onsdag 10. juni 2015

ღ School Idol festival: Love Live! game! ღ

I have wanted to make this little post about a game-app that I have been really into on my iphone lately. First of all I can mention how surprised I was to find a japanese game like this for international usage! It was acctually by discovering the game that I got into the anime it is based on! I guess it´s been some months now since I started playing, but I am still into it, and I know a lot of others like it too, so I thought "hey, why not share it even more people?".
So there you go, a small review coming up of:

Love Live! School Idol Festival

First of all, if you are familiar with the anime series Love Live!, these characters will look familiar to you! They are the exact same as from the show, and they even have the same voices when they speak!
This game is a typical "tap-tap" game, as one of my classmates informed me they were called, meaning that it is a rythmic tapping game, that allows you to tap the beat while you listen to a song! If it sounds weird when described, just think about how the classical game "guitar hero" works.

When you first get started with the game, you have to choose a "leader" for your "main-team". I was really nervous about doing this, because I thought it might mean that this was my permanent leader! Don´t worry too much about it though, because it´s possible to change the characters position around.
The point of the game is to make an idol group consisting of 9 members that you level up and raise to stardom! You can level your main status as well as the characters own status.
The game interface is quite easy to understand. Here is the "home" page:

I took this from my own phone, so you can easily see how the english interface is.
The EXP up on top shows how far I´ve got to go to level-up my over-all level. And the LP on the side shows how much "stamina" I have to play games. Each gameplay takes a certain amount. You can fill up your LP either by waiting for it to do so automatically (but that takes some time) or you could use hearts. Hearts can be bought at the "shop" for a certain amount of real money, and sometimes you get them in the gameplay also, but I´ll leave that for you to find out ;-)

At first when I started out I was really nervous about not getting the whole "build a good team" thing. The game is made up like a "fantasy-card-game-look-alike" when it comes to the characters. Whenever you play a song, afterwards, depending on your score, you get new recruits that you can choose from to put into your team! 

You always need to have atleast 9 members to have a usable team, and you can make up to 5 teams in total. As well as using the hearts for getting back your LP, you can also use it to "recruit special 
members". The "special members" are all different versions of the main 9 girls from the actual anime.

"Regular scouting" is for getting the same kind of characters you could get when just playing the game, so it only demands something called "friend-points" also something you get while playing and interacting with other players. You will get more into that part once you get started. 

The "cards" come in loads of different versions. If you happen to get two of the same kind, you can put them together and thereby "idolize" them. When you do, they get into a special outfit and their abilities grow accordingly, as well as their highest level. These special ones help you get higher scores! The character-card above, that I found online, is such an example! The regular ones usually just wear school uniforms or very simple clothing. As well as idolizing, you can ofcourse level each character up! To do so, you need to "practice" them. You can use other members that you have collected when playing songs or actively scouted for practice, but remember
that if you use a member for this purpose, the character will dissapear.
Therefore it´s a good idea to only use the ones you don´t want to keep. 

All your character cards can be found in your "club member list". The ones currently in a team will be marked, and you also get a "warning" if you accidentally choose a member that is currently in a team, for practicing!

You get a tracklist when you play. It looks something like this.
The scores you get in each song is reflected in the trophies on top of each song. As you can see there is different "levels" all of the songs, from "easy" to "hard"! in the corner up there you can also see a button that says "b-sides". If you click it, you will find special songs that change every few days. In this category, you also find the "expert" level of gameplay, which is the hardest level.

I thought I´d show you some actualy gameplay, so that you kind of get the idea of how it works. 

This is a song played in "hard mode" from the "B-sides"
that I found on youtube.

Well! As a last little treat, I thought I´d list my top 5 favourite tunes to play!
  1.  Cutie Panther
  2. Snow Halation
  3. Shiranai Love * Oshiete Love 
  4. After school navigators
  5. Donna Toki mo Zutto 


Do you play Love Live! School Idol festival?
What is your favourite song? 

I hope you liked this little review/info-post about this game! It is really fun and quite addicting once you get into it, but I´d really reccomend it if you are into J-pop and cute anime. You can get it for both apple and android products in their respective stores!
Let me know what you think in the comments below! ^^
Hope you enjoyed this entry<3


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  1. I love this game, so addictive! I've not actually played it for a while though ;w;

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

    1. Ah you should play it again! ^^ they have loads of good turnaments going on atm hehe

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  2. Uwaahhhhh you just reminded me, I gotta start playing this again xD I love this game and need to watch the anime! :3

    1. I would really reccomend the anime too! ^^


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