onsdag 16. april 2014

Vacation in Great Britain: part 7

There was only a couple more days in between the second and the third meeting, so I´ll just go directly to that. This will be my last entry about my vacation in Great Britain! ^^ Finally, haha xP 
I hope you enjoyed reading about it, even though it took a long while to finish writing it!

Well, as both me and Peachie were severly reduced this time around when we met, we decided that the last meetup would simply be at Peachies place! ^^ Since the day we met up also was the last "full day" I would spend in Scotland, we decided to not meet up until around 5 pm, so I could run around town for some "last errands", visiting all the places I felt like going to one last time
before going home! 

We just spendt the evening together from that then and onwards, with no special plans other than gaming and watching cartoons. It was so cosy ^^ Ruth has an absolute massive amount of games and gaming devices so there was plenty to choose from! I had problems settling acctuall...

After some home-cooked dinner, we sat down to watch some
My Little Pony: Friendship is magic together! ^^
It was nice, because we both laughed at the same places and had a really good time.
I am starting to soften up to that series, I think...
have watched quite a few episodes after getting home!

Do you watch the new MLP series?

We decided to also take some pictures this time also, and since we were just staying in, we both went a bit OTT sweet lolita, so we felt like it was really worth it *v*

Following the previous procedure, first some "single" ones...
 Only got close-ups, since I just wore Toy Parade again ; v; hihi

And some of the ones we took together! ;v; 

Fighto loli!

Thank you once again, Ruthie, for having me! I felt like I was a complete nuisance all the time, and I am sorry I was so fatigued most of the time >.< I enjoyed spending time with you so very,
very much, and I hope it won´t be too long until we are able to meet again! <3 


And that concludes my vacation in Great Britain! ^^ After leaving Peachies place around 11 pm that night, I went straight to bed. I had allready packed up my suitcase, but I did spend a little bit of time the next morning just to double-check everything, to make sure nothing was left behind. After that I pretty much just had to go to the airport, since my airplane was leaving around 11 am... 

After arriving at the airport in Oslo, I had to wait a few hours to board the next plane to get all the way home. By the time I had finally gotten on the bus from the second airport , reached the busstation, and gotten picked up by my dad to drive home, it was around 20 pm in the evening!

I don´t know what I will write about next, and I don´t know when.
As you might have understood from reading this text, I have a hard time expressing myself at the moment... life is pretty much a constant struggle these days....
anyway, I won´t occupy this post with negativity, so lets just leave it at that...

Thank you for reading!

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  1. You girls are so sweet together! *o* <3

  2. Awww you are so cute together! kawaii overload :O :3 I have watched the MLP series, and I love it :D
    Hope time gets better soon Sweety<3 Hugs

  3. Aw how cute. How long did you spend in total here? So glad you had a great time and i really hope you get through your tough time soon, keep fighting! c: <3

    The Quirky Queer

    1. I spendt about 11 days in total I think (?) both staying in London and Edinburgh combined ;V;
      thank you for the encouragement!

  4. It was lovely reading about your holiday and I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!!! I hope you overcome your problems soon, dear ( u v u ) you can do it!!


    1. thanks for the support <3 I had a lovely time over there :-)

  5. It's cool that you got to meet up with someone like that. The pictures you guys took together are so heartwarming! <3
    I hope you get a nice restful time when you get home. :)

    Also, I always watch My Little Pony while eating dinner. Haha.


    1. aw thank you! I am glad you like the pictures ^^ I just think you should know that this is something that happend back in february xD haha... I am just late with writing it :P

  6. You always look so adorable >w< I hope you work things out for yourself. Take it easy <3

    1. thank you <3 *v* and thank you for the support <3

  7. Love your blog so much, it's so cuteee =^-^= I am a new follower, do you mind check out my blog?

    Kisses & Hugs Sweetie,
    Fashion gets Fierce.

  8. I love your dress! (And your blog-- Just found it~)
    Adorable :3