fredag 7. februar 2014

+ Brandedkitty review +


~ Hello sweetiepies ~

Today I thought I´d do a short little review on the super cute fluffy bear–headband
that I just recieved from the online shop Brandedkitty! ^^

 I will talk a bit about:

Let´s get started! 


 Click HERE to go directly to their shop! ^^

Brandedkitty is an online fashionshop based in Malaysia! ^^
They carry a lot of different japanese and korean–style kawaii clothes and accessories!

I was just browsing around their shop and suddenly found these incredibly cute bear-themed headbands that I have been looking for everywhere ! ^0^

Direct link HERE!

I just had to have it, right away! I have seen these kind of headbands everywhere combined with such amazingly adorable outfits, it was a definite need ;-3
I got it in brown, as that was my favourite colourway, but as you can see,
it is available in both white, pink and black as well!
what is your favourite? ^^ 

Price: 2.5 / 5
I know my judgement of the price is kind of harsh, but I feel that when you order
a product for the lovely price of 9,90 $, having to pay around 25$ for shipping kind of steep >.< I think the super cute product I got made up for the price =v= But make sure you check out the shipping rates before you order!

Communication: 4/5
At first when I ordered the package, everything went fine. But soon after I got an email where the shop-owners informed me that the headband was sold out in the colour I wanted! I kind of hesitated answering it, because they were asking if I would like to have it in any other colourway, since I had allready payed for it! I really, really only wanted the brown colourway, so I finally worked up the courage and asked them if there was no possibilty of a re–stock? When they got back to me, they said that they had allready got the re–stock and my package was on its way, yay ^v^! <3

Shipping: 5/5
Shipping was super fast! I got my package in a bit over two weeks after ordering it,
in the middle of January, and having to wait for the re-stock. 

I got these nice "keep–your–hair–out–of–your–eyes–while–you–wash–it–and–apply–makeup" thingies as a freebie! ^^

Quality: 5/5
Omg this thing is sooo fluffy and puffy and super, duper cute! ^0^
When I got it, I just ripped open the package and it was so smooth and soft to touch ;V; hihi
I love pom-poms, and these were so adorable and cute, I can´t wait to pair them with a nice outfit<3

Total Score: 4/5


Offcourse I tried them on at once, even though my clothes didn´t match >_>"" and because I was "lucky" enough to have a homework–project over the weekend,
I had borrowed a proper camera from school! Offcourse grabbed the oppotunity
to snap a couple of shots ;v; hehe

"faceshots" taken with closed eyes and head bendt down, both because I didn´t wear any makeup, and because I wanted to show of the headband ;V; ehehe...


I guess this is the closest I have ever gotten to taken a "room–shot" x3 hehe... I kinda like this picture as it shows off all the colourful details in the background ;3; 



Offcourse also took a full outfit shot!
 Gosh, taking pictures with a proper camera really shows how sickenly skinny I´ve become >_> 
I can acctually tell myself that I look really sick... Just as you know it, those are not skinny jeans, they are really big and I had to fold them at the bottom too! They are acctually really loose, and there was so much room in them, they came close to falling down all the time... yeah... that can´t be good :-S

Anyway, I kinda like this outfit :-) I felt brave putting on jeans that are not skinny, because usually I could never do that, because people would think my legs were bigger.... also, lately I haven´t been wearing anything else than comfy, oversized things for ages because I haven´t had the self-confidence for it, and because I start freezing at once... 

in other words, I am challenging myself!
 I went for comfy, loose pants anyway, oh yeah! x3
What do you think?? ^^ 

I really like the acid–wash trend *v*


I hope you guys liked this little entry of mine, and please make sure to check out 


for more cute things ;V;! 

Adding this iphone–picture I put on Instagram to end this entry! ^^

You can follow me @lollypopp1 ! ;-)

~ Until next time ~

15 kommentarer:

  1. Aww those bear ears are so cute <3

  2. This is so cute. And you are adorable! I want one if only the shipping wasn't so high >_<

    xoxo Aubree

    1. Yeah, I know the shipping was kinda bad >.<" but I loved it so much I just kinda allowed the hurtfull–wallet feeling for once ;u; huhuhu

  3. Oooh these ears look too cute on you dear! *o* I just wanna hug you! :3

  4. Those ears are the cutest!
    By the way, I think you're really brave, dealing with all of those confidence problems... I always find hard to wear tight clothes because I feel they make me look horrible, It's the same you have with loose things... I wish you the best with your recovery! <3

    1. thank you for the support! Yeah, cofidence in clothes is a hard thing! >_>
      we just have to fighto! >0< right?

  5. super cute ^^ those fluffy ears suit you so much.
    I hope that you will fight like the beautiful magical girl that you are for recovery *hugs* you can do it, i believe in you.

  6. i love your hair so much omg!! *o*

    gl on gaining weight!! ><

  7. wow so cute *3* I didn't know the shop, I'll investigate it ^ ^

    1. yay! ^^ I am glad you will check it out! :)

  8. oh petal, it's hard to admit this kind of stuff to yourself. youre so brave and i now you can be strong, and i hope you can make more stuff that makes you happy!! like wearing supercute clothes and being supercute like sweetie you are!