søndag 18. november 2012

+ bad lighting, winter is coming +

Hello, fellow fashion and kawaii–enthusiasts :3

This weekend has been as relaxing as ever, and
I have come a long way in the anime series I am currently watching!
 Also, yesterday, I saw an intere season of Adventure Time, so I am a bit bored with that xP

Here is a couple of recent little outfits, nothing big really... the light is just getting worst over here, so I am afraid it will be close to impossible to take outfit pictures soon :S Please enjoy these now! ^^


Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Turtleneck sweater: Angelic Pretty
socks: Secret shop
shoes: Secret shop
wig: Prisila
Accesories: homemade, taobao, Anglelic Pretty, Glitter,
Cute Can Kill, Chocomint, Holley Tea Time

...And this outfit doesn´t have a name, because it´s just a "chill" lazy outfit XD
I wanted to try out how I looked with sideswept hair! Also, notice that it is my first outfit picture that I had to take with the light on in the background :( It is getting so dark >.<

Skirt: Minkyshop
Sweater: Minkyshop
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Taobao

Not that it is of any significant importance, but I wanted to share my joy about getting a nice desk lamp recently ^^ (also, Peachie said she wanted to see it :P So here it is!) 
It was a real warp! ^^ I won it in an auction on Ebay, for only 10$. It is a vintage retro lamp from America :) I got my father to help me change the cord to fit with norwegian electricity plugs, and now it works perfectly! (had to turn it of to take a proper picture :P ) 

I am happy, because this means I can use my desk even when it´s dark! :D yay! And it fits so well inside my room *0* 

T-T-T-T-T-Thats all folks! 
Have some weekend music:

Is it turning darker and colder where you live?


16 kommentarer:

  1. You look so cute as always~ i adore the second outfit, casual but still stylish *__*


    1. thank yooou! ^^ I like trying to do casual outfits that has a little "pop"! ^^

  2. It totally does in Finland. Waiting for the "real" winter: -35 celsius and stuff >< fucking Siperia this land is...

    1. omg =A= I know! It doesn´t get quite as cold where I live, since I live by the coast, but it can be around -18 celsius >.<

  3. I love both looks so much *o* And that lamp is just so adorable!!
    Yes, here is turning darker and darker, the light is really poor to take outfit pictures -.- I'll have to think of a way to still be able to do so, probably with artificial light (but it still sucks ;___;)

    1. thank you! ^^
      yeah indeed it does >.< I hate bad quality pictures!

  4. My apartment is in a basement, and I have really small windows, so it's always really dark here xP I love your second coord, I think it's really cute and your new lamp too <3

    1. It is so irritating that it´s turning darker >.<
      thank you for the compliments! ^0^

  5. You have faaaaar the best legs I've ever seen ;;3;; sorry if it sounds a bit creepy XD also, i really like the second outfit *3*
    And Juno's Soundtrack is so good, I listen it over and over again! :DDD

    (this is my first comment in your blog, i was afraid to comment before but i always check out your new posts and stuff ;;3;;)

    1. thank yooou >w< that is awfully nice of you ! ^/////^

  6. Both are such cute outfits ♥ You look adorable!

    And yes, it's also getting colder here, and getting darker faster!

  7. I really love the casual outfit. Its so cute and casual! ❤

  8. aww I just love the first pink coord,ur hair accessories,also love ur cheetah printed skirt ^___^

    1. thank you :) I really like that skirt also!