lørdag 8. desember 2012

Creative output in a busy day

This is my post nr. 50 of this blog! ^0^ yaay! 
Finally, finished with math tests for the year, 
and only one and a half week left of school before christmas^^

It has been -10 degrees celius or more every day, so I have only worn big wollen clothes in several layers >.< reeeeally boring, but I would rather stay warm and comfortable than dead-frozen and stylish! Winter has always been like that, and it will probably continue to be onwards, but I will try to dress interesting in the weekends ;-) 

Today, my mom and I visited my godmother and did something we do every year around christmas: 
we made confectionery! ^^

^^^My main responsibility was making these ^^^

They are dates, in marzipan, with a white chocolate coating and dark chocolate drizzled on top! *V* 
My absolute favourites! sooo good :D
We also made roasted almonds, cognac-currant-marizpan-chococolate balls and something called "chocolate dream" which is basically a big mash of crackers, nuts, coconut and chocolate in a pan :3

We usually make other things also, but this year we didn´t bother :P 
It still took around 4 hours to make everything though ^^"

Otherwise, through this week, I have been a bit artistic also!
I managed to finish my Adventure Time fanart with Fionna and Cake,
 and since I became so happy with it, I decided to put it up here:

The hair is my favourite part! I like the shadowing and the gradient colour ^^

I spendt around 4 hours colouring this, and tried to make sure to pay extra attention on getting the shadowing and highlights right :3 I like the sword also, 
even though the shiny spots on it turned out a little too small, and hard to see :P

Next week we have two oral presentations and three submissions at school, so it is YET another busy week... *sigh* My teachers just HAVE to stuff in something for us to do until the very last second before our holiday (we got a new project this week, only twoo weeks before vacation!), so I can hardly do something for myself a single second of the day! >.< 

I want to update my blog a lot, but with this schedule, I am happy to even get sleep! 
Other than school, the time approaching now is so lovely >w< the traditions, the songs, the presents, the meals, the familiy time <3 

Are you busy with christmas traditions also?

nothing more to say but

11 kommentarer:

  1. wow your fanart is really nice! :)

  2. Omg I wanna try those yellow thingies so bad! *_*

    1. they are really delicious >w< and they are acctually white, but look yellow in that lighting ^^"

  3. I dont have any christmas traditions ;_; although every year I wish I did, haha
    also wow~ your art is really good! youre really talented!

    1. aww, well, it is never to late to create one! ^^
      two years ago I started a new one :3 so just get to it ;)

      thank you! ^^ I try to practice when I have the time for it!

  4. I decorated for Christmas last weekend, and all my Christmas gifts are done :P BUT there is a lot to do at school for me too :S lots of tests and presentations and stuff right before the holidays :(

    I really love your painting<3

    1. aww, that sounds so nice! ^^ I am slow with the presents this year :S only have a few done >.<""

      thank you <3

  5. Your a really talented artist! I'd love to see more of your work ^^ wish i wasn't such a scaredy cat with my art and had the confidence to post it on my blog...
    Glad to hear your tests are over and done with, have a wonderful christmas c:


    1. just go for it! ^^ I think my art is a bit meehhh, but I post it anyway ^^" hehe
      I am glad you like it ! :D
      Please have a great christmas you also ^^