fredag 4. januar 2013

Happy new years! ^^

I know its a little bit late, but I really wanted to do a new years update >w<
I have been reeeeeally down lately, I hope it will get better soon... I´ll take one day at a time, and see how it turns out! Thinking to far ahead just makes me feel depressed, so I´ll take it slow :)

that aside, I am excited about this being the year of the snake! ^^ I am not particularily into snakes, but I think they are kinda quircky and special, which over all makes me expect an interesting year ahead. This year is the first year that I have ever felt like time is running out and that I would rather have time move backwards, so I am hoping something good will happen. Acctually I would just like to stop time for a very long time onwards, so that I could have more time to just think and do nothing!

I made a drawing to celebrate the new years. I got loads of moleskines for christmas, and decided to start using one of them. So I did this drawing on new years eve!
 I was inspired by loads of pixiv artists, but really, I just wanted to use 
my new colouring pencils as well, so loooads of colours <3

New years resolutions

- be happy 

- do something for myself

- draw more

- play more video games 

- dress up a bit more

- update my blog with better entries

I hope I will be able to do atleast some of them! 

Do you have new years resolutions?

 and a silly little gif for yah!

PS: please comment on the Q/A post!

10 kommentarer:

  1. what a cute gif! I love your drawing too<3
    I don't have some special new years resolutions, I jsut hope I go out of high school doing well, and comes up with a plan for what's happening next.

    1. Thank you! hihi ^^
      That is a good resolution though ! :) I usually don´t make any, because they are hard to follow xP

  2. omG!!! That is such a gorgeous drawing! and I can def see where you got your inspiration from too!
    aahhhh I'm gonna save it in my art folder!!
    Happy new year! ~

    1. Whaaaaaah ;A; really??? I feel so happy that you like it so much ^w^

  3. Happy New Year! Love the hair you drew for the girl in your picture, so cute :3

    1. Thanks! :D happy new years for you too! ^^ I really like cute bob haircuts *v*

  4. Happy New Year! <3 I hope you have a wonderful 2013, I really do! And keep your chin up alright? <3

    I do have some new year resolutions! I feel like this year it will be an amazing cosplay year to me so I'm quite excited!! And I want to be accepted in the college I want! Also travel and go to Japan Expo in France *o*

    1. Thank you :) Happy new years for you also ^^

      Ooooh, cosplay is so exciting! I wanna try it out this year also :) I have never done it before though, so I will try something easy at first ^^"

      I wanna go to a big convention also, but I probably won´t since its so expencive to travel >.<

  5. I really adore ur drawings and hair colour ^^