lørdag 4. januar 2014

A new year, a fresh start?


Well, its time again to start a new year...
Last year, around this time, I was completely freaking out. I had a mayor depression around new-years, entering 2013, and I felt like time was running out. 
This year, I don´t exactly feel happy about the new year,
but I certainly don´t feel as panicked as I did back then!

Original as I am, I wanted to make a little post for you guys, but mostly for myself I think, with a small summary of the year that has gone by. It is easy to forget everything that happens throughout an entire year, especially the good parts, if you are predispositioned to be a bit....
ehm... negative, like I am :P hehe...


When I think back upon the year that has passed, I feel like I´ve accomplished nothing at all, but looking closer, I see that there are tons of things I´ve gone through and I´ve been on many an adventure in these past 365 days! 
Let´s get to it!: 

1. January:
I got a lot of sketchbooks for christmas the year before, so I sketched quite a lot during this first month of the year. Also I had a heavy depression on my shoulders....

2. February:
I started reading the infamous book "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov (very interesting read, would reccomend it if you are thinking about reading it!), and I dressed up during the weekends. My parents went to Scotland to visit my sister for her birthday, and brought back gifts for me! My first ever Adventure Time comic books! :-D And by the end of the month, I was interviewed by my local newspaper to talk about my style/ lolita fashion.

3. March:
My birthday! I turned 19 at the very same day my mom was put in to hospital (since they discovered she had a cancer–tumor). Luckily they managed to remove it and after a heavy reasurence-cure she is as good as cancer free :-). Other than that loads of things happend in march. I got contacted about being in a documentary project involving a couple of handfulls of teenagers in the whole of Norway, talking about my life, interests and everything like that (the project itself didn´t start until later though). I also bought a huge graduation package from one of my top idol-groups "Pinku Project" (where I was so lucky as to win a special-price poster!) that decided to get seperated around that time because of the fact that they needed to focus on school ;3;

4. April: 
The month of April was a fairytale through and through! I went to Scotland to visit my sister, who studies there, during easter break, and at the same time I got to visit my dear friend Ruth (AKA Princess-Peachie). It was my first time meeting her, and my first time visiting another lolita, so it was rather special to me. I remember her room as a total dream *sighs* still wish I could live there (we were planning to lay down some of her jsk in her closet so I could sleep there, no one would know, hurhurhur OwO). 
We had all kinds of fun, going to a gigantic toy-store, having sushi and just watching silly cartoons and anime together. It was so much fun! ^^ I can´t wait to meet her again <3

It was finally time to do something about that documentary project! For an entire, intense week, I was filmed several hours almost every day (which for an introvert like me is quite exhausting @_@) but we managed to pull through in the end. Imagine having someone follow you around school with a camera, even filming you getting on and off the bus?! :-P It was rather awkward....
Other than that, my dearest, best friend painted a lovely portrait of me, as a belated birthday present, and I cried ;_; <3 I got my first twin-tail wig and I wore quite a lot of lolita clothes in the weekends.
...Kinda also launched my first "teaser" on my new youtube channel....

6. June:
I coloured my hair bright, candy lilac as opposed to the blond hair I had been sporting until then. I published my first proper youtube movie to my new channel! It was about a Pinkly Ever After package I had gotten in the mail :-3. I got a handmade, one-of-a-kind dress that made me do a magical-girl transformation and turned me into Magical Princess Josephine.
I also got my very first sponsor agreement,
where I got a free pair of circle lenses that I did a review upon! ^^

7. July:
July was pretty much just work, work, WORK from day until night, so I neglected my blog quite a lot! I was so lucky as to get a summer-job at the local library again this year, so I saved up quite a lot of money! I also got the second Kyary Pamyu Pamyu CD/Photobook limited edition set during this period, which made me really happy ;v;. I discovered Bee & Puppycat as well, and became an instant fan! By the end of the month, I had planned to go to Sweden to visit my friend Emilia (AKA Pastelbat) to live with her for 12 days, including four days working with her in her co-owned maid-café on Närcon (a big anime convention in Sweden). It is an experience I will never forget, I truly had the time of my life and got to meet so many wonderful people! Everyone was so incredibly stylish and super sweet and wonderful ;v; I made so many friends!

8. August:
Nothing much happend in August. The first few days was still spent in Sweden. I wrote a lot about my trip, but after that I just worked a bit more at the library, and eventually started a new school year again. This time as a third-year, senior student!

9. September:
Ever since school started again, I was heading on a steady way downwards,
moodwise and health-wise...
...my depression got a lot worse....
I still wrote a lot about my trip to sweden during the weekends,
but hardly had the energy to dress up anymore, because of all the school work loaded on my shoulders...

10. October:
I was hospitalized for a little while, on a trial–thing, in relation to my ED. Also we had a self-portrait project at school, that I sort of missed out on. Had to do something quick, instead of my over-the-top sweet lolita plans, sadly.... 
I got my first rhapsody wig, in a pink colourway, from ebay,
and I ordered some cute new dresses that made me try out totally new styles!
 In the end I also had a mayor break-down and was made to stay home for several weeks due to my health condition.

