lørdag 29. desember 2012

♥Sweet sweet christmas♥

I was a bit bored, and I really wanted to make atleast one more christmas-themed update, 
so here comes a super small one ^0^!

I have been a little bit depressed this christmas holiday, but one thing that never stops cheering me up, is cute stuff! So I was very happy when I got this super duper cute pajama set for christmas! 

And they really are super-duper pink! ^^ so comfy and cute! <3

Another thing that has cheered me up is finally going to the hairdressers to fix the roots on my head! >.< I felt so sloppy with them having grown out so much, so it felt really nice to fix it ^^

I got a super cute new hairband also! Hai to my evil twinnie!

A nice thing to do in the holidays is catching up with things you are into, so I have read a lot as well. My parents got me a beautiful fairytale book with Perraulst fairytales in it, and right now I am reading a manga called "Yumeiro Patissiere" ^v^ It is super cute! It´s about a girl called Ichigo who wants to taste all the cakes ever and become a patissiere, making cakes and sweet treats x3 And the drawings are super detailed and cute, so I just couldn´t resist it! A lot of her outfits are really frilly and sweet like maid outfits or even lolita! ^0^

In the series, there are loads of these little things called sweets spirits, and Ichigo has one called Vanilla. I really liked her attire and general appearance, so I decided to draw some fanart!

As you can see, it is only a lineart still, but I will colour it eventually >v<""" hehe
I really liked the result anyway! And I hope you did also! :)

Today I got some velvet tights in the mail that I ordered a couple of weeks ago!(red and purple) <3 That made me really happy, because I didn´t think it would arrive before new years oOo 

So yeah, this post was just to inform you about my everyday adventures this holiday and to let you know how I cheered myself up ^^" hehehe

Other than the above mentioned things, I have spendt time with my family, playing loads of boardgames (scrabble anyone?) and watching cosy christmas movies (and some anime :P). Still there is just about four days left, so I will try to enjoy those a lot! >v< 

What did you do during christmas?

PS: please comment in the Q/A post!
 I will keep it open for quite some time!

10 kommentarer:

  1. such a cute pajama set! I wanna get one too hahha!

    1. aww, thanks ^^ I am not sure where its from ^^""

  2. Your so cute<3<3 and your hair turned out beautiful <3 This year I celebrated Christmas with my boyfriend and his family for the first time<3 Except that I have only been chilling out, playing Sims 3 watching a lot of movies and practicing on SAI :) Hope you get better soon:) Hugs<3

    1. thank you >////v///< you are sweeter though! I am very happy about my hair yes *v*
      Oh, that sounds like loads of wonderful things to do in christmas!

  3. Aww the pyjamas are so cute *_*
    And I love the headband, want to buy one like that too but I always forget haha

    1. Thanks^^ I REALLY love my pajamas *v*
      haha, really? I also forget about it all the time, but when I finally found it in a shop I just had to buy it at once ^0^

  4. Your pajama set is just too adorable!
    And the fanart is gorgeous! *_*

    1. whaah ;v; thank you sweetie! It makes me so happy that you like it ^0^<3

  5. so cute drawing and headband ^___^