torsdag 15. november 2012

Live a happy life with Rilakkuma + trade package + art


Today I have loads of fun things to tell you guys about! :D 
We have the day off tomorrow, and I was going to write this entry then, but since we got off so early from school today, I decided to do it now! ^^

I got two new fantastic packages this week <3 ( I just love getting stuff in the mail >w< )
The first package was a long–awaited one from taobao! As you guys might remember, I am in a seamingly never–ending process of redecorating my bedroom, and therefore, when I remember it (^^"), I buy new stuff to fill it with cuteness.
I want my life to be emerged in kawaii * v*

This time, I ordered a bedspread, a small carpet to have on my ever so boring and empty floor, and a couple of lovely blankets (I didn´t bother to take any pictures of those!) for cold nights, or just for snuggling up with a movie  >w< 

....and the theme was Rilakkuma strawberries! ^^

 I just love how this looks in my bedroom! *v* Everyday, I just rush up to my room when I come home from school to see this >v<

Seriously, this carpet is the softest thing in the world! It´s almost like you want to lie down and sleep on it, instead of the bed xD haha. Also, It was super cheap (12$ or so) so it was definitely a warp!

Now, the other package I got, was the first package I have gotten from the trade–package deal that I did last month! ^^ If you don´t follow me on tumblr, you might not know the story behind this, so I will tell you about it here also :) 
Basically, one month ago, I was reeeally sick of Norwegian candies and treats, and wished to try something new and different, and therefore I sendt out a request on tumblr if someone wanted to do a trade with me! The idea was to take a certain amount of money (in this case 25$) and buy sweets, treats and other nicknack from your own country, and send it to the other person! ^^ so many people wanted to do it, so I decided to trade with two people <3

  I was super hyped when the first package arrived a few days ago, finally being able to see what I got.
The first thing that hit me when I saw the box was that it was so huge! O.o I felt a bit ashamed that my box didn´t measure up to the size of this one =_= but then again, one has to think of that it is cheaper in America for these kind of things than it is in Norway... still...
 I traded with a lovely girl called Czessie from America. 
In my trade request, I stated a few things that I particularily wanted in my package, and that was poptarts, kitkats, and different flavoured oreos :)

 And here is my loooooot! ^0^
Will you just look at all of that goodness *v* 
Ok, so there is Mint Oreos, peanutbutter Oreos, regular kitkats, Nutella <3, PopTarts with strawberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Hot Fudge Sundae and Confetti cake flavours >w<, And there is two chocolate covered oreos, something called a "peanut brittle" (which unfortunately broke Czessie, but tastes good still ^^) and white chocolate balls! :D 
I can´t wait to try out everything <333 It looks so amazing and great *V* I am definitely doing this kind of thing again, so many sweets <333 awwwwwww

 to end this post, I wanted to put in some info about my new artbook, that I briefly showed you in my last post ^^ This time, I will show you some of my favourite pictures!
(so much detaaaails >A<)
The front page is acctually one of my absolute favourites <3 It holds most of the characters in the various seasons ^_^

 Magical girl outfits, are the best outfits! *V*


Really, I can´t even begin to describe how inspirational this book is *A* Look at the amazing outfits, details, hair, everything! I really reccomend getting this book if you are interested in cute shoujo things like magical girls! Also, it has over 100 pages! If you wanna get it, you can easily be find it at Ebay.

Other than that, I don´t really have much else to say :P I am really busy at school, now that christmas is closing in, and the half terms and interim reports are pouring in.
 I am really excited for the second trade package to arrive here, and I hope it does so soon ^^
This weekend I will relax, watch movies and just have fun with the new treats I have gotten.

 I hope you enjoyed reading this entry as much as I did writing it! <3

Would you want to do a trade–package with someone? What would you like to be the trade items? 

See you later, Alligator!

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  1. Your room is to die for, it's seriously just too perfect *_*

    The swap thing is such a good idea! I've seen lots of photos around flickr of various swaps and always wanted to take part in one, i may look into it more :3

    The artbook is adorable, perfect for drawing inspiration!


    1. aww, really? >w< I am always a bit afraid of showing my bedroom, because I think it´s not "good enough" to show online >w< but now I really like it a lot! *v*

      Oh, if you get the chance you should totally try to get into a swap deal! :D its so much fun! ^^

  2. omg I´m in love with the carpet : O may I ask where you got yours? and also where did you get the adorable bed sheet : oo

    1. I got it from taobao! ^-^ I can´t remember the link to it, but if you search for rilakkuma carpet, you might find it ^^

  3. Your room looks so adorable *o*
    Really jealous :D
    I also thought about to do a trade pakage thing someday but I still don't know what ^^

    1. thank yooou! ^^ I really like my bedroom x3
      You should totally try to get into a trade–package deal if you are able to! :D It is so much fun, and you get to try out totally new things! *v*

  4. your last taobao order is so cute!!! and the trade-package thing you did was a great idea!! would love to do that one time :D

    1. whaah, thanks! :D I am so happy with my new items *v* my bedroom looks so kawaii now x3 hehe

  5. asdfghjklöäå I was seriously biting my cheeks and making weird noises throughout this post, haha. ALL THE THINGS! I'm kind of Rilakkuma obsessed, those things are just lovely dear! ; w ; And what a great idea trading sweets with someone... When I travel abroad all I want to do is go food shopping just too like see all the different flavors and labels. So I really want to do that too now!

    Ahh thank you for a lovely post ♥♫

    1. whaaah, why are we the same person Saga??? XD I thought only I did freaky things like that XD haha!
      Whenever someone from england or america visit us, the first thing I ask is if they have tasted some of the weird food we have here, and what the difference between their food and ours is, and I am highly fascinated and interested in going in supermarkeds when I am in other countries haha XD

      thank YOU for being awsome ; V;

  6. Ooh, I missed your trade post by, like, 5 minutes and was so bummed! I love doing cute care packages and pen pal things. It's so much fun! I'm glad you got a few different flavours of Poptarts~

    1. oh, really?? that is kinda sad D: I AM going to do this thing again though, so maybe you will get a chance next time? ^^ I can´t wait to try out the poptarts *v*

  7. Oh my I love your bedroom!! It's all so cute *o*
    I would LOVE to trade something with someone one day, it sounds so awesome! I missed your post ;__; I would have loved to trade candy with you! (or anything else :3)

    1. aww, thank you ! ^^
      I hope you get to experience doing a trade with someone one day ! :D It is a lot of fun ^^

  8. Wahhhhhhhhhhh such cuteness all over! And zomg the snacks! I LOVE Nutella♥
    I haven't really done trades but sometimes my penpals and I send each other things with our letters. Usually stickers, drawings and if we do send boxes it's more like accessories and plush stuff ^-^ But I would definitely like to do trades :3

    1. thanks! ^^ Oh, I do that with my penpals as well! ^^ it is lovely having penpals :D

  9. so pretty book with anime outfits!!Also nutella is my biggest addiction <3

  10. Is there anyway to buy that artbook still?! It looks beautiful! also, do you have a deviantart?