fredag 6. februar 2015

+ Magical year of 2014? +

I realize that from now on, I´ll just don´t update my blog appologizing every time I do so... it makes me feel bad, it makes you feel bored, there is no point in it! To be honest, blogging will be hard because I have school and loads of homework to tend to + that I frankly don´t feel like it when I am depressed as much as I acctually am... I just realized though, that the year of 2014, I made a total of 18 updates in a total year!

Frankly, that is just not good enough... I mean, comparing to the year before, when I acctually wrote up to 58 entries throughout the year... we are talking about 40 updates in difference!


So, what is the point of this update? 
Well, I thought, I should update about the highlights of 2014, since that is something you should do when a new year comes around, ey? (even though its like a month ago allready ^^" haha)
thing is though, I can only find four events worth mentioning, that I blogged about!

  1. Going to britain, seeing BBC, Harry Potter studio tours, Sherlock Holmes museum
  2. Going to Scotland visiting my friend Peachie again
  3.  Attending the lolita fashion show by Angelic Pretty in sweden
  4. Attending the lolita tea-party by Angelic Pretty in sweden

and that is about it! 
I am so happy and lucky to have been able to have gone on all of those events, but its not really much to show, after a full year of events right?

Well... I then thought to myself,
"what is my standards of showing things on my blog?" 
it should be interesting, it should appeal to my "theme" and be interesting!
Easy enough, right? 

Well, the thing is, I am a normal human being (in a certain context haha) so life has its fair share of ups and downs! For me though, having been unfortunate enough to struggle with mental health issues on a daily basis, there is mostly downs... I get discouraged and feel like everything about me is boring or the like... but then I read a blog update about "becoming a better blogger" made by the wonderful blogger Kaila over at "the rainbowholic" (go follow her, she has the most inspirational updates, truly! <3) and she mentioned one of the things in her list being "to blog about your interests" and not having your goal be "recognition and fame". I realize that I, without intending it, have been a victim of this thought pattern... I mean, when I started out this blog, I wanted to create something fun and creative, where I could spread inspiration and publish about cute and happy things for others to read! 
Yet, as time went on, more and more of these "kawaii fashion" bloggers came along, and I felt a bit out of place... where I to join the crowd of fashion bloggers and play "safe" or do my own thing? 
I still don´t know the answer to that question, so all I can say is that my blog will probably be a weird hybrid...

Anyway, I now know what I want to do in 2015 with this blog!
I don´t know how or what it will become, and I am still feeling really bad about having made that list of coming entries that never became a reality, but I know one thing:
I will have more entries this year than the last one!

So, in the end I guess all I want to say is 
thank you for sticking with me! And thank you for being so patient,
I hope you will stick with me onwards as well! <3 


6 kommentarer:

  1. Yayy I really hope that you blog more <3 Your blog is one of my favorites and several times I've read over the entire thing x3 Though I understand it can be difficult to blog when you aren't feeling up to it. Just blog about whatever makes you happy ^_^

    1. This is truly the most inspirational comment I think I have ever gotten on this blog *_*
      you have truly read everything? that is amazing and I feel both flustered, embarrased and very, very happy to be perfectly honest... It makes me want to work hard to keep updating even though I don´t know about what yet haha :-)
      Thank you for reading my blog <3

  2. I love you darling, you are the sweetest. <3

    1. Ahhh Rosalynn <3<3<3 I love you too darling <3 Thank you for sticking with me :-)

  3. Gambatte! You're doing great Josephine! : ) Chin up, fellow kawaii girl! ^^v

    1. thank you very much for the encouragement! <3