søndag 28. april 2013

♥ My Scotland adventure ♥ Purchases

Todays entry won´t be about anything I did on my trip, 
other than simply explaining the things I purchased/their background and such :)

I hadn´t really planned on buying much for this trip, as there was nothing in particuilar I was going to look for, so you might even find my entry to be less than expected. I don´t know....
Anyway, I had been saving my money for the last 3-4 months, so I could afford to buy whatever I felt like, if I happend to stumble upon it ^^ I have kind of explained some of the things I got earlier in my texts, without posting pictures, but now I am happy that I am able to show you guys everything. The physical results of my adventure in Scotland! ^0^

There was no way I could possibly take a picture and have it contain everything I bought, 
making everyhting clearly visible, so I split everything up in little groups. 
I will explain along as we go! ^0^ Please enjoy!

First of all, here is all the "toys" I got
 First, my wand that I got while I and Peachie visited Toys–R–us (isn´t it pretty???^0^), next to it is a  little "collecting" mirror (Peachie traded with me so I got the Fluttershy one ;A; <333) Underneath of it, the super cute Pinkie Pie figurine Peachie got me the first time we met, and the Fluttershy figurine I bought on the airport on my way home
 >v> ehm... I just had to get it ok!!! xD ... Pinke Pie would´ve got lonely,
 and I don´t want to handle a crying pony, nope nope nope.... 
Then there are some cute collecting cards with princesses on them, that I also got from Peachie, and lastly a super duper cute Keroppi figurine I picked up at the comic book store ^0^ <3 (really Keroppi is such an underrated character... I want to have loads of Keroppi themed things ;A; <3) This figurine is now standing on my nighttable x3 <3 

Seriously, after visiting Peachie, I have been obsessed with toys O.o I find myself wandering into toy stores when we are out shopping, just to look around the cute, pink girly section XD haha...

anyway... moving on to more stuff...
Here are the super cute, pink silk clothing hangers I bought at poundsavers while being out with Peachie! ^^ I love these so much, they give my closet a super cute touch <3 It is a small thing, but it makes a whole world of a difference! (I just wish I´d bought more, since I found out I´d bought far to few >.<"). Next to them, are the two mangabooks I bought on the trip! :) I feel so nostalgic buying manga, as I always used to do it a lot earlier. I still collect mangabooks, but I buy them far to rearly anymore... The first time I visisted the comic book store, I got "Ouran High School Host Club" vol. 1 (don´t you just love that series? >v<) because I´ve seen the anime, and I´ve always thought about starting to collect the manga series... finally got to doing that! ^^ 
Secondly, I got "Honey and clover" vol.1 on my last day in Edinburgh, for having something to read while traveling. I have heard about this series before, but never read or seen any of it, so I thought I´d just give it a go. I am happy to have found out that it is really great (L.O.V.E the artstyle!) so I will probably continue buying it until I have the whole set :D

And, while traveling, I went into the taxfree shops in the airports, offcourse. I know for a fact, that the only place to get kitkats in Norway, is (as far as I know) on airports, so I just went a bit nuts XD haha
.... on the bright side though, I have got Kitkats for quite a while onwards ^^" hohohoho....
All the kitkats in this picture are purchased from the norwegian taxfree store, and the Wonka bar in the middle is from the super cute, tiny candy shop with the huge fake candy windowdisplay that I wrote about earlier in another entry ;v; <333

Even if I said I hadn´t planned on getting anything in particuilar, I kinda had, as I wanted
 to buy some foreign candy and sweets ;v; haha... I got kitkats (yes!
so we can just as well move on with more of that stuff XD
I got one box of "strawberry sensation" poptarts ;v; <3 Right next to it, is a packet of crumpets (they were only 80p O.o craaaaazy...) Moving on, there is the "skittles" white chocolate that I bought at the place where they had all the fancy looking chocolates >v< The other chocolate (that I had allready tasted ; 3;) is a raspberry white chocolate that I got at the "the chocolate tree" booth in farmers market. Lastly I was able to dig out a place where they sold Reese´s peanut butter cups! :D yaaay! I´ve wanted to try those ever since I started that "trade package" thing back in October ;v;<3 Peachie said they don´t normally sell them around where she lives, but I was lucky and found a place 
where they did :) If you think I bought a lot, think about the fact 
that I won´t easily get back to buy more anytime soon xD"""

Candy should both taste sweet, and look sweet 
to give the maximum sweetness effect, in my opinon >v< thihi...
I got some super sweet marshmellow flavoured candy (it was sweeter than regular marshmellow I am sure. The flavour was richer at least...) that´s called "Flumps", from Peachie ^^. I allready ate one at her place, but I´ve saved the rest of the ones I got <3. While we were at the poundsavers shop, I bought those delicious looking pink/white nougats! I gave one to Peachie, and ate one myself over at hers so there are only two left ;v; (they are a bit much though ^^") Peachie got a packet of some super delicious cookies called "Milky", and she gave me a few, since I liked them so much ;v; Whaah, they are so delicious <333 The two boxes on top/ in the middle, is from the anime shop me and my sister visited on the day we spent in Princess street. I love the packaging!

