lørdag 5. april 2014

Vacation in Great Britain: part 5

I feel like the next few days of my trip are rather insignificant to write about.
Wow, me being completely drained of all reserves now, shows that I have lost all energy to even consider being creative >.< I think its only "boring" information somehow ^^" 
All I did besides the days when I was with Peachie, was looking around shops from morning until night! My sister was extremly busy with school at the time,
so I was pretty much left to entertain myself all day :P 


Yeah I got to buy loads of stuff, but I can´t really tell the days from eachother anymore, so I don´t remember when I bought what >_>""" ehehe..... 

Therefore I thought I´d just post ALL the rest of my purchases here in this entry! ^^ This is stuff from the entire trip, both from before and after the days I met up with Ruth. Most of the stuff I got in Edinburgh, but some are from London as well :-)

Let´s get started!

First of all, this is all the manga books I bought!
Oreimo volume 1, and Honey and Clover volume 2 and 3 ^.^
Would highly reccomend both these series ;-)

And I also got loads of Adventure Time goodies! *V* yaay 
It´s my nr. 1 fandom >v<<3<3<3
 Here is volume 1 ,2 and 3 in the comic book series!
And I also got a fridge-magnet that says "Candy people unite!" x3 so cute <33


I offcourse also had to get this amazing poster!
Had to put it up straight away when I got home!
( I think its funny how you can see my Finn and Jake figurines also ;v; )

All the comic books and "geeky" merch was bought at the Forbidden Planet.

I think its really interesting trying out sweets that we don´t have in my country,
so I got some of that as well ;v; hihi
Green tea –, Red bean –, and sesame Mochi! ^^ Cinnamon bun bites, a homemade chocolate bar with skittles, Aero bubble mint chocolate bar and a Reese´s peanut butter chocolate bar <3 Bought here and there, can´t really recall...


I was lucky, and acctually found poptarts as well! *v* 
Brown sugar cinnamon, Confetti cupcake, s´mores and peanut butter!
I got some new ones, and some that I´ve tried before! ^^
We don´t get this stuff in my country, so I kinda stocked up ^^"""" ehehe

One of the things I had decided about looking for, was some new casual accesories, to wear with everything! I was really happy that I managed to find so much! <3
 Loads of bracelets, rings, and some hair  things ^^ I acctually got more hair accessories (some bows, another rose and a headband), but I forgot to place them in the picture >_>" Most are from Claire´s, but I also bought some at Primark and in random thrift shops ;-)


Oh, did I mention that I got my very first Care Bear over there??
Well I did! ^^ It´s Loves– a–lot! :D
With it is a cute box filled with raspberry drops, featuring Sanrio´s Usahana! 

... and finally, here is all the makeup and care–products I got ;v;
Vanilla Bodymist and Honey eu de toilette from Bodyshop, powder and Clinique cleansing–set
from Boots, mascara and blush from Superdrug and lastly,
the heartshaped box holds three luxury pink confectionary pieces from a fancy shop >v> <3


And thats pretty much it! I did get a few more thing, but by the time I took the pictures, I kinda forgot about them ... ehh ^^"" Yeah, I know these purchases might not be too exciting, but I am happy with everything I got, and I think thats the most important point :-) 

Hope you enjoyed this little update ^^!

Because you are all so patient and lovely with me being so slow on updating,
 I will give you a little taste of what to expect in the next entry ;-)

Ta– daaah! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
... haha xD let´s just say that our second meeting was a blast! xDDD

Please look forward until next time! <3

Huggles and imaginary cookies for everyone!

yours sincerly,

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  1. Iiiiih you bought the nicest things! *o* I always love to see shopping hauls, especially with food and accessories. :3


    1. aww ;V; I am glad you enjoyed it! ^^ *hugs back*