lørdag 8. februar 2014

Japonicamarket haul + new outfit


Yesterday I finally got one of my long–awaited packages from Japan! ^0^
Remember that I told you guys about ordering that cute Milklim sweater? >v<
Well, that, and the cute magazines I talked about (and the cute button) arrived together! 
So I thought I´d do a little update :-) 

Once again I used Japonicamarket (they have pretty much become my "go-to" shopping service when ordering from Japan! Definitely reccomending! ^0^), and after they had got all the things I had ordered,
it only took about a week for it to get to me!
I absolutely adore this sweater in this colourway, so happy I got it! <3
The button has marshmellows and its sooo cute >v<

I wanna pair this with something lovely in mint, or perhaps dark blue ( ; v;) hmhmhmmm <3

And now over to the magazines I got!
It has been ages since I bought any kind of japanese fashion–magazines, so I felt like trying something totally new! ^0^ Presenting: my very first Gothic & Lolita Bible (and its the 50th anniversary one too!), and the newest issue of Kera, featuring Mogami Moga! *V* 

whaah, I feel so lucky, since this is the March Issue, and my birthday is in March,
and I am so lucky as to have her feature my month! >v< 
She is a newly-discovered fashion idol of mine and her hairstyle is basically the cutest in the entire world ok >v> So if you don´t know about her, hit that google–button hard

The last little booklet on there is a free "Asumiko Nakamura" Diary for 2014, that I got with the G&Lbible ;V; yay <3 It has loads of lovely black and white pen–like drawings with splashes of pink details in a very lolita–esque classical kind of drawing style *_* so prettyyy! <3
I feel like it´s too elegant to use ;A; 

I took the opportunity to show you some of my favourite pages from the magazines also! ^0^
Fashion inspiratioooon ~
Pastelly, spunk and cute! >v< Kimura Yu is the cutest <3

And would you just look at this AWSOME look!
Moga makes me wish for a holograpic jacket, oh yeah >v<!
So inventive with those slippers, haha xP

And offcourse one of my top favourite idols every, Kurebayashi ;v;
forever flawless, forever such a huge source of inspiration!
I absolutely love everything about her style(s)
and the fact that she is also into art makes her just more perfect ;3;
I want a tartan dress >.<

Latly, just look at how incredible that outfit on Misako is *_*
Lolita Heaven

And thats basically it! ^0^

Now on to the outfit of today! ;-P

I finally also got my Sheinside sweater, inspired by Anzujaamu, so I just had to make an outfit for it right away! Didn´t even take my time to get a picture of the sweater by itself first >v> hihi
I combined it with a brand new denim skirt and a tartan plaid scarf my mom got me,
for a simple outfit. The skirt is acctually far too big and long, but I pulled it up a lot ^^"

Outfit rundown:

Sweater: Sheinside
Skirt: KappAhl
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Taobao
Scarf: KappAhl
Hat: booth in Paris
Accesories: Claire´s

What do you think? ^^

Now, thats pretty much it for today! :-)
I am happy I was able to get so many cute new things to inspire myself and feel more happy! ^^
I have totally emersed myself in the magazines and I can feel myself filling up with new ideas <3

Have you bought any Japanese magazines lately?
What is your favourite kind ?

Personally, I have figured Kera is really my thing! ^^ I still have to try out a few magazines that I haven´t bought before (like Zipper and Ageha for instance) but this far, from the ones I´ve seen, Kera never fails to impress :-)

I hope you enjoyed this entry!
Please feel free to comment <3

17 kommentarer:

  1. Cute outfit, love the jumper with the skirt combo <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  2. I love your new jumper! The fashion shots are so inspiring, nothing quite like owning fashion inspiration in a book and not just looking at it online :3

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. thank you! ^0^ I love my new jumper too :D It is sooo comfy and nice! <3 yay for oversized–snuggly clothes >v< hihi
      I love fashion magazines ;v; it feels so much more "real" when you can flip through it in-real-life, kinda ;V;

  3. Y-your legs... I'm sorry gal, but it really scares me how tiny and skinny you are. :I

    1. yeah, I know ;^; As I said in my last entry, I am really, really sick atm >.<

  4. such a cute sweater, it looks so cozy and comfy ^^ I LOVE Kera magazine too hehe i get it on subscription from JList ^^

    1. Thank you! ^0^ Both the sweaters are really comfy and lovely ;3;
      whaah, I really want to subscribe to it one day! *_* that would be awsome!!!

  5. such cute things ^-^ I love kera + zipper & I can't wait to get gothic lolita & ageha some day!

  6. Where you in edinburgh today?

  7. Your legs look kind of photoshopped. I mean, your knees..they stick out in a super strange way. I have seen some incredibly skinny girls in my life but not such knees.

    1. Well, believe it or not, never photoshopped my legs, my knees just stick out I guess >.>

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  9. yeah,your legs are sooooooo slim,while the sweater is really beautiful,try this website for yahoo japan bidding,http:www.jpbidding.com,good day!

  10. I love your outfits! *A* youre so cute :)
    I have been wondering could you please tell me what you search on taobao to found these platform shoes or do you have any links? I have been looking for them with out any success. :/