lørdag 10. november 2012

@ Instagram lately

I am a terrible, terrible blogger >.< shame on me!
Last weekend, I was determined to update, but, I went on a movie marathon and had to recover
the rest of the weekend (more details on this further down!)

Also, I have been super duper super duper super duper busy with school work...

and the main reason for not updating.... it is becoming darker and darker outside, 
and the lighting is far to poor to take pictures! And I don´t want to bore you with only text post upon text post, because I don´t like those very much...

Anywhoooo, I have been updating my instagram regularily over these past few weeks, and thought it was time to share a bit of my everyday life with you again ^^

Starting from the oldest ones...

I started watching Adventure Time recently! ^0^
What an amazingly cute, weird and silly show! I just love it x3 
Especially, I like princess bubblegum and Finn a lot! They are so adorable :) 
I just had to doodle them in my moleskine <3

I didn´t take a full outfit picture that day, but for Halloween, I was dressed as the tooth fairy! ^0^
I wore my Twinkle Costallation skirt from Baby, the star shines bright, and a wand and my teeth necklace, with my black Angelic Pretty blouse ^^ Quite happy with it :)

I went to a Lord of the Rings marathon in my local cinema, since the "the Hobbit" is coming around shortly! ^^ I was to young to watch the movies in the cinema when they were shown the first time around, and this event sounded so amazing that I just had to go :D 
In the program, it was listed that it would be 10 1/2 hours in total, but when we came there, they found out that they wanted to show the special extended edition instead @____@
 basically, 13 hours!
and only 10 min. brake time in bethween the movies!


so yeah, I didn´t sleep AT ALL! I was awake through the intire thing, drinking energy drinks and eating candy to keep myself awake... by the time it was over, my eyes were crossing eatchother, and I was seeing double! Still, when I got home, I didn´t go to sleep until later that night, because I didn´t want to turn my rythm around.... It was a bad idea >.< I felt terrible the next three days, and my neck hurt like mad... pain killers and relaxation was my medicine really... 

so yeah, it was an amazing experience, and I liked it,
but sometimes you get a bit to much of the good stuff XD haha... 
Atleast I can say that I have done that once in my life now ! ^^

(It has been a really long time since I updated about anything art related on this blog,
 so I will try to do that as soon as possible >.< )
I also recently started watching this anime show called Futari wa Precure. It is super duper cute ^-^
I found this amazing artbook on Ebay, with pictures from all the seasons with all the characters
(I am still in the beginning of season 1, but there is loads of them appearantly!) and everything looked so cute that I just had to have it :) 
I love artbooks, thinking about collecting them, I allready have ... like... 7 or 8 of them, so why not? 
Loads of inspiration right in front of you! :D 

The best part about this book is that it is a doujin (fan-made artbook) that used to be sold on Comiket in Japan, and it had a poster inside! (I allready put this up on my wall offcourse x3)
Again, I love supporting smaller artists, and getting unique items is so amazing *w* 

This is the closest I came to a halloween drawing this year, sadly >.< Every year, I always try to draw atleast one halloween picture, but this year, it just turned out to be a doodle.... 
and it was to late also XD haha
I am practicing using Paint Tool SAI <3 

... I was a bit late with ordering halloween stuff this year,
 so two days ago I got my halloween stockings ^^"
I ordered two pairs, one orange and one purple, so I could wear them together! :) Made sure to order from the same place, to make sure the lines were evenly thick... maybe it´s just me, but it kinda bothers me when they aren´t >.< 

... as you can see, the lighting doesn´t really get better than this at this time of year >.< 
And it is only going to get darker! 

Here is an outfit I wore today with my new stockings! ^0^ Halloween inspired yaaay x3

I really like them a lot :D Can´t wait until I find a really good outfit to wear them with ^^
The shirt I am wearing is from Taobao, socks from Ebay, skirt and cardigan from H&M, accesories from kreepsville 666 and slippers from my sister (bought at avalon)

What did you dress up as for Halloween? 
Did your outfit arrive late also? x3

I am thinking about writing a tutorial or maybe a recipe sometime soon... I wanna do something creative anyway x3 What do you guys think about that?

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I wore a Morticia Addams inspired outfit for halloween ^^ I want your slippers! they look like the little dust things in spirited away, are they??? :)

    1. Oh, that sounds awsome! :D Indeed they are :) The soot spirits from spirited away are the same ones from totoro, so these are marked with "totoro" ^^
      They can be found at ebay :D

  2. Don't feel bad for not blogging so often, I love your blog anyway! <3 I love your Halloween drawing! so cute >,< and you outfit is so cool! both of the ;D

    I posted a Halloween special post on my blog, and at a halloween party I dressed up as a broken doll <3

    1. Aww, thank you >w< I am happy you like it! ^^
      Yes! I read your halloween update, lovely! :)

  3. I was a creepy/cute bat for Halloween :3 It was so much fun!
    I missed reading your posts!! (And I really need your slippers, they're so cute omg)

    1. that sounds really nice :D
      Aww, thank you! ^^ I will try to make time for it more :)

  4. i went to the london tomb experience which was perfect for halloween!! but unfortunately i didn't dress up! :( you've also made me fall in love with twinkle constellation in navy, it's beautiful!

    1. oh, that sounds wonderful! :D Yay! more twinkle constellation fans ^^ it is a really nice print! :D

  5. Hva heter du på instagram? o3o

  6. soo cute post,I especially love ur halloween colored overknees ^___^