lørdag 21. september 2013

♡ 5 Sweet Lolita things ♡ : songs

Here I am, returning with my series of 5 sweet lolita related things that you should check out!

Todays topic is as the title suggests: 

 The songs I have listed below are sweet, and have a nice air about them that makes them perfect for getting in the mood of wearing sweet lolita, all from the very basic everyday outfits, to the "over the top sugary cavity-enducing teeth rotting" sweet lolita that you could just imagine! 

So, if you are a bit lost in what to listen to, to set the right mood,
Take a look at these five little treats I´ve picked out for you :-3

Love Prolouge – Sucrette

The soft voice of Sucrette fills me with lighthearted joy that feels perfect for those slow and easy days when you just want to grab a cup of tea, paint a little watercolour paiting with light colours, or just read a book, relaxing all by yourself in your cute otome outfit ^^
I love it for being so dreamy <3
Happy! – Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin 

This song makes me, well... happy from head to toe! ^^ It makes me imagine haging out with other cute lolitas, having a teaparty or just running around being all silly and pranking eachother x3
It is definitely the perfect song to put on when you are with your best sweet lolita friends :)
Nemmy! Nemmy! Nemmy! – Yunyun 

This song fits perfectly when you feel like its time to clean up that pink, sparkly explotion of a room of yours, after a long day of having fun and dressing up! ^^ I always feel like I get new energy when I can clean up while listening to super cute music! 
Magical Journey – Pinku! Project 

Ever feel like everything is hopeless and you have lost your spirits? Then you should definitely listen to this adorable little pick-me-up song! ^^ Pinku! Project still holds a big place in my heart, and just listening to their cute tunes make me wanna draw swirly and dreamy drawings, bake cute cakes and work my best to reach my dreams! Remember, dream big and dream bright! You can do whatever you set your heart to! <3
Lolitina – Aoki Misako 

 I don´t know if you guys knew that Misako Aoki made a sweet lolita song? Well, she did and I must admit I am in love >v< <3 It is super duper cute, and catches the super cute and modernized air that sweet lolita is reflecting upon the lolita fashion itself these days! So, if you want something inspiring and cute to both listen to (and watch) I suggest this song! It makes me want to wear all of my cutest clothes and have a cute teaparty with my plushies >v< hihi 
So, I don´t know about you, but just after making this list I allready feel more empowered and filled with kawaii energy to bring out into my daily life *V* I feel like I could do anything! ^^
That is the magic about cute music <3
I hope you enjoyed it, and found some new inspiration to your kawaii lifestyle ;-3
 Stay cute everyone! ^0^ FIGHTO!
Until next time, 

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  1. Waaaah such cute songs >w< Thanks for posting them!

  2. These are too cute! It caught me by surprise when Misako came out with a song but I have to admit it's adorable.

    1. I was so surprised also! ^^ But yeah, its adorable and lovely <3 Just like her ;v;