... and to make it a gradual transition from candy to stuff (XD)...
 ... at the anime shop I also got two interesting pocky flavours I´d never seen/heard of before. Banana and blueberry ^^ Ruth is the kindest person ever, and acctually gave me those two sets of earrings ;A; She had got them as gifts when she ordered things from Lila (CuteCanKill)
 but since she haven´t got pierced ears, I got them from her ;A; <333
The "mutiple cross" necklace, is from "Pie in the Sky", and the same is the musical note one ^^ The pink, lipgloss necklace is from "Accessories", and the pearly cross necklace is from "New look". After buying all of these necklaces, I realized something really funny! I have successfully bought an individual necklace for all kinds of different styles I am interested in! XD The "mutiple cross" necklace is for pastel goth/those kinds of darker looks, the musical note one is for "amoeji kei" or just random "Harajuku" looks, the pink lipgloss one is for cute lolita or fairy-kei styles, and the pearly cross one is for a more classical lolita, mori girl or cult–party kei look! Imagine that! And it was totally unconcious! XD hahaha

Now, I am finally gonna show you the best thing I got on my trip *v*
My "lucky–find" trift store bought vintage 70´s totally cute and loli–able pink blouse! ^0^
I loved this so much, I just had to buy it <3 You might be able to tell that the lace is a bit iffy, 
but I don´t really mind. How often do you find a blouse this suited for lolita when it´s not made for it?
I wore this blouse on my first meetup with Peachie (on ♥ My Scotland adventure ♥ Part 4) so if you wanna know how it looks like worn, please take a peek there! ^v^ <333 
The fabric is really light, and kinda see–through, and it has a high neckline, so it fits very nicely with a more elegant kind of sweet lolita or hime lolita.

Lastly I wanted to show you guys something I didn´t buy, but that I got as a gift.
 It was indeed something new I brought home with me. 
 My sister bought me a beautiful artbook featuring the art of "The secret world of Arrietty" ;A; 
And she painted me a lovely birthday card also, with her watercolours ;v; <333 She has gotten really into painting lately, and she has become so good at it! ^^ Isn´t that a lovely giraffe? <3 :)
I love this so much (I am currently reading it) ,it is such a beautiful book <3  

Thank you, thank you, thank you sis <3 ;v; 

 Another lovely artbook to put in my collection <3

I realized I didn´t take a picture of the super cute silk–bow I got from Ruth (it´s dark pink) and a simple pearl bracelet I got from "Armstrongs", but as I took pictures of everything else, and since it was only those two things I missed, I didn´t bother to do it ^^" You will just have to believe me when I say they are both lovely <3 

Now, it seems like the final drop of info aboutmy adventure has fallen, so there is really nothing more to post about. I could surely go on and on forever about my feelings towards it, every single little detail of everything that happend and such (as far as I can remember) but I won´t bother you guys any more >V> thihi... It was fun writing about everything, and I am glad I did. Now I have everything "memorized"/"stored" somewhere to look back upon whenever I want. Once again, I hope you enjoyed this series, and please let me know what you think ^^ 
Onwards, you might expect loads of things. I have many more things that´s been going on after coming home, while writing this series, that I want to tell you all about. 
From documentary filming, cute tips, outfit posts, artposts and loads more! ^v^ 
So don´t worry about the blog going quiet just yet ;-3 hehe

Do you like buying foreign sweets and candies when you travel?

bye bye for now <3

lørdag 27. april 2013

♥ My Scotland adventure ♥ Part 7

Todays entry will be kinda short, and it won´t be as exciting, since 
I don´t really have any pictures to show you guys....

