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LensVillage - review!

 みんな の バレンタインデー は どうですか。
Here is a little review on a pair of circle-lenses that I recently got sponsored 
from the online shop:

Lensvillage is a quite new established webshop that has a wide range of circle lenses and accessories to go with them! They sell real, certified lenses from Korea, so you can be certain that you won´t get rip-offs. This review will discuss these points:

  • Contact
  • Price 
  • Shipping
  • Quality & comfort
  • Over all rating

The lenses I decided to get was these:

Contact 5/5
I know it might be biased since I was sponsored and thus first contacted by them instead of it being the other way around, but I´d like to add that when they first contacted me, I was quite busy at the time and had no opportunity to properly recieve lenses due to traveling and etc. so I think they were very patient waiting for me and always seemed very nice whenever I spoke with them. Therefore I give them five out of five in contact!

Price 5/5
Again, I didn´t pay for these personally, but I am still able to say that the price for these lenses are quite good. I have seen places charge a bit more for lenses, but also their prices are fair and standardly low, and I think that pushing it under 23$ for a pair of lenses that has a circumference this big is really good! As you can see from the screen shot from their website,
they are able to show you a lot of different valuta-ranges on their website alone!
Definitely owing up to a full five point on price!

Shipping 4/5
This might be due to many things. The postal service in my country can be slow sometimes, but sometimes it might be others mistakes that lead to a bit of waiting. I am not 100% sure of the exact amount of time it took for the lenses to arrive, but I am pretty sure it was around 2 weeks and perhaps a couple of days more than that. It was not bad at all, but still not matching a full five of five in shipping. 

Quality & comfort 4/5
I was really, really excited about these lenses. I have wanted to try out green circle-lenses for a long time, since my eyes are what they call "hazel", but really has mostly green in them with brown thrown on top in the form of stars, so you can´t really tell unless you are quite close... anyway, I wanted to bring out the green more, deciding to go with these lenses. I was set on the light and natural green colour I had seen on the pictures in the website, so I was a bit surprised to see that the lenses I got was a bit darker and more intensely green. So, you could say that these lenses are more for cosplaying or when you really want people to notice your eyes a lot! They quite stand out! However, they feel very natural to wear and you can´t really tell that you are wearing them when you´ve put them on. So, I´ll give them a little minus for the colour being off in sutch a noticeable degree, but as lenses in general they work really great for enlargement and look quite cute. I was even told it made me resemble Rapunzel a bit haha. So, I will give them four out of fice points in quality & comfort!

Do I resemble Rapunzel to you?

And here is a detail picture! The top right one is without makeup and the bottom right one is with!

Over all rating 4.5/5
My over-all rating for these circle lenses is 4.5 points out of 5! I was not 100% happy with the difference in colour, but that is the only issue I can see with these lenses. I am not so bothered by it that it stops me from wearing them, I am quite happy with them by now! I am absolutely sure I will buy from lensvillage again though, because they variety of lenses is really great, and they have really good prices to offer. Also, they have good size-ranges as well and you can get your lenses both with subcrition or without it if you just like wearing lenses for the effect of it! (like me, haha ^^)
So I give them almost a full score in total!

Anyway, I would reccomend having a look at their webshop!
So head over to 

And see for yourself! :-)

Thank you very much for reading, sweetiepies!
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