fredag 6. september 2013

My Swedish fairytale: Day 10 - Of friends and movies

On friday, Emilia and I once again set out for Stockholm together!
This time, we were going to catch up with the shops we missed the last time,
and hang out with more of her friends (Jöss, Saga (Irodohieru) and Amanda (Lolitaland)). 


We started of the day with a wonderful breakfast of hot cakes! *v*


After that, it was just about getting ready, and get going!
For once I felt like my hair looked kinda nice, withouth styling it a bunch, or wearing a wig over it! 
 Emilia did my bangs ;v; I really like it a lot!
Wanna start doing it myself, I just need a straightening iron...
As you can tell, my hair had a veeeery faint colour by then >.< The lilac colour had pretty much completely washed out, except for some odd spots here and there :P


We took the train again!
Borrowed picture by Emilia (Pastelbat) (Original post)


The first thing we did was to buy each our box of candy for the movies later that day >v< And then we visited a nice bookstore that sold all kinds of manga, japanese magazines, anime,
game things and loads of anime/manga merchandise ; v; 
After that we met up with Jöss, and went into a couple of other stores, buying liqorice mustaches and trying out the new mario game for the Wii U in a gamers shop! We also headed over to the frozen yoghurt place again, to meet up with Saga! <3
It was so nice, feeling like I finally belonged amongst acutal humans in real physical life... It gets kinda lonely when you only meet people on the internet ;^; ehehe

Anyway, we had more wonderful fro-yo, and after that we basically just met up with Amanda! ^^
We returned to the district with the retro shops, that we had visited on Monday, and I tried on some really cute round glasses, that I kinda wanted to get ;v; (but last minute decided not to)

I remembered getting an outfit picture also, even though my outfit was mostly for comfort,
since it was like 1000 degrees outside XD Sooo, its kinda boring ;v; ehehe
It is kinda funny that both me and Emilia wore foot-long skirts! ^^
Mine was black and hers was pink! It was like we were a good and evil twin couple XD


After some more time, we decided to get some dinner, before heading to the movies.
We headed to Pizza Hut again, for some more cheezy crust =v= huhuhuhu

And when the others got some candy for themselfes, while everyone sung wholeheartedly on the Shigeki no Kyojin theme-tune like no tomorrow (I swear people must have thought we were crazy or something, wandering down the street like that xDDD) before we went to watch
"Monsters University" (in english) in the cinema^^
 It was a fantastic movie, I must say! I liked it even more than the first movie, and that says a bit!
Especially the mother, she was awsome! *v*


It was getting kinda late in the evening when we finally finished, after all, the movie lasted well over 2 hours (something that is quite rare for an animated movie).
It was time to say goodbye, and just head home for the night ^^
It had been another wonderful day, and I can´t still believe
how lucky and happy it all made me!

Back to bed!

I hope you´ll keep reading!
Coming up; the Victorian meetup <3
Until next time

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