tirsdag 16. oktober 2012

Kawaii tip of the week: stickers!

I have never wanted this blog to become one of those blogs with eternal whining about not having the time to update, or school taking all of my time... but really, what else can I say? I decided to do a quick update anyway, since I needed to take a little brake ^^

Since I got my new moleskine sketchbook, I have been in a desperate need of new stickers! Why, you might ask, well... that is simply because good art supplies have this little thing with them that almost always makes them equal boring design. I can almost asure you, that if you find a really good quality sketchbook, it is bound to be either black, or some other dark, boring colour. 

I have a certain addiction to "cute-ify" all of my art things, if they don´t allready come with cute designs. The quickest, simplest and easiest way to do this, will be with stickers! ^^
I offcourse went on a sticker hunt at once, and after some searching here and there, I ended up with a couple of super cute ones :) 

Supporting smaller businesses is really important to me, because I love that fact that people are able to create something unique and share it with the world! ^^ It is really nice also, because you can get really nice and special handmade things, one of a kind even :) 

I decided that the "theme" for my sketchbook this time, would be bunnies ^^
 These little cuties are currently all over the cover of my moleskine, 
and I can´t help but squeel a little bit every time I see it x3 

I bought them from this really cute store called 

both of them together were only about 7 $! The shop is owned by a lovely girl called Samantha, I really reccomend checking out her super cute designs if you like kawaii things ^^ You can find loads of other really adorable things in the shop ! Both apparel, mugs, plushies and other stationary <3 

Since I couldn´t really decide on what stickers to get, 
I also got these reeeally adorable ones from another artist as well ^^

(sorry for the yellow-ness of this picture >.<)

Her artist name is Kaiami, while her real name is Bianca! ^^
I just adore her cute studio ghibli drawings so much *v*
I fell in love instantly, and just had to get them!

Check out her store!

These couple of sticker sheets were only about 9 $ in total! I was really surpised also, because the big one is acctually A4 in size! so its really huge! :D

I can´t wait to find something to stick these ones on also. I just love them so much >w< iih!

do you decorate your stuff with stickers?

Thanks for reading!

12 kommentarer:

  1. Omg the stickers are so cute *o* <3

  2. all through high school i had my graphics calculator decked out with stickers. in fact, when i lost it, it was so eaily recognisable as mine because of alll the stickers in and outside! i used to love stickers soooo much!! have fun decorating with your new cutie stickers x

    1. oh, that sounds really cute :D Thank you! ^^ I am really excited about them, hihi x3

  3. thanks for sharing these wonderful shops! the stickers is so cute! I have an addiction with stickers xP you should see my school laptop! it's totally filled with random stickers all over the place! I want my stuff to be kawaii, not boring and like everything else!

    1. Exactly! :D I love making my stuff look cute! :D It is so inspirational and fun x3
      I am happy you like the stores :) They are really cute!

  4. Omg the first shop is so amazing *o*
    The Bunnys are so adorable ♥
    Saw they also got Phone skins, now I wanna order so bad!

    1. Yeah I know! :D the first shop is really great ^^ I really wanna get one of the mugs ^^ it would be so cute to drink cocoa out of :)
      The iphone skins are so adorable *v*

  5. amazing stickers,I love these studio chibli ones :3

    1. They are made by really talented artists :)

  6. They're all super cute!! :3
    I usually don't decorate much with stickers, but I love collecting them!

    1. I know what you mean :P I usually only decorate my art things, or letters that I write, with stickers ^^ I love getting tons of them to put on letters or packages to give to others <3 It is a lot more fun to open a package that looks really cute :D