mandag 15. juli 2013

sickness and new obsession 

I have been sick almost the entire time through this past week! 
From tuesday until saturday, basically >.< 
I am usually never sick, so it was really odd that it lasted so long, 
and I was so exhausted at the end of it that I didn´t really know what to do with myself,
I just felt super ambivalent, full of headace, slimey throat and nose and all my muscles were aching...
I´ve walked around in a huge, cosy, woollen sweater and big, bulky scarfs all week! Extremly boring and only oriented around comfort... and I tell you, even with all that on, 
I felt like an iceicle all the time :-S

I am happy its over! Or well, just about over... my throat is still slimey, but all the other things are ok now ;v; Sadly, my nose has turned into a huge, bulky flaming red mess, because I´ve been blowing my nose so much... so I´ve been blowing my nose, it has dried up, I´ve blown it again and the skin started getting all flaky and falling off, and now its super sore and flaky, yet slimy and it hurts really much, so I don´t particularily feel very good about myself >.>
 I kinda look like a monster at the moment... I feel really bad for not uploading any pictures lately, but too be honest, I´ve been too sick and depressed  >.<

I´ve been drawing a lot, reading books, tried focusing on things that was not only
oriented about depression, it was pretty much just horrible all until very yesterday,
when I discovered a new thing, that will surely be a new obsession of mine ;v; 
You might have heard of it, you might not have, what I am talking about, however, is

Bee and PuppyCat! 

It is a totally new cartoon series created by Natasha Allegri, who works as a character designer and storyboard artist on Adventure Time (which happens to be my favourite fandom ;v;
so when I found it I offcourse felt intrigued...

Until now, only half an episode has been published, but oh wow what an episode ;A;
Just look at this! I absolutely adore every single thing about this show, the super cute drawing-style, the storyline and the characters.... everything is so freaking adorable, quirky and super cool!
I have a feeling it will be a big favourite of mine ;3; I can´t wait until they post the next part! 
It won´t be until August 7th, sadly ;___;

What do you think of "Bee and PuppyCat"?
Now I will continue doodling fanart, tend to my sore nose, and hope that my working
days at the library keeps being as cosy as I find them to be up until now ; v;
It´s only 9 days until I´m going to Sweden, yay! 
Until next time!

10 kommentarer:

  1. Haha that show is ridiculous! I can definitely see how it stemmed from Adventure Time. Sorry you haven't been feeling well!! ;m;

    1. isn´t it precious though ;3; hehe ^^ thank you <3

  2. YAY! I love that show! Its too adorable!!!

  3. I've been wondering what show this is for a while now (seen gifs on tumblr and stuff) and it's very... me. Definitely will get watching ;P

    Cute to the Fashion

  4. I've never seen Adventure Time but I've heard so much about it ^^ the other show looks really cute though.
    I hope that you feel fully better soon

    1. thank you very much! You should totally check out Adventure Time though! :D I love it so much <333

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better! Or at least a little better. Nothing worse than being ill for an entire week >___<

    I haven't actually heard of that show until now, it looks cute though~

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. it was harsh, yes >.<
      It does look so cute, right ;V; I adore it allready x3