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My Swedish fairytale: Day 1 - Traveling

There has been several pictures and little inklings as to what the past two weeks have been about in my life, but as there is still tons of details left to be revealed, that none of you know nothing about, I can just say one thing: 
Lets get to it!

To begin with, I just want to mention some things as a start off! ^^ This will be a series where I tell you about my adventures from day to day, but as some days might not have to many happenings in them, I might add together some of them so you guys won´t have to read
tons of stuff that might not be all that interesting ^^"
Several months ago, I started discussing with Emilia (Pastelbat) about how cool it would be to acctually meet eachother! We have been chatting for a long time, and we´ve become quite good friends I would say :) We enjoy eachothers company! ^^ So when I mentioned I might be able to come to Sweden this summer, we were both really exited! We started planning right away!
I said I had to work up until the 25th of July, and then Emilia told me that was the first day of a biiig Swedish Convention called Närcon (we are talking 5000 people... 5000 attendees, appearantly the biggest convention in Scandinavia from now on O.o)! She was going to work there with a maid-café she is co-leader in, and she mentioned how cool it would be if I was able to attend it also! Maybe even working together with them :) I was so honoured and overjoyed that she wanted me to join the maids, that I couldn´t possibly refuse it! So if any of you guys remember me asking weird questions on tumblr about maid-outfits and cute japanese names that would fit me, you now know the reason! There was just one problem, as I was surposed to work up until then, and I would need to arrive atleast one day before the whole thing to make it in time >.<! 
Luckily, my boss is great, and let me off one day early! ;v; yay! 

So yeah, we started planning even more, now that it was so definite that I was going!
I ordered the plane tickets and decided on staying for a full 12 days! 
So much time, we could have loads of fun! The convention would last for 4 days, so I would have 8 days after, to just stay with Emilia ^^ (since she was kind enough as to invite me to stay at her home with her ;A;)

The only stupid thing about my planetickets, is that my traveling schedule was rather.... tiresome!
To put it like this, I woke up around 2 am on the 24th of July, to get ready and travel to my nearby busstation (which is about half an hour away), where I at 3:20 had to take a bus to the airport, which is two hours away, and after that I had to take a plane around 6:30 or 7 am,
in which I arrived in Oslo around 8:30
.... and then the waiting begun.... 10 whole hours of it.... yeah, I kinda died >_>
I took my time and rather slowly worked my way through every single shop in the airport, and still only managed to spend about 2 hours on that... so I played my DS, read my book, listened to music, and simply tried to keep awake the rest of the time ^^" ehehe
When the clock finally hit 18:30 and my plane took of for Sweden, my heart was going doki doki all over the place! >v< I was so nervous omg!

We had initially planned for Emilia to come pick me up at Arlanda (the airport in Sweden where I was going to land) but since she had to help prepare the maidcafé, I was able to meet her friend, Amanda (Lolitland) instead! ^^  It was so precious, I felt all full of "squee" when I had finally got my luggage, and stepped into the entry hall, where Amanda sat with this huuuge heartshaped sign, that read "Josephine" with pretty decorations all around it ;V; I felt like crying really, if it wasn´t for that I at the same time felt far to sleepy to think straight xD Amanda was such a sweetheart, It felt like I had met a cross between a disney-princess and a sugary pink glitter-fairy! > ///> I felt like a slob, in my comfy clothes and sleepy hairstyle from all the traveling ^^" ehehe (kinda wanted to dig a hole and dissapear into it xD)

 Look at this cute thing she made me ;v;

We waited until the time was 21:45 pm to take the bus to the convention, which would take another 4 hours of traveling, but luckily, we got good seats at the back of the bus, where we could put our bags down and rather just curl up and sleep (or doze off, I can´t remember much of it to be honest), while being absolutely freezing (both because the bus was freezing, and because we were both super tired) before we finally got to our destination around 2 am. We waited even longer, got picked up by Emilia and her friends in a car, drove a bit to the school, where the convention was held, and by the time we had
finally brushed our teeth, they had showed me the maid-café location,
we had figured out what sleeping hall we were sleeping in, picked out our pajamas,
and got our blankets on the inflatable madrass, it was around 4 am.... 
so yeah, traveling to Sweden, from Norway took 26 hours in total....
and I just collapsed in bed = V= hehehe
I was quite excited about the next day, when the convetion was going to start! We had to wake up around 8 am though, so I can´t deny that I kinda started crying, just from the exhaustion I felt from it all up until then >_> 


Anywho, that is another story, 
until next time! Keep tuned for more! ;v;

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  1. Can't wait to read the next part! ;w;
    And btw, I took a photo of you and it's up here on my blog: http://cupcakeeater.blogg.se/2013/july/bilder-fran-narcon-1.html

    (I was the girl in some kind of weird-decora style that asked for a photo, and I'm sorry for being so awkward and weird when I said "I love your blog and style" and so, but I just got so happy when I saw you and you where so cute so sorry for my awkwardness! OTL)

    1. aww, thank you ;///; I feel so flattered now >v>
      Aww, don´t be silly! I felt like I was super duper awkward >.<"

  2. I'm a disney-princess sugary pink glitter-fairy omg thank you ; u ; You were adorable Josephine<3 Was so happy I could come pick you up and get to know you later on ^u^ miss you my friend<33

    1. hihihi >v< *derp* you were so precious omg you have no idea ; v;
      I miss you a lot also <3 you are so precious to me now ;v;

  3. Oooh this all sounds so exciting! I can’t wait to read more about it!

    10 HOURS AT THE AIRPORT? Darling, how do you do it? -_- I would have died…
    I thought, because Sweden and Norway are so close, travelling wouldn’t take so long! Poor you… :(

    As I said: can’t wait to read more! I wish I could meet you like that someday too dear! <3

    1. I kinda died ;v; huhu
      Well, normally it wouldn´t take all that long to travel, but you know, since I bought the cheapest tickets avaiable, I had to take such a stupid travel route >.<
      Maybe we can meet like that once ;v; I realize that it seems like I´m meeting more and more of my internet friends every year XD haha, so perhaps soon! ;v;

    2. Poor you! *pats on back*
      Oh yeah I understand! But still... UGH!
      It would be sooo great! *_________*

  4. Ugh, 10 hours at an airport... Waiting at airports is the worst!
    Ahhh Amanda is so precious~ ヽ(;▽;)ノ She truly is a disney princess!
    I'm sad that I didn't have time to meet you and take pictures, but well well...