fredag 9. januar 2015

Angelic Pretty event in Sweden: part 3 - video!

こんばんは みんな!

Happy new years to everyone! (even though it is a bit late ^^")
and I hope you all had/has a nice holiday time!
This video was just published from the event that took place in sweden this november! ^^
Please have a look at our wonderful tea party, captured by the lovely

Whaah, I feel like I look silly on film,
but I hope you like the rest of them!

Please enjoy and remember to look at Jennifers videos
and subscribe if you like what she makes!
Also take a look at her tumblr ^^!

Thank you for looking!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Aaaahh you were all so cute!!♡ I seems like you had a great time, right?

    1. Yeah we sure did! :-) thanks for watching!

  2. ooohhh mega~sweet video !!! ~
    Thanks for sharing~ My new post♥