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Vacation in Great Britain: part 1

As these reports in their full lenght would be a quite extensive amount of writing, 
and I in my current codition feel quite tired, I will try to compress them as much as possible, still keeping the original contents in them! ^^ That means that instead of writing an entry about every single day (I was away for 11 days) I will rather write fewer posts, talking about several days in  each of them. I will also try and focus each  post around pictures, as I know reading long walls of texts might be discouraging and feel less interesting for some... so basically it´s a win-win situation, as that implyes less writing for me, and less reading for you! ^^

Without further ado, lets get to it! 

(ps: all purchase pictures is taken after getting back home!)

Being a senior in high-school, this spring brought along the time for our graduation trip. We had settled on London as our destination. We left home sunday the 16th of february and traveled all day until around 9 pm in the evening before we could finally settle in our little hotel in London. We were living in a little hotel (litterary tiny) called Leigh House Hotel, quite central in london, about 5 min. walk from Kingscross station! 

We were two and two in each room. I split room with another girl in my class :-)

It was a usefull place to stay, as we had quite a loaded program for our stay. 
The first day alone included going to a design museum with an exhibition about the works of INSERT NAME. It was time for a brake afterwards, so we went to Starbucks! Litterary my first ever visit to a Starbucks café, and I´m rather proud to say it was in London :-)

As geeky as it might sound, I researched a bit about what would be good to have there before I left home, since I generally don´t like coffee. I somehow stumbled upon this thing called "the secret menu of Starbucks" which generally is a list of drinks that you can order especially from them.

 I am happy to say I sucsessfully ordered a strawberry cookie crumble frappuchino (though they didn´t have the chocolate whipped cream), and I tried out their "fruit bread" which was quite tasty ; v;

After that we went to Tate modern where we could look at whatever part of their gallery as we pleased. I took great pleasure in their current "poetry and dream" exhibiton, featuring the surrealistic works of Salvador Dáli, amongst many others. I found a bunch of books I would have loved to buy, but as I was on vacation with a limited amount of space in my suitcase, I did as I always do: took a bunch of pictures of their front pages to save the titles for later ;-)

The rest of the evening, we had the day free, so I and a bunch of others (we had this rule about being alteast two people together at all times) decided to explore Oxford Street and China Town. We kind of misscalculated, and ended up having to skip the last part, since Oxford Street took a lot longer than we had accounted for. We started of by visiting the super adorable Disney store
(where I folded and ended up buying some cute toys >v< hihi)

I have wanted one of these glittery disney-princess plastic cups ever since I borrowed one at Peachies, the last time I visited her, so I was very happy that I was able to get it! And the cute toy cat was just because, you know > v> e–eheheh..... 

 After that we pretty much worked our way up the entire street visiting pretty much every store we came across. I made my most expesive purchase of the trip, invested in a really cute pair of suspender pants in a super light pastelly baby pink colourway and a pair of pink, gold-edged, heart-shaped earrings from River Island (a brand I rather like <3 Link is to their online shop, but if you ever have the chance to actually shop there, by all means go in! ^^)

In the evening, everyone gathered at a small tandoori resturant for dinner, before we jumped to bed after a very long day indeed ^^"

And that is the summary of the first couple of days!

Have you ever been to Starbucks?

Stay tuned for more updates soon :-)

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  1. Ah I love starbucks! *-*
    Myf avourite one is the matcha frappe! TT^TT <3

    1. I wanted to try that, but appearantly they didn´t have it on the menu (or green tea frappuchino) in London >.>"

  2. I've wanted to tell you for a long-long time now, that you have an amazing sense for fashion :)
    I'm always inspired by your outfits and even small updates like the picture of your new (super cool!) pink dungarees and the earrings take me to new outfit-ideas and encourage me to develope my own style. Thanks a loooot!

    I also wish you the best on your way, because you're a wonderful person, just the way you are!

    (btw I hope it's not too creepy to hear that from someone anonyme, but I do not have an account here, so that's the only possibility to contact you >.< )

    1. oh wow that means so much to me to hear ;A; wow!! thank you so much! <3 I appreciate it a lot <3 I feel like my updates are so boring and worthless, this message really gave me courage to keep up my blogging ^^ <3

  3. This was really fun to read as someone who lives in the UK! You did so much more shopping/browsing than I do when i'm in London XD

    The suspender pants are adorable, glad you're having a great time!

    We don't actually have a Starbucks in my hometown but I love love their frappuchinos :3

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. aww thats cool x3 haha
      Yeah, I guess I just tried to make the most of it, as I can´t really go there as often ^^"

  4. Whoa, you get to decide together with your class where to go? That is SO AWESOME! London is amazing. :3

    I love your purchases, and I have the same with Starbucks: I never go there, but my only time was in Japan, so it was quite special. XD

    1. Sure we do! ^^ you don´t get to decide?? O.o
      whah, I wanna go to Starbucks in Japan as well xD hehe
      I can´t go to Starbucks where I live because its basically only in Oslo, and that is miles and miles away anyway XD hehe

    2. Well we could choose between two things, but we weren't allowed to think along. ^^
      Awwww ok! We have lots of Starbucks here, but... I am no a coffee fan so for me it's a little useless. XD
      Ugh seeing the suspender pants again makes me love them even more. *_*

  5. I hope the rain didn't bother you that much while you were touring London. Did you take the world-famous double-decker bus or did you have a car-tour/chauffeur to guide you to places? Ain't the city charming? I hope you return in the future, there's still a lot more to visit!

    Tracey Price @ CylleniusTravelServices.co.uk

    1. We used the underground all the time =V= hehe... I think we used taxies just a few times though, and I rode the bus quite a few times once I got to Edinburgh ^^

  6. Thanks for the information that you've shared about your vacation. Corryvreckan whirlpool is a nice spot to go too. I'm getting more interested on the place. Seems a pretty nice place to spend an adventure holidays with friends.

  7. Yes I have been to Starbucks many times haha ^^ Very sweet dungaree the colour is very candy like, the earrings I love most ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. Aw thank you ^^ I love my new things also <3

  8. Yes I have been to Starbuck when I was in Sthlm 2 months ago ^^ had a chai latte there before my train home xD also I have been to the one i Malmö its about an hour away from my hometown :) but I havent brought coffe there!

    1. I have never had coffee there either ;V; just frappuchino! It was great though ^^