When I opened my eyes on the last day I couldn´t do anything but sigh heavily...
Today was the day for my depature. Luckily, my plane wouldn´t leave until around 9 pm, so I still had many hours to spend doing whatever I wanted. We had crumpets again this morning, as a little celebration of our time together this week, and then we headed out again. This day I had decided to get a hold of things that I´d seen throughout the week that I felt like getting. We went to Tesco and I bought a box of (sadly the only flavour they had) poptarts and some crumpets. We had gone to a really big supermarked before that to see if they had other flavours, but oddly enough they didn´t even  have poptarts at all O.o... so I just had to settle for the ones I´d seen at Tesco :P

Not many things were open yet, as it was quite early, still... but we went into a small triftshop on our way back from Tesco. My sister said she would have to study again this day, so I should try to make my own way around if I wanted to go somewhere and do something in town. 
We split up at the entrance to her street, and I walked alone down towards "centrum". I was really nervous, since I hadn´t even got the tiny little map that my sister drew for me... 

Somehow I managed to get all the way down to Grassmarket. I looked in some bookshops, and spendt quite a while just windowshopping. After that I tried to find the comic store that I liked so much. Even though I had no idea where it would be, I tried my best and by pure luck I ran into it xD 
I bought another mangabook to read while traveling. I noticed then that my phone was starting to run out of power, and as my sister had told me to be home before 5 pm, I didn´t brave just staying where I was. I started walking towards the direction I thought (luckily I was right also) was the correct one.

I had already packed all my things, so I just sat down and started reading my book, while charging my phone. My sister was still studying. A bit before 4:30 pm, we decided that we should eat dinner before I left, so we headed out to get some fish & chips, since it was what I wanted at the moment, as a last memory :) We had to look for quite a while, and but by the time the clock was around 5 pm we had settled in a small pub. There we ate and her boyfriend came around to say goodbye to me. 
We headed home around 5:45 pm. 

We had to catch the bus around 7 pm, because my sister had plans for the evening, and I appreciated having a bit of time to check in and settle in the airport properly. Everything went fine luckily, I hugged my sister and boarded the bus. A while later I found myself at the airport once again. I had around an hour to spare after getting in, so I just browsed the shops and noted down interesting booktitles. Then it was time to fly! I was kinda pissed at this part, because the silly lady that "beeped" my ticket, didn´t give it back to me, so I had NO idea where to sit! the poor stewardess had to place me somwhere after everyone had taken their places >.< It was really stupid, because I had to sit in the front, forcing me to give up my bag (no reading for me ;3;) and the window place I KNEW I had got.
I decided to sleep instead though, so it acctually went quite fast. I arrived back at Gardemoen (Oslo Airport) around 23:45 pm, got my luggage and headed over to the hotel to stay the night before going home. I was totally beat by the time I´d gotten into my room. I am so happy my parents had booked hotel beforehand, and payed as well, so I just had to hand them my number, and I got my key really quickly. The bed I had got was reaaally big also, and the pillow was so fluffy and nice ;v; I feel so posh when I stay at hotels I tell you >3< haha

I will just quickly tell you about the rest of the journey, even though it was the next day, because it is such a small part that I think its ok to just finish it off, so that this series ends here :) 

The next morning I woke up at around 7 am. I had breakfast at the hotel before I headed to reach my plane that was going to leave around 9 am. I must have been really disoriented, because I almost forgot to check in my luggage xD I just charged right towards security control... omg I was so embarrased when a security guard told me to check it in =/////= I just felt like dying.... 
Thats me traveling alone though, very determined on my pace, always 
keeping my hands in my pockets to check phone, passport and money XD haha
Finally, after everything was ok and I had got inside, I headed over to the my gate and just waited for the depature of my plane. I read a bit again. The next plane ride took ages it seemed (somehow that plane ride usually does...). When I arrived at my "home airport" It was snowing heavily and every single hope I´d had about the snow starting to melt, withered away like nothing... 
I got my suitcase and found a spot in the bus. Once again it was time for a two hour long trip >.> 
My godfather was really kind, and picked me up at the busstation, and drove me the last 30 min. trip home. Seriously, he told me it had been snowing like crazy all week, and at the moment the snow was around 40-50 cm deep! O.o It never get that deep around where I live, because its by the coast, 
so I was totally shocked! 

This year we´ve had more snow than for many, many, many years! At most it has been around 1 m. deep >.< Finally arriving home, I close to collapsed in the living room. Now I don´t know if you guys remember the documentary project I have been talking about? I did decide to join it, as you might know, and earlier I had gotten some texts about them visiting me today to see what I´d bought and such, and greet me home etc. I was fine with it, even though I was really tired from traveling, and being an introvert being around so many strangers all alone had totally drained me, so I was dead tired... I unpacked my bags, took pictures of everything and had dinner with my parents. 

