lørdag 6. oktober 2012

teddybears galore + recent japan haul

Hello, my dear lovely followers

Today I am back with more lolita-goodness for you all :D
I mentioned quickly a while ago that I was getting some new lolita things, 
and amongst them, one of my absolute favourite dream dresses! ^^

I feel so incredibly lucky to be the happy owner of my two favourite prints
 in my dream-dress list >w<

When I found it second hand, I became so happy that I just had to get it! This is the kind of dress that you don´t find very often for sale! Especially in the correct colourway >.<
Since I am terrible at buying basics, and things I need to cordinate my outfits, I decided to find a blouse to go with it :) I only have one pink blouse, and that one is a kind of "classical pink", since it is from Baby, the star shines bright, so I wanted to get another one with a "fresher" colour ! :D
After looking around for a while, I figured that they didn´t really have blouses in a desireable cut in-store (Angelic Pretty) right then, so I looked for second hand blouses, and ended up deciding on a black one! I don´t have ANYTHING that even looks like a blouse in black,
 so I figured it was a good idea (also, it was half the price of a new blouse). 

Still, I wanted something that I could wear with my new dress, since black certainly wouldn´t match, and therefore I decided to get a nice turtleneck cutsew from Angelic Pretty :D
So, in the end, I got two new tops to wear with lolita for the price of one new blouse!
 What a bargain! ^^

I ordered through Japonica Marked again, and I must say, they never stop amazing me! It was shipped on Monday, and arrived on Friday!

 Turtleneck (Angelic Pretty), Black blouse with pearl details (Angelic Pretty)

I was so amazed when I got the blouse out of the box, since it is in absolute PERFECT condition! You can´t even tell that it has been worn, and I got it half price!
The turtleneck has such a beautiful colour, and the lace details are just darling :) Fits with everything, and it´s warm and cosy for autumn and winter <3

And now... what you have all been waiting for to know... 
WHAT dress did Josephine get?



 little bears café (Angelic Pretty)

with MATCHING socks!

I have wanted this dress ever since it came out! And I have never found it second hand in mint, since it´s one of the most popular colourways ;A; 
But now... now I have it TT_TT And I am so happy that I could cry! It is like a dream came true!
and I certainly go IIIIIIIIIIH just looking at it XD

Look at this beauty!

Recently, I also ordered some false lashes, because I have been dying to try out the look x3 hihi
I can´t use them yet though, since I am still waiting for the eyelash-glue to arrive ;------)

Glamour eye diamond lash lashes, princess eye diamond lash lashes

I got the "glamour" diamond lash lashes, and the "princess" diamond lash lower lashes :)
 They look so stunning irl! I can´t wait to try them :D
  (I got these from Ebay, but it was only a few days before the big package, so I added them here ;-) )

And here is everything I got! :D

What a lot! ^0^ I am so happy I got the matching socks for free ^^ I only wish I had the headbow also >.<

The book in the picture is my first ever, brand new moleskine that arrived on Friday also! :D
As an artist, you have to have the right aquiptment, right? ;----)
 Moleskines are the best sketch/drawing books you can find! ^^

I tried it out yesterday also! This is my very first sketch/doodle in it :)
Kinda like it!

the text says "kami-sama... stay with me", though I suck at writing japanese, so it
 might say something else XD haha

I was to tired to dress up yesterday, but made my plans ready for today, and decided to do a cute 
coord with my new things >w< I love getting new lolita things! <3 I can do SO much more with my outfits, even with just the few things I got now! ^^

Since I didn´t get the headbow with the dress, I had to make-do with a chocomint bow,
 and some home made things :-P
I really like my outfit though! ^^ I think I am getting good at cordination <3

Teddybear girl

Jsk: Angelic Pretty
turtleneck cutsew: Angelic Pretty
OTK - socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Accesories: Chocomint, Angelic Pretty, handmade, 
Cute Can Kill, HolleyTeaTime


I freaking LOVE this print so much!!! >w<

Had to get my teddybear offcourse >w< I have had him since I was born! :)
His name is "Brun bamse", which would translate as "Brown bear".... yes, I was very imaginative XD

I love how my Holleyteatime ring perfectly matches the colour of the dress ^^

Twin-bun hairstyle to go with the "bear" theme of this print ^^ Look at my crappy home-knitted bow XD

Some more details of my outfit^^ This is my adorable CuteCanKill ring! ^^

I don´t think I will ever be able to grow up = V= <33

Lolita forevaaaaah * v* Who is with me??? >w<

So yeah... sorry for the picture spam XD haha... 
I am just so super duper happy with all my new stuff <3 ; v;

What is your favourite print,
 and do you own it?

