søndag 30. juni 2013

Summer down

Hi readers!

hummm, Josephine has not been updating her blog for a long time now, 
I wonder why that might be?
Well, to be honest there are many reasons....
First of all, I might mention that I´ve been working in the library this past week every single day, since it´s my summer job. When I´ve come home I´ve been quite tired and also completely lost in my current book because its really exciting and I just can´t put it down >.< So yeah....
I´ve only been working and reading all week.


Second, my self confidence is at a very low point right now, meaning that I basically haven´t dressed up at all since the vacation started. So I don´t really have any outfits or anything to show you guys... 

Third, I am really depressed, I have lost all motivation to do anything and I feel empty inside. I´m also frustrated and tired of my disease that I can´t do anything about, its completely taken over my life and it makes me overthink constantly and it makes me really tired by the end of the day.... 


So, I haven´t been updating because there is nothing to say.
My life is though right now, nothing new has happend, its very boring. I haven´t bought any new clothing for longer than I can remember (except my Pinkly Ever After dress) so I am also extremly sick of my closet/warderobe as well, not exactly making me want to dress up either....

I try to never write entries with a negative air about them, but I felt like I needed to explain myself.
Thanks for reading, and sticking around. 
I am sorry I´m so misserable >. >

bye for now,

15 kommentarer:

  1. You don't have to apologise for going through a bad time! Just focus on finding a way to pick yourself up again, and don't feel pressured to put on a brave face. I hope you feel better about things soon, dear. *hugs*

  2. Don't worry about updating, just know we are here for you! *smile* feel better <3

  3. it's ok to not only show the happy side of ourselves! I hope things will get better very soon :)

  4. It's okey hun<3 Hope you gonna feel better soon... Miss you, you know:)Good luck, and GOD SOMMER :D

  5. I hope you will feel better soon~ I'm not feeling very well about myself either, so I know how it feels and I also feel very ... empty. I really like your blog and I think that you are a stunning girl. But I guess that's just how it is - if you have bad self esteem you think that everyone else is looking wonderful and don't see the reason for them to feel bad about themselvs, while you yourself is feeling crappy and everything. Let's just hope for better times and like I said I hope you will feel better soon. ♡

  6. I hope you will feel better soon! and don't worry, we will wait for you! ^^

  7. don't apologize for feeling down! it happens to everyone- I'm sure you'll pull through in the end <3 we are all here and we love and care about you very much! look after yourself and try and make sure to give yourself lots of treats like the new dress and good books~ take care of yourself, hm? xoxo

    1. I find that impossible right now, but I appreciate your trying!

  8. You never have to apologise hun :) I really hope that you start to feel better about things soon.

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