11. November:
My breakdown lasted throughout most of november, but I somehow managed to pull together a Halloween-themed outfit in the middle of the month, even though it was to late for the actual celebration. I had mayor depression, and did not enjoy life much...

12. December:
Finally christmas-time! I am a child at heart, and christmas is my favourite time of the year. I feel like christmas is all around, through the entire month of December! I was still kind of down, and the work-load from school just grew, but somehow I was able to go through with it, attended and finished all my homework in time for christmas. During the holidays I helped with decorating and baking, and I just felt quite at ease during the first week.... until, a still lasting depression, hit quite hard right afterwards... Atleast I got to wear my very first classical lolita outfit, on christmas-eve, and also my first lolita outfit in general for several months!
I have not been dressing up due to my health-condition....


That is basically it for 2013! ^^
 I realize as I go through this list, that most the good and positive things happend during the first half of the year, while the other half just got increasingly worse as time went by :-S Right now I am not very good at all. I am depressed, and I haven´t bought any new clothing except for a few lolita things for several months, making everything in my closet really old and boring. And because my stupid phone is taking worse and worse pictures for some weird reason, I find myself also not too eager to update... A part of a good blog entry is the pictures, and whitout those its just not as nice,
in my opinion...

I guess this is a good time to start writing the ever feared 
New Years resolutions!:

- Buy a camera or a new mobilephone

- Buy a new computer

- Draw more

- Be happier

- Dress up more

- Wear makeup and do my hair properly more often


In regards to new years resolutions, I thought I go through the ones I made last year, 
to see how I made it with them! I did for a while, I think... mostly during the first half of the year

Last years new years resolutions:

- be happy 
was not able to do during a lot of the time
- do something for myself
I guess I sort of tried to do this a bit, atleast during the first half of the year!
- draw more
failed sadly >.>
- play more video games 
failed sadly <.<
- dress up a bit more
I did for a while, I think... mostly during the first half of the year
- update my blog with better entries
I got a lot of good entries this year, with all of the nice trips I made, and the exciting things I did! :-)
3 out of 6 it seems! 


How did it go for you, with last years resolutions?


I hope I will be able to sort things out somehow, and I am really sorry for neglecting this blog for so long. Life has been though lately, as you might have understood by now :-p due to my intense whining, which I appologiz for sincerly! 

Anywho, I hope everyone had a lovely christmas and a very

Let´s hope 2014 will be a good year with many kawaii adventures
and wonderful stories to tell in the future! ^0^
I´ll see  you around!

18 kommentarer:

  1. So many things happen in one year, it's unbelievable! :o
    I'm happy for you that you're not as bad as last year to this time.
    Let's try to make everything better than we did back then! :)

    1. thanks for the encouragement! ^^ I hope your new year is nice :-)

  2. I wish you the best for 2014! <3 I'm also suffer from an ed and depression ... 2013 was hard, but 2014 will be better! I really belive in this! QwQ
    *love and hugs* Mikani Manderinchen ^w^ <3

    1. Thank you for the support! I am sad you also have to go through this shit :-( I wish you good luck for 2014 also <3

  3. 2013 was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me as well. I hope 2014 works out a lot better for you! <3 Stay strong love, you'll get through everything :>

    1. thank you! *hug* I appreciate your support very much ;v; <3

  4. Happy new year!!! I hope 2014 will be a good year for you :)

    1. Thank yooou ^0^ I hope you have a lovely new year too! <3

  5. Happy New Year! I'm glad that it wasn't all a bust for you. You accomplished a lot as far as I can tell. I hope 2014 is full of happy wishes and dreams come true! :)


    Lady Lavender's Expressions

    1. Whah, you really think so?? ;V; thank you! ^^ I think last year was really though and the second half of it was dreadfull >.< I hope for the best onwards though :D

  6. Så bra du har det litt bedre nå i allefall ;) vet du når det programmet går på tvn og hva det heter? kan du si noe om det :D

    1. takk :-) Hvis du sikter til dokumentaren, tror jeg ikke den kommer på tv i det hele tatt, men den blir lagt ut på nett, og når jeg vet hvor/når skal jeg si det ;-)

  7. I think you misunderstood the word infamous. Infamous means something being famous for bad quality. Lolita is considered to be one of the finest pieces of literature from the 20th Century and one of the greatest pieces in English-language. It is however a rather controversial book.

    1. oh, I am sorry >.< I was simply refering to the sketchy theme of the book! It is very well written indeed, but you can´t deny it is indeed very excentric!

  8. You've been through a lot this year Josephine and I'm so sorry to hear that! :(
    I really hope you'll get better soon - and I also believe that you will! You seem like a really strong person and I'm sure you'll get better soon. I'm glad to hear that you're better now compared to last year.
    Please don't loose hope! Try to believe in yourself - for I do! We all do!!
    Stay strong and take care of yourself <3

    Love, Honey Bunny

    1. Thank you very much! I am trying to understand that I need to do that, even though its quite hard not being very hard on myself >.<

  9. I hope this year will be awesome for you darling! <3 <3 <3