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Pinkly Ever After review

Hi, hey, helloooo 

I finally got my lovely package from Pinkly Ever After
so I thought I´d do a little review! ^0^

 Recently, Pinkly Ever after released their spring/summer collection, containing all kinds of magical and super duper cute dresses, tops, skirts and nice little accesories to fit all kinds cute fashions and styles. Personally, I would like to categorize it as magical girl fashion,
 because that is what it feels like to me image it is so pretty and wonderful! image

Now, as an avid Pinku Project fan, I offcourse want to support Pinkly Ever After as it is a shop containing of the handmade goods of Peach Pinku (Robin)!
(This shop acctually started with producing the stage outfits for Pinku Project ;v; <3 )

So yeah, back to the release of the summer collection! I completely fell in love with the cutest, sweetest, and not to mention prettiest, dress everimage 

Doesn´t it look divine? Its like a real Magical–girl–princess dress, almost like a fairytale! 
And the choker was in on the deal (as well as a cute mini tiara!)
So, my heart was sealed... I HAD to have it!

 Communication: 4/5
Unfortunately, I was kinda broke at the moment when it was released, so I was reeeally nervous, since it was a one of a kind dress, that wouldn´t have more coming along,
 so I sendt a message to Robin if they had the opportunity to keep it on hold for me! 
Luckily, she said she could And she even gave me a discount! As well as ordering the dress, I also told her I wanted to get one each of the magical girl buttons/brooches they had in their shop, so I reserved a yellow and a pink version of that also! I payed about half the price right there and then, and after some weeks I were finally able to pay the rest. Now, this is where we had a small problem... I tried sending a message that didn´t get through, I waited for almost a week, and sendt another one, that luckily got through The sad part was that one of the buttons I had on hold was sold out by the time we finally got in contact again! So I was kinda sad Anyway, I went through with the order and soon my she told me it was on its way! ^^
A slight minus because of the missunderstanding with the messages only image

Shipping: 5/5
I payed the first half part of my package around the 10–15th of May, and I got to  pay the rest around the 25–29th, and the package was shipped out only a few days after! So it took just
a little bit over a week for it to get here! ;v; which is really fast! Also, they are willing to put
lower prices on their packages to avoid extra fees, which is really nice of them.
top score for great shipping experience.

Service 6/5
When it arrived in the mail, I was greated with a huge pink package! 
It made me smile just looking at it! And when I was ready to open up...
omg ALL THE FREEBIES I was sooo shocked by the fact that I got tons of freebies with my order, got really excited! It was kind of ridiculous haha... So yeah, a free extra necklace of a super cute cupcake, with a teddybear, cute pink glazing and little diamonds! I also got a free pair of bunny ears, a tiiiiny cute little kitty plushie, tiny little candies, a strawberry shaped keychain/wallet and offcourse the amazing dress with the choker and mini tiara I almost felt like blushing and I just giggled a lot really XD

Product Quality 3.5/5 
Now I wanna tell you guys a bit about the seperate things.
Here is my gorgeous new dress! I love it so much

Iiiiih sooo pretty! Now, this dress has three layers of super cute, glittery tulle in light blue,
lilac and pink! On top there is a silky base with a heart applique in a fabric that resembles fake leather, with a glittery edge to it. And the straps are elastic, frilly and lace covered, with pins on the back to adjust length if neccesary. And the little bow with the heart gem on the front is even detachable! The thing that make me pull down on the product quality category is that some of the fabric in the front of the dress were ripped or cut quite oddly and uneven, which looked kind of crocked image And I just quickly popped the dress on a two times to see how it fitted, 
and the lace and heart applique on the chest started loosening! image
That is however the only mistakes I´ve found in this super cute dress

And here are all the other things I got also! 

My super cute choker and tiara, the free bunny ears, mini kitty plushie
(that I´ve chosen to name either Citrus or Lemon
my magical girl brooch and the candies I got and lastly the super cute
 cupcake necklace from the brand "Sweet Poison Cupcake" :) 
I love all the items sooo much image And I was so overwhelmed with getting this amount of freebies ! wow! I little minus on the extras, because the choker was slightly melted/burnt on one of the sides on the backside, and the mini crown broke as soon as I tried it on that is also what pulls down the product quality... 

Other than that, I absolutely LOVE all my new things and I have allready worn the
cupcake necklace to school hehe... 

Silly as I am, I forgot getting my little strawberry keychain/wallet for the picture, 
so I took one seperatly of it image
I love it so much It will go sooo perfectly with my outfits as an accessory! 

Over all 4/5
So, to sum up, I have gone through communication, shipping, service and product quality, and now 
I have landed on this conclution on the over all experience of getting this package. 
Not getting a full score because of the minor faults in communication and product quality, 
but none of which are very big or very important at all.
It was such a magical feeling to open it up, and I felt really spoiled when I found all the extra goodies inside Gosh, ordering from Pinkly Ever After is definitely something I will do again, as the whole experience makes you feel like your getting a present from wonderland.
I was overjoyed! Now I can´t wait to put together outfits with all of my new things

Thank you very much Pinkly Ever After! 
You made my shopping experience ever so magical <3


I would really reccomend taking a peek at their online shop!
Filled with super cute stuff that will make your eyes sparkle like twinkling stars!
Look through their magical selection here:
I hope you enjoyed this review! Please let me know if you want to know more about the process or anything and I will try to get to you about it shortly. 
Can you describe what you´r feeling when you get a package in the mail?
I am sorry for not writing lately. I have been really tired because of school.
Recent happenings in my life includes dying my hair purple/lilac and working with school projects almost 24/7... so yeah... only two more weeks to go until vacation now! 
 stay tuned! bye bye

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  1. It's a shame the quality wasn't quite what you expected but omg so many free things! :)

    I love getting new things in the mail! It's like receiving an amazing present (even though it's from yourself, haha!)

    1. yeah, it was a little bit sad, but its not to compare to the over all happiness I felt out of getting the package ;v; <3
      exactly! I also feel like its getting a present x3 especially if you order preorder stuff and don´t get it until a long while after, because you might even have forgot your ordered it, and when you get it its like a wonderful surprise! <3

  2. The dress & freebies are so cute! ; u ;
    Its sad that the quality wasn't as great as you expected :c
    The necklace is wayyy too cute for a freebie asdfghjkl; <3

    1. I love everything so much ;v;
      I really like the necklace so much! ^^

  3. So lovely dress!! Can I ask, how long you are what is your weight?

    1. Thanks! ^^ I´m sorry but no, you can´t get an answer to that, due to the fact that I am not comfortable with giving out that kind of private information

  4. It's so beautiful! :D lucky you :D

  5. That dress is to die for! =D

    1. I know its so prettyyy ;v; I am so happy its mine <3!

  6. so many freebies hehe
    the dress is adorable, I'm sure that it looks super cute on you :D

    1. I was so overwhelmed by the freebies ;v; <3
      Thank you! I love my dress <333