It had been a wonderful trip, and it will be a memory for life <3 ^^
I hope you guys liked reading about my trip to Scotland! I know I really enjoyed writing about it! <3
Tomorrow, I will make an entry about all the things I bought :D 

Did you enjoy my series, and do you think I should write more series about trips I make?

 look forward to my purchases entry! ^0^

fredag 26. april 2013

♥ My Scotland adventure ♥ Part 6

It was finally sunday, and I was gonna meet Peachie again! *V* Me and my sister ate breakfast together, before she set out for the library for some studying. This time, Ruth and I had decided that she would pick me up from my sisters flat in a taxi, since she lived so close by,
 but it was still a bit to far for her to walk!

I started getting ready as soon as my sister left, so I had plenty of time! It was only around 10-10:30 am at the time, and I had pretty much decided on my outfit already because I had already worn one of the two dresses I brought ^^" I decided on bringing my light blue Milky–chan applique jsk, 
because the weather forecast had said it was gonna be a bit cold, and that is the 
warmest dress I have, since it´s made of velvet <3 :) So I wore that!
 (Had planned to bring memorial cake, but I didn´t brave it ; u;""".)
Because it is a more elegant and simple dress, I wanted to make my outfit more "elegantly sweet". 
I decided on putting my hair up in buns ^^ My makeup was pretty much the same, since I loved the way I did it the first time, and I wanted to practice more on the way I did it ^0^ <3

 You can just tell I am wearing my new lipgloss–necklace under my collar! >u< Funny story,
as soon as I took of my coat at her flat, Peachie rushed towards me and grabbed it, and she loved it! ^^
I wore it just to show it to her, but I really didn´t expect that to happen xD haha


I used a bow from my Angelic Pretty coat on my head ^^ I don´t have any
blue hair bows :-/ I really like how it looks though! ^^ what do you think?

I was completely done and ready to go by 12:30 am, and since I had plenty of time (we were gonna meet up at 2 am) I decided to pack up my suitcase properly, and finish watching the movie I started some days before, on my sisters and her roomates tv ^^
We had originally planned to meet up at around 2, but Peachie had to put it of a bit longer, so we didn´t meet up until 2:30 pm (or was it 3 pm) ;v; It was offcourse no problem at all, but I just felt more and more excited about meeting her again ;A; <3 I had got her some new presents because she is the biggest sweetheart ever, so I was kinda nervous about that also ;v; thihi...

After tripple checking everything I was gonna bring, it was time to head out ^^
I was so surprised to see the taxi already standing outside my door! It was still ten minutes until she was surposed to arrive, but she was there already ;3; 

I jumped into the taxi and quickly handed her my new gift <3 I think the taxi driver was quite amused because he just kept looking at us, and Peachie talked with him and told him about everything all the way home to her place ^^ thihi.... 

When we arrived there, we weren´t really sure what we were surposed to do, because it was easter sunday and not many things would be open ; u; After a little discussing, we figured we could go to a big ToysRus store that (after some searching and calling around) we found out was open! ^^
YAAAY! :D Peachie had told me about the store the first day we met up, and I had really wanted to see it, since she described it as being quite huge oAo....
We jumped into the taxi once again, and drove for quite a while to get there. It was totally worth it though! My jaw just dropped to my knees when I saw the size of the shop... 
It was like a big supermarked, but it was only for toys! *A*

We found posters of princesses (I regret not getting ; u;), plushies, pokémon, legos (doctor who legos, would you believe it?), a Nintendo section where we tried out the new WII–U console (it was so much fun! Peachie was a lot better than me though >0< I just made Mario fall down all the time =_="" ehehe...) They had tons and tons of board games,( including Hello Kitty monopoly), a section only for barbie, and they had tons of glittery and cute pink stuff! Seriously, it was like... three whole sections or maybe four with only girlie and pink and adorably cute things ;v; There they had  my little ponies, Disney Princess things, Hello Kitty, barbie, Polly Pocket, littlest Pet Shop and... I don´t even know the name of everything! >w< haha... it was crazy! We had to take a couple of pictures >v>

I got to borrow my sisters camera to take with me ^^ I had to restrain myself 
not to just grab everything in sight XD

 Peachie took of her coat, because it was rather warm in there ^^
 She looks so adorable here <3 The perfect lolita, seriously... everyone that meets Peachie just feel 
like smiling, because she has this air of a true Disney princess within her ;u; so pure and innocent and absolutely lovely <3
 I adore you Peachie ^3^ <333

And now, just look at this O_O:
 (seriously I just wanted to bring the whole section home with me =v=)

It was so magical, having them play cutesy music in the background also, just made the whole experience seem more out of this world than it already was ;v;<333
The time went by so quickly! I think we spendt over two and a half hours there, but there was plenty to look at so we didn´t get bored one second :) As we walked on Peachie snatched a Disney Princess poster with her, and decided on a cute pony from the My little pony collection to buy. I am not halfly as impulsive, so I had to walk around and just drool over everything before I could settle for something ^^""" I have such a hard time deciding! xD 
(I swear though, you NEVER find this kind of place in Norway O.o with such a huge selection of things!

