra lashes either)

Christmas-eve 2012
Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Cardigan: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: An*Tai*Na
Accessories: Chocomint, CuteCanKill, homemade, HolleyTeaTime

As you can see, my roots are TERRIBLE right now >.< And that is why I am so super duper happy that I got the one thing I wanted the most from my parents :  an apointment with the hairdresser! :D And its even before new years! ^^ yaay!

so, basically, thats it for now! :) I got tons of lovely new stuff from people this year, 
and I am so greatful ;v; 

 Have you got anything you wished for
 this year? 

(remember to ask in the Q/A post!)

torsdag 20. desember 2012

+ Ask me +

Hellow ^^

Quickie update just to let you guys know that I am doing a Q/A post! :)
Thats right, you heard me; questions and answers.

you provide the questions, I get the answers ^^
It could be absolutely anything! from lolita, to japan related stuff, to lifestyle, art, animals, favourite this and thats or totally random stuff like decorating, cute characters, doodle requests, tips, advice, opinions about me/this blog/life in general(?) etc etc etc. 

so yeah, I just really wanted to do one, so please feel free to drown me in questions! I will get back to this in one weeks time... I might update before that, but that will be unrelated Q/A stuff, unless I have something extra to add about it. 

 Gif for yah! no makeup CREY ;A;

I am waiting for your questions ;)

mandag 10. desember 2012

Zombie girl

Our last project at school this year, was to take a portrait.
It was pretty much a free task, but it had to be someone at school. 
Many of us choose to take a self portrait, so I did also :)

I wanted to do something dramatic and dark, 
so I took my inspiration from Rick Genest, AKA:
 Zombie boy

After two hours of makeup, I turned into Zombie Girl

this one is a bit more graphic :3 really like the contrast! :D

If you like this type of makeup, and you wanna try it out for yourself, 
you can check out this great tutorial that I used: 

I didn´t have all the tools she used, but tried my best anyway :p
also, it might be a bit tricky to remove afterwards ;)

Which picture do you think I should use for the project? ^^

Thanks for reading!

lørdag 8. desember 2012

Creative output in a busy day

This is my post nr. 50 of this blog! ^0^ yaay! 
Finally, finished with math tests for the year, 
and only one and a half week left of school before christmas^^

It has been -10 degrees celius or more every day, so I have only worn big wollen clothes in several layers >.< reeeeally boring, but I would rather stay warm and comfortable than dead-frozen and stylish! Winter has always been like that, and it will probably continue to be onwards, but I will try to dress interesting in the weekends ;-) 

Today, my mom and I visited my godmother and did something we do every year around christmas: 
we made confectionery! ^^

^^^My main responsibility was making these ^^^

They are dates, in marzipan, with a white chocolate coating and dark chocolate drizzled on top! *V* 
My absolute favourites! sooo good :D
We also made roasted almonds, cognac-currant-marizpan-chococolate balls and something called "chocolate dream" which is basically a big mash of crackers, nuts, coconut and chocolate in a pan :3

We usually make other things also, but this year we didn´t bother :P 
It still took around 4 hours to make everything though ^^"

Otherwise, through this week, I have been a bit artistic also!
I managed to finish my Adventure Time fanart with Fionna and Cake,
 and since I became so happy with it, I decided to put it up here:

The hair is my favourite part! I like the shadowing and the gradient colour ^^

I spendt around 4 hours colouring this, and tried to make sure to pay extra attention on getting the shadowing and highlights right :3 I like the sword also, 
even though the shiny spots on it turned out a little too small, and hard to see :P

Next week we have two oral presentations and three submissions at school, so it is YET another busy week... *sigh* My teachers just HAVE to stuff in something for us to do until the very last second before our holiday (we got a new project this week, only twoo weeks before vacation!), so I can hardly do something for myself a single second of the day! >.< 

I want to update my blog a lot, but with this schedule, I am happy to even get sleep! 
Other than school, the time approaching now is so lovely >w< the traditions, the songs, the presents, the meals, the familiy time <3 

Are you busy with christmas traditions also?

nothing more to say but

lørdag 1. desember 2012

Saturday night pre-christmas doodle edition

Hohoho hello! ^0^

These past few weeks have been mashed full of anxiety, school and nausea, so when I finally got a breather, I decided to update a bit again ^^

The second trade package came along from england! :D I am so happy about it *v* 

There is Nerds, CandyCorn, some PopTarts, KitKat, a chocolate with my name on it *v*, A rainbow coloured sugar cane *A*, skeleton chocolate popsicle, and Pear drops/Lemon sherbets <333

I traded with a dear girl called Lauren <3 She was soooo nice, and even said
 she could send me more if I wanted some for christmas! 

We don´t have Nerds, nor CandyCorn in Norway, so I especially asked for that also ^^ And now I must say, CandyCorn is delicious ;Q; <333
So, thank you a whole bunch Lauren <3 I will enjoy this package a lot <3

Aside from school work, I have become quite obsessed with Adventure Time recently! *_* Finding myself allready in the middle of season 3, I have begun drawing fanart as well! >.<

Here is a little preview of something I am working on currently:

(I might post the finished result, don´t know, please let me know if you want me to do it ^^
  I am very happy with this shading!)

I love Fionna and Cake = v= I just get the fuzziest feelings from seeing her rescue prince Gumball ///// 7//// iiiihihihi

In other news, Josephine has not completly hiberanted into cosy state yet, 
she still occasionally looks like a human being and not a big fuzzy something, something
 with layers and layers of wool cloth on her = V= ... winter does however make her tierd...

Today for example, I wore this outfit for a little while:
 (Took a shower last night, and braided my hair, that is why my hair is so curly and nice ^^)

Onepiece is from DreamV on Raktuten, shoes is Taobao, cardigan and tights is H&M 
and necklace is kreepsville 666.

( I had to change a while later, because we were going out, and it is currently minus freeze-your-butt-off degrees outside, so I put on something warmer... sadly went cold anyway >.>)

After we got home, my mom and I decided to make some gingerbread, since it is finally the season, and we had such a lovely time doing so ^^ 
We listened to christmas music and made sure to quality check the dough from time to time =v=

this is the result of our joined efforts :

We have tons and tons of different gingerbread molds, so we made all kinds of weird figures! 
I even made up some on my own, as an example, you might find a tophat in the picture if you look for it ^^ I usually make those every year :) Also, I made a gay couple and some centaurs :D yaaay<3

Are you planning to make gingerbread soon?

It is going to be busy onwards also... I have one oral presentation, a speach
AND a half term test in mathmathics coming up next week =A=
Only three more weeks to christmas though ; v;

Please wish me luck!

Thank you all  for reading <3
I hope december starts out nicely for all of you! ^0^