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Vacation in Great Britain: part 6

Four days passed quickly, and suddenly it was the day of Peachies and my second meetup! ^^
I was so excited about seeing one of my best lolita friends again,
and especially because we had such great plans! :-)

We met up a bit earlier this time, around 1 pm I think it was....
The first thing we did was quickly pop by Peachies place
to get some small things she had forgot about... 

While we were there, we decided to get some nice pictures together, since we missed the opportunity last time! I think it was a good thing we decided to get some early on,
since we were both quite beat after our day out >.< 

Peachie was nice enough to take some pictures of my outfit again, she is such a darling ;v;
So here are my "single" pictures first!

 (First time wearing Fancy Melody in an outfit ;v; what do you think??)

Vintage Shoujo–Hime
Op: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: vintage thriftshop
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: Secret Shop
Wig: Mbok auctions
Accessories: Claire´s, Chocomint, homemade, gift,
 Glitter, vintage, Cute Can Kill

I love that this dress has such a pale, "old" pink colour that looks a lot more subtle than what Angelic Pretty usually uses... I mean, the "white parts" in the stripes aren´t even white! They are acctually a kind of pale pastel yellow shade which made me think of a vintage shoujo heroine. I was inspired to do my makeup with my least noticeable lenses (that has the same colour on them as my own eyes, only making them slightly lager) and I used quite simple accessories, based on roses and silky ribbons :-3 Wanted to keep everything a bit more "mature" to match the look! ^^

... This look, however, is the extension of my maturity XD
Hahaha  xD

This plushie was so adorable ;v; <3 Held it with my detail shot! ^^
Can you tell the border has glitter?? ;-)

And finally, here are some of the cute pictures we took together! :D 
(We kinda failed at making a heart, but yeah xD I like the picture anyway! ^^ )

Did better of this one!^^

And now, over to the goofy ones xD offcourse we had to take some of those as well!
Let me introduce....

 The ever infamous Rocket–chan poooose xDD !!


.... ahaha... awww... Peachie, I love you ok :3
I can´t wait until we meet again darling <3 I love spending time with you, you are so lovely and wonderful and I feel so happy when we are together ; v; <3


That´s it for now! ^^ More pictures of us in our next meetup!
But that is offcourse in another post ;-)

Once that was settled, we were off!
We were going down to Princes street again to look at a toyshop,
and on the way there we looked at some triftshops!
The first one we went into, I found one of my new bracelets ^^ 
We took the bus again, to get down there... It was a bit rainy outside that day but we managed to keep close to the walls and quickly ran inside in the worst cases :-P 

It was a bit funny, because we acctually had to go to three department stores before we found the one with the toys in it xD haha... I really enjoyed it though ;V; We looked around the perfume sections in every one of them, and we walked around and tested all the pretties bottles,
so in the end we smelled pretty divine xD 

Peachie has definitely caused me to be addicted to toys >.< as I mentioned before, I had to buy some at the Disney store and later,even got my first Care Bear! So when we entered the toy section, I was quite extatic *v* iiiih....

I would have loved to buy just about the entire store!....
If it wasn´t for money and having to consider space in my suitcase ^^"" ehehe... 


Seriously though, could you resist these amazingly adorable plushies?? >v<
 This unicorn had huuuuge glittery purple eyes ; A; whaaaah....

After looking around there,  we realized how fast time had gone by, and we had been walking around for quite a few hours, so Peachie felt like having a bit of a rest before we went on!
Luckily we found a nice sofa to lounge on for a little while to regain our strenght... I was rather faint myself because of my poor health >.< 

When we decided to move on, it was time to find the last place on our destination list!
A sushi place called "Yo! - Sushi" ! ^^ I was really happy about going there, because I´ve never been there before, so it would be a totally new experience :3 
We got lost for a little while, but after finally being pointed out in the correct direction,
we hasted to the resturant.

Whaaah, so excited!
Sushi is my favourite ;V; hihi....

Do you like dining at sushi places?

It was a rather expencive experience, compared to other times I had been eating out during my travels, but I would say its definitely worth it! It was a fun experience, since they place small amounts of each dish on little plates that goes around on a conveyor belt, so you can basically have a little taste of whatever you like! The dishes have different colours that indicates what price-range they are in ^^ So you just put together the prices afterwards! It is also offcourse possible to order directly from the kitchen, since they were just behind the other side of the conveyor belt ^^

I think we spendt around 2 hours or perhaps almost three in the resturant! o_o We just chatted and laughed for ages, and had a lot of fun! We even had a picture with a really nice asian couple that really liked our style (the ones next to us, they were so nice x3). It was getting a bit late at the time we decided to head back home again and we were quite tired... 

It had been yet another tiresome day, but it went a lot better than our first meetup,
since we had time to rest inbetween! 
I think both of us were quite eager to rest a bit when we got home...
I am pretty sure I just headed to bed when I was once again back at my sisters place! Nothing as lovely as putting your head on the pillow after another looong and lovely day! <3

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Uuugh you two are just too cute! I adore Fancy Melody, especially on you! :3 And dear, if you ever come to the Netherlands, TELL MEEEE! ;_; I just wanna hug you! <3

    1. aww you really think so?? ;V; that is so sweet of you <3<3<3 Thank you :D
      I would love to meet you sometime also ;0;

    2. Yess please come to the netherlands >__<

  2. Josephine, that dress looks so cute, nice and beautiful on you! 。゚(。ノω\。)゚。 And both Peachie and you are looking so cute on those photos, I'm glad to hear that you had a great time in the Great Britain! ♡ I hope I can go there myself one day and visit all those cute shops we don't have here in Sweden! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

    1. aww thank you! you are so sweet to me ;3; I hope you get to go to Great Britain sometime ^^ Both England and Scotland, because both are great! ^^

  3. Sushi places are the best.
    When I was little I didn't fully understand the variety at a Sushi restaurant.

    You and your friend look lovely! Love your dress!


    1. Oh, you had sushi very early on then! I didn´t know about it until I was 10 or 11 years old ^^" hehe
      Thanks for the compliment :3

  4. Such cute pictures! You and Peachie seem like such sweet people, and yeah I love going to Yo! Sushi, they have a local one here and they even do take out :D <3

    The Quirky Queer

    1. aww, yay thats awsome! :D Thank you also, Peachie is so lovely yes <333

  5. Aww you guys are too cute :3 So glad you had a lovely time!<3

    1. thank you ;V; I love Peachie with all my heart <333

  6. You look so cute together :D I love sushi, and I love eating sushi out, sadly it's really expensive :(

    1. aw, thank you ;v; yeeeah, sushi is too expensive really >.<