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..:Taobaospree - haul + review:..

Hello darlings <3
Today I will present to you the second review I´ve ever done of the taobao shopping service 

And also I will show you my taobao haul, because I am so excited about all my new things and it´s been sooo long since I´ve posted about purchases (since I haven´t really ordered stuff for aaages) ^^

I will talk a bit about:
Over all rating

Communication  5/5
When I sendt the first email, it was around the end of may (25th), and it only took one day before they replied to me (I worked with Zeng)! After placing my order, they told me that they had to order everything and wait for it to arrive. I waited for about a couple of weeks without hearing back from them, before I decided to contact them myself. They appologized for the late reply, and told me they had got all my items allready. At the time I acctually found some new things that I wanted, and they said it was perfectly fine to add to the order. They always replied with a happy and friendly gesture like a smiley-face or a simple ask of how my day was going. Also, when I asked them to write a lower price on my package, they happily agreed to, as well as labeling it as a gift, saving me from big customs. So even though the total process of my order lasted all until now (10th of july) I will give them top grades because they treated me very kindly even when I messed up things and had to correct my order, or wanted to order something more after everything had arrived ^^

Price 4/5
When ordering from taobao, it doesn´t pay off to order small amounts of things. So if you are ordering something, make sure to make it quite a few things, because commission prices and shipping might be a bit high! I will not tell you what the price of my items where, but I can say that the service price by itself, with shipping and extra costs, went up to around 1000 HKD. 
I was not too bothered by this, as I am used to shipping being quite high when ordering from China, but I just want to make you guys aware so you make sure to make your order worthwhile ^^
I will however say that the service they provide, their nice mannerism and over all cheaper offer than I get when I order from Japan, is definitely worth the price! 

Shipping 4/5
The shipping from China itself was ok. It was sendt around the 20th of june, and as I said I got it today on the 10th of july! So it was about 20 days. My waiting time was prolonged because my package was held by the customs post-office in my country for quite a while before they sendt it on to me, charging me a small fee (thanks to the lowered price tag provided by taobaospree). 
It is quite a long time to wait, and usually I get my orders between 1 1/2 to 2 weeks when I order from China, but I suspect the customs might have held my package for a while before contacting me about it also.

Over all rating 4/5
I can´t say anything about the products in conclusion with the shopping service, as they are not produced by taobaospree, but rather from several different individual taobao shops!
So I will just say that over all, this is the third time ordering something from taobao through taobaospree, and they have never dissapointed me. In fact, I think this was the best experience I have had with them so far, as I was treated with such patience and kindness all the time. I would reccomend everyone wanting to order from taobao to look at the offers taobaospree gives you!
Ordering is very simple, by filling out a ready-made excel file and sending it to them in an email. 
So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping! ^^ I will definitely make use of their services again.

Now on to my haul!

 I wanted to get some new things for the new season that is upon us: summer!
Looking through my closet realizing I owned 2 t-shirts kind of shocked me, haha xD
So shopping was the answer!
I divided my things in kind of "themed pictures" ^^

First of all, I put almost all the accessories into one picture!
Love, hate and angel steel-cut badges, icecream and fantasy cloud buttons, horror-gore and cherry buttons, SNK scout legion steel-cut badge, daisy necklace and two freebie rings! ^^

I felt like my order this time was almost themed around smileys, haha!
I was inspired by the super cute Ayumi Seto around the time when I ordered this...
 Smiley face vest/shirt, socks, button-badge, ring and purse! ^0^

I also got my dream bag (finally) and a super cute cardigan!
School uniform pink cardigan and a super cute my melody bag (that is bigger than I expected!) <3

Oh, and the stuff I ordered after all the other things:
because I suddenly found this set and totally fell in love at once!
Super adorable short sleeved blouse with a lovely underbust onepiece dress! <3

And that was it! 

My package came to about 2 kg, and I think its my biggest taobao haul ever! 
I love all my new items and can´t wait to wear them in outfits

Which one was your favourite item?

Thank you for reading my review, I hope you enjoyed it!
Until next time, stay kawaii, happy and lovely! ^0^

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  1. that's really cute, your pictures have great quality too ^^
    could you please check out my blog? <3

  2. Ah, I love everything~! But my favorites are the Ayumi inspired smiley set! You'll look so adorable in all of them, I can't wait for the photos! <3

    1. whaah, Anzu thanks for commenting ;u; I love smiley themed things so much <3 and Ayumi has such a great sense of style *v* thank you! I am really looking forward to wearing some of these ^u^

  3. This haul is adorable! The daisy necklace * u * is there any chance your could share the link to the pink cardigan, it's adorable!

    1. Thank you ;V; I love everything so much <3 Sure thing! The link for the cardigan is:

  4. As always, you have the BEST taste in clothing! Do you think you could share the link for the smiley bag and socks?

    1. thank you very much ;V; that is extremly flattering omg wow >v< hehe
      sure thing! The bag: and the socks:

  5. The smiley socks are amazing!

    1. I love them :D I totally put them on and just went to my parents and said "I´ve got the coolest socks in the world!" ... and they totally agreed ;-)

  6. Do you have the link to the blouse and underbust dress in the last picture? Its super cute! I love your fashion <3 x

  7. Ohh I have that blouse and underbust onepiece dress too!
    They're lovely (^^) I ordered from taobao too <3

    Everything you bought are so cute (^∇^)

  8. Love your "smily" things jaja so cute!

  9. You have such a good taste! The blouse and underbust onepiece will look great on you! Pink and beautiful ~ Could you share the link of the My Melody bag? This one is so cute ♥

  10. I never saw anything like that smiley haul before! Taobao has the strangest things. The My Melody bag is super cute too ^_^

    -Eimear {}

  11. Oh that last overbust dress looks gorgeous!! ive been trying to find ones like that lately, do you have the link for it? ^o^ thank you!

  12. Hii~ your order sooo cute~~^3^~can you show me the link for the cute dress!??~

  13. Can you link the dress?? ; u ; So beautiful