lørdag 5. juli 2014

☆coming up☆

I have taken a brake from this blog for a while, but now as summer is on, and I´ve got a break from school and studies until I go to university in Oslo this fall, I have planned a few goodies for you guys!
(I´d like to mention that this list is not put in any order, and I can´t guarantee when the posts will be up.
Also, there might be changes.

This is what you might expect:
  • Taobaospree haul and review
  • 5 kawaii things: summer-edition
  • Kawaii baking entry
  • Dream–Holic wig review
  • Kimura Yu: get the look!
  • Kawaii characters: Keroppi
  • KOKOkim review
  • Outfits 

The main reason for not posting until now is health and mental-health problems, the worst most crappy phone ever for taking picture, bad self-confidence, and lack of having an interesting life...
... ahaha

Well, right now I am employed in my usual summer job at the local library, where I also work with tourist information (I will buy a new phone with the money I earn * ^*). The most exciting thing going on right now is that I am moving across the country this fall to go to university in our capital, Oslo, studying japanese ^^. Also I succsessfully obtained a ticket for the live show of
Welcome to Nightvale, as they are coming to Oslo during their Europe tour this autumn!


I hope you enjoyed this brief entry, I hope you will stay tuned for future updates!
I really wanna do some reviews on stuff like games or movies also,
but I don´t know how interesting that would be, hehe ;V;
(please let me know in the commentsif there are anything you´d like me to write about on the blog)

Thanks for reading!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Yayyy you're back!
    I love reading your blog~

    1. Also, could you maybe at some point do a post on casual lolita outfits? I love your coordinates but I'm not brave enough to wear full out lolita to my school >n<

    2. Aww, I am glad you enjoy it so much ^^ I am not sure about your request, but maybe someday, who knows, I can´t promise anthing though :p

  2. Hei Josephine, du er så utrolig søt å bra du tørr å leve slik du selv ønsker, stå på!