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I am sorry for not updating for a while image School has been busy, busy, busy and I´ve been kind of unmotivated... This week I´ve finished my ending-report on a half–year project I´ve been doing.... so basically 22 pages of writing ... but now it is finally finished. I just need to edit it a bit...

Anyway! I have been quite creative lately (or, yeah... I´ve been doodling xD haha)
So I wanted to show you guys some of my newer things!


A while ago, I spendt some hours watching the newest Adventure Time episodes in the middle of the night, and this was basically the result xD

This happens when you sit up until 4 am to watch Adventure Time ^^”“” 
Yeah... Jake is a goof-ball =V=

I became penpals with Saga a while ago, 
so for my first letter for her, I drew her this little thing image

I have been super inspired to indulge myself in sweetness ever since I met Peachie, so I created my first ever non-human(oid) OCimage  I present to you all : 

Fuwa fuwa sweet dream moon bunny! 

 He is a sweet little bunny that lives in a cresent moon shaped house, and he loves staying 
out late and watching the stars in his telescope! That is why he is always kinda sleepy, and 
has sleepy eyes thihihi.... He is inspired by Peachie, as I mentioned, because he is moon–themed and  because he´s a bunny! And I know Peachie loves both of those things hihi

Moving on, I acctually created yet another OC. This time it was a girl that I´ve named Dorothy
 (her nickname is Dotty/Dottie or sometime just Dott). 

She is a sweet and shy little mori girl, with a love for knitted things, 
crazy stripe–patterns and "earthly" colour–tones.

After creating her, I was so obsessed with drawing her that I had to create a proper coloured piece.
I imagine her being quite frilly and cute, and a real dreamer. She is also really into details

I have been soooo into playing the LINEplay app lately, 
that I think I´ve become addicted haha.
So I decided I wanted to draw my characters design! 
I forgot to bring my outline marker with me, so I tried to make–do
 with only colouring pencils this time

I especially like how her hair and sweater turned out! image

... And after watching magical princess Barbie movies (don´t judge me, they are cute ok )
I wanted to draw a super shoujo, pastelly princess that cried magical, rainbow soap bubbles

I am very pleased with her arm, and the sky! 

Finally I want to add a little piece I did today, in only a little less than two hours.
(It might look like it has been cut off, but it is acctually just that size). 
I have a weird fascination about drawing eyes that are in the angle of the eye to the far left. Like, bulging outwards, seen a bit from the side/down. So yeah image I´m a freak....

To end this post, I also wanted to add that it was our national day yesterday,
and because of that I wore my national suit/dress! It is called a Bunad image
There are several different designs throughout the whole country,
but I have the green version for my district (we also have a blue version of this design).
 I feel really nationalistic while wearing this haha

My grandmother have done the embroidery and my other grandmother has sewn it together ^^
In my opinion, the green colourway is the prettiest, but it also really depends on who´s wearing it. 

I am extremly happy that we didn´t get drawn out to have any exams this year, which means 
I might have the time to update my blog more. I thought I´d make a little list for you guys, so you know what you´ve got to look forward too!image There is no particular order.


New kawaii artbook get
Pinkly Ever After review
New "sweet lolita" related series
Outfit entries
A new project and a collaboration

I hope you guys enjoyed this entry!

Do you enjoy drawing? What is your prefered paper/canvas size?

Au revoir!

17 kommentarer:

  1. I love your art, you're really good with coloring! *-* Dorothy is a cutie!!!

    You're so cute with your national dress on, I don't even know how my swedish national dress looks for my district :o

    I've loved drawing all my life, mostly just pencil, but since I started art school painting with oil quickly became 'my thing' ^-^

    1. aww, thank you! ^^ I am glad you like it ;///;
      So nice that you´ve found your thing! :D It is always fun when you find a medium you like working with ^^

  2. You draw so amazing! Love it so badly! I would like to have your talant! Ohh!
    Also you are so pretty! Love your blog, really!
    I am following you now *okay for some while now* maybe you would like to follow back?
    kisses from Latvia,


    1. thank you ;v; Just practice and you will be a lot better than me though!
      thanks for following also!

  3. so many pretty drawings! I love them all but I especially LOVE the last piece, I think she's just amazing! Your national suit is also really really lovely :D

    I love to draw too (mainly anime characters) and to oil paint landscapes and seascapes.

    1. thank you ;v; I am quite proud of that one >v< thihi
      I also draw mostly anime characters ;v; <3

  4. Omg your drawing! It's amazing! I'm feeling kind of jealous... >.< I really like drawing, I do anime character or fantastic creatures (such as dragons and stuff XD) but I'm not as good as you

    PD: I love your national dress and it looks really cute on you ^-^

    1. thank you >v> awww, don´t be jealous! I am not very good at it, but I will try to get better =v= <3 I bet you are really good <3

  5. your drawings are so gorgeous!! (as are you :D )

  6. OMG your drawings are so cute, I wish you could draw the tattoo I want >__<

    1. oh wow really? O.o uhm, I am not that good really ;A;

  7. Gud du er så tallentfull! MISSUNNELIG! :O :D elsker å se tegningene dine, og du gjør meg så inspirert til å tegne selv :P (om du ikke har sett det så tegnet jeg selv på russefrakken min da:P skjekk det ut på bloggen om du vil *vil ikke skryte xP*)

    Det er nordlandsbunad du har ikke sant? den er kjempesøt :D Jeg har rød Trønderbunad, men brukte den ikke i år siden jeg var Russ :D

    Håper du hadde en super 17. mai, og fortsett å tegne som du gjør :D:D<3<3

  8. foressten.. skal svare på awarden du ga meg... TUSEN TAKK :D:D har bare en del å gjøre for tiden... har 4 eksamner jeg skjønner du :P men bare å mase på bloggen, om du blir utålmodig xP

    1. jeg svarer for begge beskjedene her jeg ;v; hehe
      aww, du tregner ikke å være missunnelig da! Jeg er ikke så god, men jeg øver for å bli bedre ;v; <3
      yay! Glad jeg kan inspirere deg! Jeg så tingene du tegnet på russefrakken, de var skikkelig søte :)
      Jeg syns det er så stilig å se forskjellige bunader fra forskjellige steder i landet, det er spennende at det finnes så mange forskjellige design! ^^
      Bare svar på awarden når du har tid :3 <3 Jeg har et par eksamener selv, så jeg skjønner deg!

  9. Wow, your drawings look amazing ♥ And I like your national outfit!

    1. thank you! ^v^ I´m glad you like them :3