fredag 24. august 2012

Honeycolour circle lenses ^0^

Yesterday, my first EVER pair of circle lenses arrived at my house ! ^^ yaay!
This is something I have wanted to buy for aaaages, but really, I have been to nervous to do so. First of all, I have been really nervous about buying from a reliable shop, and secondly I have been really scared that I wouldn´t be able to take proper care of them >.< 

When I got my salary from this years summer job, I decided to finally go for it. It was now or never. 
I researched what lense-solution I should buy, and made sure to get that also, to be completly prepared.
I have been watching tutorial upon tutorial on youtube, on how to open cases, insert lanses into your eyes, and how to clean them for many days now, just so make sure that I knew how to do everything properly. It is my eyes we are talking about here, and I would rather not ruin them :-S 

After asking around for a bit, I came to the conclusion that the webshop

was quite reliable, and had a good service deal,
since they also sendt a free lense case with your lenses! ^^ 
Since it was my first time getting lenses, I also looked around on what were the most popular choices in colour and type was! This lead me to deciding on the "GEO Super Angel Brown" lenses :)
 Click through to go directly to the webshop! ^0^
(Since my eyes are naturally quite big, I wanted to make sure they looked even bigger with lenses in them,
and therefore I went with the super sized ones

Shipping 5/5

 I placed my order on the 16th of August, and it said to take about 2 weeks in shipping.
Still it took only 7 days from the order was made, until yesterday, when they arrived,
 on the 23rd of August.
That is really great, considering I only ordered by the cheapest shipping method of them all! 

Service 5/5

When I placed my order, they quickly gave an email that said they had got the order and would process it as soon as possible. The very next day, they sendt me another email with information about the tracking code, and that the packaged was safely shipped.

Package 5/5

The lenses came in a small, bubblewrap-stuffed envelope, with the lense case losely placed inside, while the lenses themselfs was placed inside a small case, 
with easy-to-follow instructions on how to apply the lenses! 
I was really happy that they had both pictures and text to illustrate easily how it is done.

Englargement 4/5

this is not the best image ever, but you can easily see that I am wearing a lense on my right eye!
I am very happy with how the enlargement looks, it really makes my eyes look like doll eyes ^0^
However, I could have wanted them to be just a liiiittle bit bigger, hence this one not getting a full score. 

Colourblend 5/5

The colours of these lenses matches perfectly with my own colour, and they are not "shining through" what-so-ever! I am very happy about this, because I have seen plenty of pictures where you can easily spot the real colour underneath the lenses, and I was kind of afraid that would happen to mine also. 
These however, have colour really up close to the pupil, and doesn´t show my actual colour.

Comfort 3.5/5

I am sure it can very well be because it is my first time ever wearing lenses, but I still feel like they could be a little bit more comfortable. They tickle the eye a little bit, and sometimes when I blink, I have to do it a bit carefully. However, they do nothing with my eye sight at all, which I think is great. Everything is just as clear and fine like it normally is. The reason may be that I also struggled a bit with getting them on, but all in all, I do not mind at all, and I think they feel pretty ok.


Total score: 27.5/30

Now some pictures of them on me! ^0^

(I am only wearing regular makeup, since I do not own false lashes yet)

I was very happy with the result, and can´t wait to try on false lashes for the first time, to see what they look like together ^^

I will really reccomend to buy your lenses from Honeycolor. they are fast, reliable, and has great service! I will definitely buy from them again. 

Do YOU have circle lenses?

Thank you very much for reading!

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  1. They look so lovely on you! I like the colour :3

    ♥ Sapphire

    1. thank you very much! :D I really like the colour also ^^

  2. You look so cute with the Lenses on ♥
    Wish I had brown eyes like you *-*
    A month ago I got my first pair.Chose brown lenses, but they do not blend so good with my eyes since I got blue/greenish eyes :/
    I think I will also order from Honeycolor since the shipping was so fast for you ^o^

    1. thank you >//// V////<
      Oh, I see! Maybe you should try to get green or blue lenses to see if they match better? :)
      Yay! I am so happy you were inspired to try them out :D they have great service! ^^

  3. These lenses looks so cool. Circle lenses makes our eyes big and adorable. I also wear blue colored circle lenses and I love to wear it :)

  4. Great Review, Thanks for sharing it here

    You look really amazing with circle lenses

    Just for your info, you can check out more exciting brand colored circle lenses at

    Super great place

    Enjoy and stay pretty : )


  5. I have two pairs of circle lenses that I ordered from I love the service they offer. If you ever want to try out a new website, I recommend Pinky Paradise :) I have some blog posts on it if you'd like to hear more! <3
    These look absolutely GORGEOUS on you!! I will seriously consider these for my next pair of lenses! Thank you for the helpful review, I hope you continue these types of blogs :) I wish you luck on every single thing you do in life :D Thank you, also, for providing me entertainment :):):)