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My Swedish fairytale: Day 12-13 – crafting and traveling

I am going to be frank to begin with,
there are no photographic evidence of these two last days sadly >.<


So if you are up for a wall of text, get ready to read the closing chapter of my travel to Sweden this summer! (Haha, I can´t believe it´s september allready XD)

The day after the Victorian picnic was yet another "chill day".
We had invited Saga (Irodohieru) and Amanda (Lolitaland) over for some tea and crafting, proper sunday style with no makeup or anything, just our bare faces in snuggly clothes, bendt eagerly over a ton of beads, clay and glitter. It was indeed one of the most cosy days we had together. 
I finally got to finish making the items I started earlier during the week (you can read about it HERE), Emilia drew designs for her upcoming items for a japanese flee-marked, Amanda worked on some beautiful clay roses, and Saga kept us all company with her wonderful being and fun comments ;v;

There is nothing better than friends hanging out like that. Relaxed, with good music and fun activities <3 Sometimes the little things are the best ones <3


After spending almost all day crafting, we realized it was getting a bit late, and we needed to start dinner. Saga and Amanda had to leave, to reach their seperate trains home,
so they couldn´t stay longer :-(
We had almost nothing in the house, so we decided to make a really simple dish ;v;
Omu-rice! And truly, it was really simple, as we only had oninons and rice in the mix XD haha.
But we put in loads of ketchup, and we had mozzarella cheese in the omelette, with spices,
so it tasted really good acctually! ^^
I was the cook of this particuilar meal, as I had seen it been done before,
even though I hadn´t made it myself ever >.< I am glad Emilia seemed to like it though ^^
It made me happy!

We spendt the rest of the evening watching movies and finishing off the candy we bought when we went to the cinema earlier that week. We started off by watching a movie called "Stardust"
(that I reccomended we should watch) and went on with "The last unicorn" afterwards ^^
None of us had seen it before, so we decided to just go for it!
I would reccomend both of the movies, though "the last unicorn" certainly is a very peculiar video, and really different from anything I imagined it to be >v>"""

At that time we had finished watching that also, it was around 2 am or so,
and we just decided it was time for bed.


On the very last day, or acctually,  just the traveling day, we had plenty of time before I was going to leave. I took a good walk in the sunny weather, we had delicious baguettes with mozzarella and ham for lunch, and I spendt just about an hour packing everything in my suitcase, before we were ready to go. I think we left for the trainstation around 5 pm, since my plane was going to deport at 8 pm. It was quite a while to travel, but by the time we got there,
I still had over and hour left of waiting time luckily.

Now, I must say that our parting was a rather dramatic one at that >.<
I found out my suitcase had wastly exceeded the limited weight allowed, so I found myself having to pay a nasty extra–fee to make up for it! (I found it so weird, since I almost hadn´t brought anything new!) I was so mad and frustrated I just couldn´t help but cry.
I simply rushed around after that, trying to find out where I was going, and I could only give Emilia a quick hug before I had to leave in a rush. I was really scared of the extra fee I had payed and how it would affect my credit card, as I thought perhaps I would be unable to get home, due to the lack of money! (yes, I have very little money, and yes it was a big fee)... I completely panicked and called my dad as soon as I had passed the security area, to ask him about what I should do.
I was really afraid that he would yell at me and be really mad, but I was happily surprised at how calm and nice he was about it. He helped calm me down and told me everthing was going to be fine, and that it could have happend to anyone. When we had talked for a while, my pulse had reached a regular count and I could breath out like normal. I am so happy everything worked out fine ; _;
I was so scared!

After that, it was just travel, travel, travel, by planes and a busse until I finally came home,
around 2 am in the middle of the night. My father picked me up at the busstation, and by 3 am we were home and I once more let myself fall into my wonderful, wonderful bed in my own bedroom. 
Is there a more fantastic feeling than that?

I just wanted to sleep at once,  for it to become tomorrow really quickly. I was really looking forward to unpacking my bag and showing everything I´d bought to my parents as soon as possible.
(And you will be able to see more of that soon in upcoming updates ;-3)
I am pretty sure I fell asleep with a smile on my face :-) 


With that, my Swedish fairytale was over, and though I was sad, it felt wonderful to be home again, with all the great memories that I had left from the trip. Being able to meet so many people that I´ve only seen pictures of, or chatted with on the internet before, was really mindblowing to me.
It is always surreal when stuff like that happens in real life... 
I just hope I managed to leave such a positive and good impression on them as they did on me.
I can´t wait to meet everyone again, and set out on a new set of amazing adventures ;v; 
Please await my return! ^0^

Only the future can tell what´s ahead!

Thank you for reading once again, and I hope you´ll keep tuned ;-)
See yah!

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