lørdag 11. august 2012

Peculiar thoughts of odd whimsy

When you live your life with a mental disease, it is almost like having a second person inside of you... 
There is this one person that is focused, resonable and healthy, while there is another sort of crazy, loopsided person that has completly turned right into wrong and vise versa... 

Presently, I am quite confused over the current situation of what I am going through in my life, and therefore I am finding that every single day becomes an utter pain to endure....
I feel tired from simply thinking, which might sound far from as exhausting as it currently is... 
It kind of feels like I am being pulled in several directions at once, because my head is telling me to do this and that, and not this and that because it is wrong, but acctually it is right, but still totally wrong :S

Not only am I experiencing getting worse, thinking of my health and all, but a depression is growing inside of me, that just won´t let go... It is all very silly and confusing, and mostly I just feel like everything is one big movie and that nothing is for real... like a dream of some sort... not one of the really good ones, sadly... 
It is partly due to the fact that I am extremly bored and have far to much time on my hands...

Yesterday, my sister , who is home for vication, gave me something which I believe might be a vintage belt! 
I quite liked it, and thought of an outfit almost imediatly, so I had to try it out today ^^ 

Shiro elegance
Shoes: ???
Tights: Amazon
Skirt: H&M kids section
Belt: vintage
Blouse: Bodyline
Accesories: Glitter, H&M, Kreepsville 666

I quite like the details of this one :) The necklace really is a great contrast to the feminine and cutesy blouse, which gives of a creepy cute look ^^ 

I have another outfit that I recently wore to work, with the same skirt! It is very different, acctually one of my best fairy-kei atempts (in my opinion anyway xD) and gives off a totally different wibe,
 so I decided to post it also:

 Playful Lilac
Slippers: (only worn while at home) H&M
Tights: HolleyTeaTime
Skirt: H&M kids section
Sweater: Milklim
Accesories: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, Milklim, Glitter

But really, these days I am so worn out that if I get out of my jammies it is really a miracle, so most days, I acctually just look like this, when I am at home...

( you can´t tell, but the sweater has wine-red letters that goes with the tights xP)

As  a kind of interesting add, for some of you, I can say that I finally managed to finish all of the pages of my comic! ^^ YAAY <3 I am so slow with things like that XD I was acctually planning to post all of the pages a week ago, but I forgot, since I was so busy with work and such >.< ughhh...

I hope you like the result!

(The text was just made up as I made the pages, so I appologize for the poor quality :S ehehe...)

I am otherwise really pleased with how it turned out, and proud to say
that my first comic pages made professionally turned out ok! ^0^ 

I would really, really appreciate to hear from all of you what you think about it :D

 A couple of days ago was my last day at the library for the summer, and even though it felt good, it was almost a little bit sad walking out of there for the last time in a while ... I will most lightly work there later on, when they have the need for extras, but currently, I am finished. 
Yesterday, I also got my salary for the first 3 weeks of work and FINALLY I could order things again! ^^ YAAY! I am so happy about it :D I have been pretty much broke for a couple of months now
(I am not counting the hairdresser money, since money sat aside for a particuilar purpose
really is the same as being broke to me
Hopefully, I will hear from the shopping service I contacted about it very soon,
and quickly get my new taobao items :3  
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vication, or the start of the new school year
(whichever it is for you) 
I don´t have any plans for now, other than reading "the hitchaikers guide to the galaxy" with my sister, and since we are just about done, it seems like the next exciting thing to happen won´t be until I get my packages, or letters from my penpals x3 
Thanks for reading! 


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  1. I love your outfits! Both skirts are adorable :3
    and wow, i actually thought you posted something from an official manga :o amazing!

    1. Thank you! ^^ I am experimenting with a lot of different styles recently :D I love this "creepy cute" trend x3
      Wow! really??? 8D That is so awsome! Thank you very , very much! I tried my best ^^

  2. Oh my goodness, your comic! I didn't read correctly at first and thought it was just relevant to your life and when I reread the entry, I saw that you drew that! IT LOOKS SO GOOD AND SO PROFESSIONAL! I'm so impressed by your artistic skills!!

    1. Thank you very much :D:D:D I am so happy you like it! ^^ I worked hard on it, to make it look good ^////^

  3. Your comic looks great! And the story is so perfect since Halloween is only two months away! 8D I hope to read more in the future. ^0^

    And your outfits are perfectly coordinated, as always!

    1. thank you :D I am still working on the storyline though, so it might take some time xD haha

      oh, that is very kind of you! ^^ I am still learning though, but I get better every time I practice :)

  4. I love the second outfit and your comic is amazing! You are sure talented<3 I'm just letting you know that I have changed the URL for my blog from Lolitayoghurt to Churichan! I hope you will still follow me <3 Have a nice day :)

    1. Thank you ^^ I am glad you like it!
      Yes, I noticed you had changed your username :)

  5. You're so adorable, like the cutest little sugarpie! ( ; v ;) I wish I could pull off cute looks as well as you do dear! ♥

  6. you're adorable :3 so glad I found your blog!! and that comic is gorgeous, really made me smile! It must have taken so much effort! well done :3

  7. I understand your boredom, as I to have had problems adjusting to summer vacation. I know I am like a year late writing this (XD), but for future reference, I wish you a better, more exciting summer :) I looovvvee your outfits. Your coords are amazing. LOVED the fairy kei outfit. I am reading your blog from your first blog to the last, and so far, this is where I am. You are amazing and I hope you always continue pursuing what you love <3 :)