torsdag 9. mai 2013

☆Something new and something blue☆


 I have something exciting to tell you guys about, I just had to do a little entry today! ^^
Well, I think it is exciting, what you guys think is entirely up to you, 
but I hope you enjoy the entry anyway thihi


The last couple of weeks have been super hard! SOOO much work at school, with loads of tests and preparation for the upcoming exams... just last week I had two half–day tests, and this week I had a whole day of mathmatics AND I had to go to work afterwards!  
(I was away for more than 12 hours that day!)

So now I am very happy about having the rest of the week off. Today is a national holiday,
 so no one is at work or school. And tomorrow I have the day off as well, 
but people that work have to go to their jobs.I have spendt a lot of today on doing homework,
 but before that I just had to try out my new item that I got  

My very first twin-tail lolita wig!

yaay! It is kinda weird that I haven´t bought one earlier, since it is like the ultimate kind of wig for a lolita to own... but I guess I just haven´t found the right one until now. You see, I have had
 this vision in my head of what a proper basic twin-tail lolita wig should look like!
 The kind of wig you could wear with everything.
 I came to the conclusion that I wanted the typical kind that you see all the japanese lolitas wearing,
 that is, the light brown ones. Light, milky brown is a very popular wig–colour in Japan, 
for both lolita and many other styles (like Gyaru, mori etc.)

I´ve been trying to find this kind of wig for ages, and about three weeks ago, I finally stumbled upon one in a japanese auction site. I am generally very nervous around auctions, and tend to only go for items with "buy it now" pricetags But this time, I thought I should go for it.
how often do you find the perfect wig anyway?

I was reeally lucky, and acctually won it! *v* So now, after waiting for the domestic shipping to reach my shopping service, and then again wait for another week for it to ship to me,
 it finally arrived two days ago! ^^ And I basically haven´t had the time to try it on until now.


I wanted to make this outfit extra special and sweet for my new wig  
 I hope you guys like it!

Pretty Preppy toy box

Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Shirt: Trift shop vintage
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Wig: Mbok auction
Tights: H&M
Socks: H&M kids section
Shoes: Baby the star shines bright
Accessories: chocomint, gifts, H&M, vintage,
 Taobao, Glitter


It has been ages since I wore my fancy box set last! I think I´ve only worn it twice, ever.
It´s because it is rather short, and I don´t really know how to wear it ^^"" I love this colourway though, so I should probably wear it more <3 The skirt is acctually meant to be worn at the hips, but I think it looks rather funny, so I decided to wear it like this instead. I think it looks way better, even if it kinda violates the rules of skirt–length in lolita ^^" My friend Peachie said it looked really preppy and cute, hence why I chose that name for the outfit


Can you tell that the tights have super–light pink stripes? ^^

And now some closeups of both the wig and my makeup! :)

I am so in love with this wig! It is everything I´ve wanted in a lolita wig >v< I just adore that it is so versatile and cute, and can be worn with all the different lolita styles! ^^ I think it rather suits me also, which I was sooo afraid it wouldn´t ;_;"""
What do you think?

I am very happy with finally getting my first twin–tail wig, and I´ve got a feeling it won´t be the last one, hehe There are so many different colourways and styles to look into! I wanna try making different hairstyles with this wig also! oooh what fun ^0^<3 

Do you own a twin–tail wig? How many wigs do you own?

see you later Alligator!

15 kommentarer:

  1. Wow you look amazing, your style is incredible! Xx

    1. Thank you ;v; that is so kind of you to say!

  2. lovely and cute as always :) ^^

  3. The wig is perfect, i really admire your style! <3


  4. oh wow i agree on it being the perfect twintail wig! it suits you perfectly! ^^

  5. So much cute! I love that skirt, it really suits you :) I think the way you've styled it into the outfit is perfect :)
    The wig looks great too! I've got 3 wigs but I don't really use them for daily wear, I use them for art projects hehe

    1. thank you ^0^ <3
      oh we have the same amount of wigs! :D hehe
      I wanna wear mine a lot more ;V; and I wanna get a lot more wigs >0< hehe
      They are so much fun! <3

  6. you look so kawaii i really like that coord

    P.S. Is that AP skirt very expensive i asked bacause i am really confused about brand pieces and prices

    1. aww, thank you! ^^
      hmmm... I am not quite sure what this skirt costed, around 170 $ I think ^^"
      Brand is quite expensive >.<"

  7. you looks so cute as usual ^-^ the wig looks amazing too!

  8. Your wig and skirt are PEFECTION! Where did you get the skirt?

  9. Your outfit is PERFECT *o* ♥