onsdag 29. januar 2014

☆Fighting like a magical girl☆


Today I am here to talk a bit about recovery :-)
Please don´t let this sentence frighten you, as I won´t go deep into the subject!

I find after I started to read some self–help books, I managed to change my view upon quite a lot of things, and I feel so different inside, even without doing anything other than that! 

 Because I am struggling so extremly much with pretty much everything at this stage,
I took the words of my followers and supporters to heart:

"You are a magical girl, you are strong, can fight and shine like one too!"


I wish I was as strong and beautiful as a true magical girl! I would spread the joy and love of kawaii all over the world with my glittery pinku magical powers ^v^ hihi

To perhaps make things easier for myself, and to bring some magical girl power into my life, I was Inspired by the strenght and beauty of perhaps the most iconic, ultimate magical girl there is:

Sailor Moon

So I decided to get myself a little "fighto! ^0^" gift!


Arent these Premium Bandai sailor moon wand chopsticks just wonderful??

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There are three different designs to choose from, and as you can see,
I went with the iconic and super cute heart–themed one ^v^

Which one is your favourite?



If you want your own magical pair of chopsticks,
they can easily be obtained here! ^^

 They are sooo pretty = 7= I can´t wait for my pair to arrive!

Every magical girl needs energy to conquer the world! * ^*

With the power of my magical wand(s)...
 I will fight >^<

Stay kawaii until next time everyone!


6 kommentarer:

  1. Awww those chopsticks are so cute! I like the ones in the middle the most! >w<
    I'm happy that you're a little better now!

    1. I am not really any better, its just my thoughts that are changing a bit ^^" But I will try somehow...

  2. yaaay *___* I love it! I want all of them ; u ;

  3. Dear, your blog is such a great! So cute destin. <3 I follow you xoxo

  4. Sailor Moon is such an inspiration. I love how she's not perfect, but is the best girl for the job.

    Anyway, I shall be ordering those chopsticks. Thanks for posting.