We walked on and I found a section where they sold cute costumes and little accessories to add to it, and I found the cutest little wand I´d ever seen! ;V; It looked exactly like something from an anime or something, like some that a magical girl would have! I fell in love! I had to think about it for while, since the package was kinda bulky and a bit broken, but in the end I just had to get it >v< We figured out the wand was perfectly fine though, so I am very happy I got it!<3

They were announcing that she shop was about to close soon, so we just had to rush to the exit! We picked up some tiny My little pony collection things (a little mirror that you could collect to get all the different kinds) and went to pay. Afterwards, Peachie called a taxi and we waited for what felt like forever outside in the cold wind, until we could sit down in the warm car ; u;. We ventured back to Peachies place, took a little trip around the corner and bought some sweets (creamy eggs, amongst other things, since I had never had the english version of easter eggs before)and afterwards we just went home to her apartment. 
Peachie had to rest for a while, so we passed the time by chatting a bit. Somehow the conversation turned towards the pretty cure anime series, and I decided to show her the first episode of the first season, since she hadn´t seen it before! ^^ We had delicious a quiche for dinner together (I am sorry for taking your food Peachie ;A;). I got to try "potato smilies" >v< so adorable and super yummy! ^0^ I wish we had them in my country ;3; Even though I felt bad for eating their happy and cute faces :(
 Afterwards, we watched some more movies on her computer ^^ Somehow we ended up spending most of the evening just watching one cute  short–movie after the other, while snacking on delicious candies and sweets, and super good strawberry milk ;u; <3 I got to see the first episode of the new My little pony series (friendship is magic) as I have never seen it before! I was a bit sceptical, because I am not a big fan of the artstyle in it, but I thought the story was really nice, so who knows, it might grow on me! >v< I really adored Flutteryshy anyway, she was so cute ;u;
 Peachie opened her new package with gifts she got from me and we shared some of the sweets.

Around 10 pm, we decided it was time to take some pictures again! ^v^ We wanted to make a magical girl theme, and we took out my (newly bought) and her wand x3 <3
(all pictures are credited Princess Peachie ^^ thanks for letting me use them!)
I love Peachies outfit so much! ^^ <3

My outfit:

Magical Milky–chan

Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Secret Shop
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Secret Shop
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, gifts, vintage, 
Glitter, HolleyTeaTime,CuteCanKill and Accessories

"Come into our magical pink adventure with us! ^^"

It was another fantastic and magical day, even though Peachie was quite beat, and I felt really bad for tiring her out even more ;u;  </3 We stayed together even longer this time, because none of us wanted the evening to end ;3; <3 buhu

I texted my sister to come and get me around 23:30 PM, so that we had some time left. We just chatted,hugged and looked at eachother again and again, to memorize eachother as much as possible... I felt like crying a bit, because we couldn´t see eachother more ;A; </3
And then it was time to leave. I hugged her once again as she walked me to the door.
Friendship truly is magic.

Special message for Peachie

My experience with Peachie is such a magical and precious part of my memories now.
I never thought I could feel so happy and inspired and just entirely in my right element as I did when I visited her. I felt pumped with cuteness–energy and I just wanted to be the best person I could ever be! Watching Peachie just be her perfect, adorable and super cute self made me want to be the best lolita I could ever be *v* Thank you Peachie! Our meeting did a huuuge impact on my view on life and myself and how I want to live it. You are such a positive and wonderful person, I hope I will be able to be half as fantastic as you are one day. Even a third of that would make me more happy that you could believe. It was such a strong experience for me. I could go on about this forever and ever and ever. I truly treasure it to the bottom of my heart. There really are no words to describe my feelings, so please know that this is perhaps the most sincere sign of appreciation I have ever shown anyone in my entire life until now.


My sister came and picked me up at the same spot as before, and we chatted about our seperate adventures of the day once again. My sister had been visiting a friend also, to have cake and celebrate easter sunday ^^ I am glad she seemed to have had a lovely day also!
Well back in the flat, I just sighed, with pure and utter delight over the wonderful day I had just had. It was very sad to think about that I would not be able to do anything as nice as this for a long time ;_;

Since I had already packed up my suitcase well, I could just go to bed and sleep again :)
I would travel home the next day, but not until quite late in the evening, so I still had most of the day to do whatever I wanted ^^

But more about that in my next entry! <3
I hope you liked reading this, and please stay tuned!