mandag 22. oktober 2012

The worst weekend ever

I felt the need to let you know why my regular update system hasn´t been working this weekend.
It began with the fact that it is extremly cold, icy and slippery outside right now where I live...

On friday, I was rushing down to the bus to go to school, just as I got out of my house, I slipped on our stone staircase outside our frontdoor, and fell, head first on the rocks....
I also hit my left hand (giving me a huge blue mark), both my arms and my back and my neck!

Needless to say, I couldn´t go to school! My parents suspected that I had a concussion, so I had to spend all day lying on the coutch, for my mom to observe me... at first, I didn´t really feel any pain, I was a bit dizzy and naucious, but after a while, my neck started hurting A LOT! I almost couldn´t use my arms, and just my neck holding my head up was terrible....

basically, I couldn´t turn my head in any direction, and at one point I almost couldn´t speak either, because it hurted my neckmuscles so much >.<

To make things worse, on Saturday when I woke up, I had a hard time getting out of bed, because that would demand me to lift my head, so I almost had to roll out of it...
I stayed in my jammies all day, and my neck hurt so bad that even though I was sitting down or lying in my bed/on the sofa, I never felt like I was resting, because my head constantly hurt.... 
I tried all kinds of painkillers, ate tons of them also, but nothing seemed to work! 
I didn´t have any energy left over for doing anything else than just lying or sitting there...
In the evening, I felt a little bit better, and decided to take a walk and finish a requested drawing, but I REALLY shouldn´t have done that!

When I woke up on Sunday morning, my condition was worse than ever...
my entire body was shaking, and I had to walk very slowly, breath heavy and sit down several times to take a break just to get down to the kitchen... I felt like hurling all the time, and I seriously had to force myself to get where I was going! I HAD to eat something, to stop the shaking....
THAT part was the worst, because, well... I don´t know about you guys, but I don´t really feel like eating anything when I feel like puking at the same time :-S
I decided on trying oatmeal though, since the taste is rather neutral.... 
I managed to eat 3/4 of a bowl...

This day, I HAD to stay in bed all day long... On saturday I could atleast sit or walk around inside our house.... It was the most boring and painfull day ever ... really, I spent all day just lying in bed, sleeping and gently surfing the internet when my body didn´t hurt to much... Had to take plenty of breaks though... my hands hurted a lot even from just typing :-(

And today, my mom ordered me to stay home also, because I am not 100% well yet, even though I am finally able to move my head properly, and the pain isn´t as bad as before... 

To top this of, I have a big test tomorrow at school, that I have been far to sick to study for >.< I haven´t had any kind of consentration, and two of the days I didn´t even have the text book that I needed to study! My teacher was kind enough to drop by and give it to me on Sunday, but since that by defenition was the worst day, offcourse I couldn´t read anything! 
Today, I have read as much as my concentration has allowed me to, I will try to read more this evening, but I have a bad feeling about the test TT_TT

anyway, it was the worst weekend ever, and the badest part about it, is that I feel even more tired now than I did before the weekend started! 

UGH! stupid life >.< 
Thanks for reading though!

12 kommentarer:

  1. Oh no, that sounds horrible! I really hope you will feel better soon! :C

    1. Thank you very much <3 I am a lot better now, but now quite well just yet...

  2. awwh fighting!! I hope you are fully well soon! <3

    1. thank you very much! <3 I feel like I am almost allright now :) I am at school today atleast, so I can live normally ^^

  3. Awww! cutie! I feel so sorry for you :( I really, really hope you get better soon :)

    1. thank you sweetie <3 I feel a lot better today ^^ I am at school, and that is a good thing :)

  4. Hope you get better soon!
    And good luck for the Test ^_^

    1. thank you! I am a lot better today <3 I think the test went ok, not good but I don´t think I will fail xD

  5. That whole thing sounded awful D: (I read all your updates on tumblr hoping you'd get better quickly!) It sounds like you need a lovely, hot bath and a massage

    1. thank you very much! (wow thanks for reading the tumblr messages also! ^0^)
      I am a lot better today, luckily :)

  6. That sounds horrible!! ;___; I'm glad you're better now! You should rest every chance you get!
    I hope everything goes ok with your test!!

  7. That's so scary! I'm glad you're doing better and that it wasn't even more serious than that! Please be careful! Dx