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Kawaii characters: Kuromi

I decided to resurrect this little series of mine about kawaii characters! 
If you are a long-time reader of mine, you might remember I did an entry about Kiiroitori some years ago! I guess the point of this series was so reveal the backstories and information about kawaii characters that might fall in the shadow of the most popular ones (like Hello Kitty, My Melody and the like). Also, if you are into kawaii stuff, knowing more about it is never wrong, right? 

Well, today I will inform you about the 
ever mischievous rival of My Melody, namely: 


  • Name: Kuromi
  • Birthday: October 31 (Halloween).
  • Personality: Although she looks punky she acts very girlish and she loves handsome guys.
  • Hobby: She enjoys writing in her diary. These days, she's into romance stories.
  • Favorite colors: Black and Hot Pink.
  • Favorite food: Shallots, all kinds of meat, and in recent Kuromi merchandise cherries have been shown. 

Kuromi looks like the "evil-version" of My Melody, like you could imagine those "nice angels" and "evil angels" on someones shoulder! However, even though Kuromi is the rival of My Melody, her reason for not liking her is pretty silly. Kuromi loves writing in her diary, and once, according to history, My Melody swiped a page from her diary to wipe Piano the Sheeps nose, and since then Kuromi has furiously recorded every "miss-doing" My Melody has ever caused her. The problem is ,though, that My Melody is most often oblivious to Kuromis reasons to be angry, and most of the incidents are just accidents built on missunderstandings and the like. *sigh* it´s a though world, ey?
My Melody is actually quite into the idea of befriending Kuromi, she doesn´t understand the wrong-doings she causes her at all!

Well, something else that is interesting about Kuromi is that she has a devils-tail and that is her weak point! If anyone were to step on it, she would pass out! Also, sources have it that the pink skull on her cap changes it´s expression according to her mood!


Something I surely didn´t know before I checked her out more, was that she appears in an anime beside My Melody, called "Onegai My Melody"! (This is certainly on my to-watch list!). There she is the leader of a though biker-gang, with 5 members. Those are :

  • Nyanmi, the purple cat
  • Wanmi, the orange dog
  • Konmi, the white fox
  • Chumi, the grey and white rat

They all wear black and drive around in a menacing fashion!


Now, there isn´t too much else I can say without spoiling further into her anime-apperance, so I´ll leave that up to you to find out  ;-) 

Are you a Kuromi fan?

Here are some nice Kuromi things I found that you can get online!
It´s always great to expand that kawaii-character collection <3





Well, that´s it for now! I hope you enjoyed a brief introduction to the diverse and adorable character of  Kuromi! ^^ It was really interesting to get to know more about this character! She is quite underappreciated in my opinion! Did you enjoy the entry?

Please let me know what kawaii character you think I should write about next,
in the comments below! ^^ Thank you for reading!

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  1. Ahhhhh I love these character posts >u<
    Kuromi is quite cute, but for some reason I was always afraid of her when I was younger... I don't know why xD
    Her biker gang is super cute x3
    And those soap dispensers are so adorable!! I need to get them when I go off to university~

    1. ah I am so glad you like the post! ^^ I didn´t like her so much before either, but now I think she is rather charming hehe :-)

  2. i love kuromi! she's so edgy and sassy but still cute ~


    1. she is quite her own character indeed haha ^^ I was surprised by some of the things I found out about her!

  3. I actually like kuromimi far more than MyMelody... Thanks for this post, it was really nice!

    1. Oh, I am happy it was to your liking then ^^ hehe