søndag 29. juli 2012

-my pretty home-

Today, the sun was shining when I opened my eyes, and I had just woken up from a dream that made me both happy and quite melancholic. Short to say, no energy to do anything really...

So, as the day came upon me, I thought I´d take some pictures of what our house currently looks like... 
Since my mom is the kind of person that loves interior, she often buys little oddities to fix up here and there.

As a result, our home has become a big mash of old and new, with everything from homemade things, to antiques, and some brand new stuff. The fun thing is that everything has its own story attached to it!

It is said to be pleasing for the soul to be surrounded by beautiful things, 
so with no further nicknack, here is some of the pretty things to be found in my house...

I was able to borrow a camera, which is the reason why most of the pictures are a lot better, qualitywise ^^ 

If you feel down one day, it feels really good to just walk around and snap a few pictures of what is aesthetically pleasing around you! It helps you focus on positive things and it also kind of opens your eyes more to what kind of beautiful and nice things you might have just beside you,
 that you don´t even think about on a daily basis!

It made me happier for sure today :-) 

see you soon again

4 kommentarer:

  1. your house is so pretty1 it's like a dream for a classic lolita~ xx

    1. I often think the same thing :D I wanna have a photoshoot in our "grand"-livingroom, where all the oldest things are ^^

  2. Oh my goodness, your house looks like what I imagine my dream house to look like! ;A;

    1. aww :D that is really cool! I love my home very much, it is really pretty ^^