tirsdag 7. april 2015

☆ Trending eggs ☆

An update I´ve wanted to make for a while,
about a curiosity that I´ve wanted to discuss concerning
the rather odd trend of putting

 food_medamayaki.gif image by wakeupinthemorningfeelinglikepdiddyEGGSfood_medamayaki.gif image by wakeupinthemorningfeelinglikepdiddy
on everything!

 So yeah, I´ve totally fallen for this trend myself though, I freaking love images of eggs and egg inspired outfits, accessories, artwork etc etc etc etc.
These days you find eggs printed on pretty much everything. 
And perhaps, let me be clearer at that. 
usually fried eggs. sunnyside up. 


as many other trends, this is also most likely coming from Harajuku in Japan,
where similar things like bread and milk is getting really popular, print-wise.
Why this weird, sudden popularity for these simple objects?
Maybe that´s just it! 

Eggs, milk and bread are things that most people have in their everyday life,
so it´s quite relatable. The image is calm, weird and not so "out there" that you look like a total odd-ball sporting it. Atleast in moderate combinations that is.
Ofcourse, knowing myself I would probably deck myself in a complete egg and/or bread themed outfit just for the heck  of it.
I just love how it looks. it´s so indie and weird and it makes me think of huge, round glasses and cute bob-haircuts and tomboyish bandaids on your knees. 

aestethics, inspiration!

I´ve put together some collages for cute egg-themed outfits:

Tshirt / Skirt / Bag / Shoes / Socks

 Sweater / Shorts / Shoes / Bag / Socks

Jacket / Shirt / Shorts / Shoes

Also, some recent egg-themed art has been popping up:

「Awww Flying Breakfast」 Art Print

「Happy☆Fried Egg」 Art Print
By Kaoru Hasegawa

By Saccstry

By Koyamori

By Patellish

So, I just wanted to share my absolute love for this trend, and I 
would love to hear what others think about it :-)

What are your thoughts
about the egg-trend?

Comment below!

I´ll leave you with this adorable little egg song ^^

 Thanks for reading!

6 kommentarer:

  1. I don't really like eggs clothes >o< but I saw some cute girls with eggs outfit that I liked, but I would never wear them hehe anyway the pictures are really cute :3


    1. ahh ok ^^ hehe, glad you enjoyed the entry even though!

  2. Oh wow you're right the egg trend is really popular! :o I've only seen it on clothes- I didn't know that it showed up in art as well
    It's a cute trend :3 Although I probably wouldn't wear an entirely egg-themed outfit, incorporating eggs into some parts of it would be cute ^.^
    Lovely post as always Josephine ^.^

    1. hehe thanks ^^ glad you enjoyed it! it is a fun concept, I think :-3

  3. So cute. I love the japanese thick style toast too!

  4. Hope your health is ok and you return to blogging soon =^_^=

    Soo, a fan from London, England