søndag 16. mars 2014

Vacation in Great Britain: part 2

I have been extremly busy with school the last couple of weeks! 
Sorry for the update–delay >0<!

The second day of my trip was rather busy as well @_@
And it definitely started off better than it ended...
We had a scheduled tour through the BBC news-building around 11 am,
so after getting ready in the morning, we pretty much just headed right over there ^^

Here is the entry to the new building! They had an old one built in the 30´s right next to it (that they also still use!), but this is now the main–building :-) It was really exciting going there!

We found a full–size (?) Tardis, and even though I haven´t watched Dr. Who before, I felt this was a neccessary tourist shot to do xD hehe

It felt so surreal to acctually stand next to it O.o

The tour lasted for about an hour or so, afterwards we had to do some school related tasks before we had the rest of the afternoon off. Well, atleast we had until 6 pm, since then we had made a deal to meet up together (the entire class) and go to china-town for some dinner!

So, I and the others I was with decided to go to the Sherlock Holmes Museum
as soon as we had the time! ^^ We got cought in the rain, and had to stand in the it for an hour to wait, so I was soaked by the time we finally got in >.<

It was a really lovely museum! <3

  But the rain kinda ruined the rest of my day, cause I walked around shivering the entire day after that, in wet clothes.... So, I didn´t really enjoy our trip to Camden Marked afterwards... and thus because of that and because there was only a small amount oftime left, we only stayed there a bit over an hour before we had to leave to meet up with everyone else for dinner....

Some of the others felt that they hadn´t got enough after finishing there, so we went out to look around some clothing shops again, even though I mostly just felt sick by then, because I was so cold >.< 

On our way home we went by kingscross underground
so we decided to quickly visit the Harry Potter shop there! ^^

 It was really nice, and it had such a strong atmosphere around it <3
They played the correct music and everything!
I bought a "train ticket to Hogwarts" and a tiny little button that said "9 3/4", as a souvenir.

By the time we finally got home again, I had felt so cold and sickly for such a long time that my mood was down in the dumps and I just headed right to bed... there was no use in doing anything else (seeing as I could not "take a hot shower" since there was no warm water >.>)

Thats it for day two! 

Do you enjoy going to museums
when you are traveling??


7 kommentarer:

  1. I am not jealous, I am not jealous, ok yes I'm jealous.
    Seems like you're having a lot of fun :)
    I like museums, especially when they're about Sherlock Holmes or similar cool stuff (but also old castles open-air museums...)
    Oh and you need to watch Doctor Who :P

    1. aw hehe ^^ I would reccomend all the things we did that day! it was great ^^

  2. Whaaaaah a trip to the BBC, how awesome! And the Tardis is amazing, even if you don't watch Doctor Who, haha! And the Sherlock Holmes museum, how great!!! AND THE HARRY POTTER SHOP!!!!! WHAAAH!

    But how sad you didn't feel well. :( I hope you felt better the next day!

    And yes, I love going to museums, but it really depends on the museum. I love paintings, but not the modern ones. I am very picky. ^^'

    1. Hehe ^^ it was really great to see all of those things, even though walking around being cold and wet kinda ruined it a bit >.>
      I love looking at paintings too, but I am really not that much into abstract art ^^" hehe

  3. So amazing a trip to the BBC ^^

    And you look so cute!!!

    And the Sherlock Holmes Museum too waaaa so cool!

    恵美より ♥


    1. yup yup ;V; thank you also for the compliment ^^"