Until next time, keep lolita-ing it up everyone! ^3^

21 kommentarer:

  1. The black blouse is actually stunning *_* wouldn't mind owning that!

    also adorable co-ord! It seems like it would be difficult to put lolita outfits together, you're so good at it.


    1. thank you! ^^ I am very pleased with the black blouse :D it is so pretty <3

      Aww, you really think so? Thanks! ^^ I try my best !

  2. Herreguuud, du er så heldiiig! Kjolen er superduperkawaii, og selve outfit'et er kjempesøtt ( ´∀`)☆

    Little Bears Cafe i mint er til å dø for. Trodde ikke den var så fin i virkeligheten! Men hvordan får du råd til å bestille brand så oftee? owo

    ~ Siri ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    1. tusen takk >w< jeg elsker den kjolen så masse <3333
      Den er enda finere i virkeligheten enn den er på bildene her! > v<

      Tro meg, jeg kjøper ikke brand ofte XD haha... jeg sparer ganske lenge, også kjøper jeg det :) Jeg får månedslønn, også jobber jeg litt også! ^^

      Jeg tror ikke jeg har snakket med deg før, har du vært interessert i Lolita lenge? :D
      Det er nesten ingen av oss i Norge, så jeg blir litt overrasket når jeg treffer på noen x3

  3. little bears cafe!! such a cute print, you look adorably cute in it! suits you really well :D melty chocolate in mint was my first AP dream print - obtained last year~~ last month, i received my l'oiseau bleu in brown which was the dream colour of one of my dream prints by baby~ so far, so good~ (but i still have a very big wishlist... XD)

    1. thank you! :D It is so, so soooo cute ; V; I love it to bits <333
      OOoh! cool! You are lucky to have melty chocolate :D I really want that one, in pink though, or maybe brown? XD I´m not sure :P

      I also have a huuge list still XD haha, know the feeling!

  4. O_O the dress looks so wonderful on you!!!!<3 <3
    My deream print is Marry Making Party by Angelic Pretty, the navy OP is so wonderful! :D
    The twin-tailed wig I have is from Bodyline :P all my wigs are :P

    1. Thank yooou sweetie >3<
      Oooh! That print is so pretty! :D
      I really want it in yellow >w< It looks so cheerfull :D

      Thank you for the tip :)

  5. You are just adorable!! Congratulations on getting LBC :D :D It must feel awesome and you look so lovely in it <333 My favourite print is Cherry Berry Bunny and I got it last year! I was just as excited as you ^_^ It's the best feeling, isn't it?
    Take care <333

    1. thank yoooou! :D I am super happy about it! ^^
      OOOh, cherry berry bunny is so adorable <333 ^^ Yes indeed, it is an amazing feeling :D

  6. Absolutely adorable! I'm not into Lolita anymore, but I must say if I have to choose from Angelic Pretty's print that is...Then it would their Sugary Carnivale <3

    1. thank you >w< Oh yes! that one is so cute! :D

  7. Oh my, so cute! ^^
    I want to shop a lot too XD
    I have so many favourite prints that I can't choose just one favourite, but I have reserved the OP of the new AP print "Toy March" and I am really looking forward to getting it ^^

    1. ooh,that is awsome! :D you are lucky! ^^ I can almost never afford new things x3

  8. OMG *O* It's so adorable, you're so lucky to have it!
    And I loved the picture spam! :3

    1. thank yoou >w< I just had to spam a bit xD I am so happy with it!

  9. Lovely purchases, the little bears cafe dress is sooo adorable ♥ ♥ ♥
    You look very cute in this outfit, and I like how you did your hair, it suits perfectly with the outfit! And the sketch looks amazing, I like your style!

    1. Thank you very much :D I wanted to have a bun hairstyle to match the teddybear theme x3
      Aww, thanks about the sketch! :) I love trying out new drawing styles all the time XD

  10. Mines Milky chan in brown and yes I own it now finally:D<3

    1. whaaaaah *A* REALLY??? Milky chan in brown is one of my absolute favourite dream dresses also! ;V; that is so awsome! >w< I hope I get to own it one day also *^*

    2. Oh really?:D Omg so auwsome! Definately check out the comm sales that's where I got mine, and there were a few people selling the Milky chan in brown JSK and Op. So do ahve a look even on the older sale posts. There're diamonds in there sometimes.:D I hope you will own it soon.

      P.S little bears cafe (brown) is also a favorite of mine too:D I'm been searching but haven't found one yet. Maybe one day:D