mandag 17. juni 2013

Cosqueen circle lens review

!This is a sponsored post!

A while ago, I got a message on my tumblr account from this really sweet and lovely girl running a facebook shop called "Cosqueen"! ^^ She asked me if I would like to review some circle lenses from her, and that I could freely choose whatever type I would like from her selection! 
I felt awfully flattered offcourse, having this be my very first sponsored deal,
so I happily, though anxiously agreed to it! ^^ 

I choose to go with a series I have wanted to try out for a while,
and since it was sponsored, I decided to go for a fun and kinda crazy colourway!
So, I went with EOS King Barbie series in violet!

 (click through to go directly to the facebook post!)

So we messaged back and forth for a while, and she told me she would get back to me
when she had got the lenses from her delivery source in Korea! ^^ 
So I waited, a couple of months perhaps? I had almost forgot about our deal,
when I got the pleasant message that she had sendt my lenses and they were on their way ;v; 

After that, it took less than two weeks for the lenses to reach my home, and one pleasant friday afternoon, this little thingie was awaiting my arrival home in my mailbox :3
Ariel stickers! ;V; 

So I unwrapped it and found that it was nicely wrapped in bubblewrap with more stickers!

As it seems, I belive she is the same girl that holds a etsy shop called Alice Dear! ^^
So I got a nice visit card from that shop aswell!

This is everything I got, completely unwrapped!

I even got a return cupon! It says you get a 5% discount if you want to return your order!
That is the first time I´v seen it in any kind of order I´ve made,
but indeed its a great idea and its very nice. More people should have that! ^^

Sooo, I soaked my lenses for over night, and left them for another day because I was a bit too tired to try them on, but today, I finally wore them :) 

Here is a picture with one lens on and the other of my regular eye!
(sorry for not wearing any kind of makeup, I am quite tired still >.<""")

As you can see, the enlargement is quite visible! It is not as big of a difference as my other lenses, but I really like it! ^^ I believe the enlargement was set to 14, whilst I´ve had 15 before?
The colour is also very vibrant and good!

And here is both lenses worn at once! ^v^

I am quite pleased with these lenses! They are, as I mentioned before, a little bit smaller than my previous lenses, but I think that adds to a more natural look! Also, they match perfectly with my new hair, which is really nice :3 (I´m sorry for not posting about my new hair yet >.> Its been three weeks allready...

So as this is a slightly different review than what I´ve done before, I couldn´t judge upon everything that I usually do. I will say though that based on communication, shipping, service and lens quality I will give this shop 

5/5 possible points!

They feel really great on, they don´t hurt at all, and I love the effect they have on my eyes. 
The prices are really good also, these lenses go for around 15$ now during the summer, and that  is definitely a great offer that you should check out if you want some new, super cute circle lenses ;)

Check out her shop 

Lastly, I want to repeat that this was my first sponsored post, and you must take into consideration that I got these lenses for free. I am however genuinly happy with the quality of the lenses, as I told the shop-keeper I would give my honest opinion :) 

This week, on thursday is finally my last day of school before summer *v*
yaay! I can´t wait!I am looking forward to it <3

Until next time

8 kommentarer:

  1. The King series is one of my favs!
    So awesome!

  2. I've wanted to try this series~ I was thinking about the purple or the black ones. I think I'll get both, especially since I was nervous about the purple ones, but they look so nice on your eyes :D

    1. thank you for getting inspired by my post! ^^ You should totally try the violet ones, they are so vibrant and the colour shows really well even in dull light!

  3. Great review! The lenses look really lovely on you, I like the enlargement of them too :D

    1. thanks! ^v^ I think they are really great!

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  5. I love the color on these Lacelle Contacts. It really is black. The pattern is fantastic too. The black blends into a solid green which blends into the natural eye color.