lørdag 29. september 2012

The lolita goes hipster?

First of all, I just wanna say WOW! Thank you all for following me!
 I am so excited about having 100 readers now ^^!
Today, me and my mom went shopping! :) 
It is a reeeeally long time since we have just gone shopping for pleasure, so we both made sure to enjoy ourselfs properly. 
We did have one objective, but otherwise we just looked around and tried on things. 

To tell you the truth, it has been SO long since I have been in real shops getting new clothes that I almost forgot how convenient and easy it is over online shopping XD haha

I wanted to dress up a little bit also, since it has been a while, so I did a simple punk-inspired lolita outfit with a classical/sweet twist ;-----)

Cherry rebel

Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Shirt: Bodyline
Cardigan: H&M
Sock: taobao
Tights: amazon
Shoes: an*tai*na
Accesories: glitter, vintage, amusement park, H&M

I crimped my hair today! ^0^

I didn´t find to much that I wanted, but I wound up with a couple of cute things :D
Pretty happy with my finds anyway ^^

 Love this new ring! :D I can´t believe I found something so "japanese" in a regular store XD haha

Also got a new sweatshirt! :D It was really cheap also! ^^

Gosh, I seem like such a hipster now XD haha... well well, I really like my new things, and can´t wait to cordinate them :) The ring goes with everything! I got a new liquid eyeliner as well, but thats not really important :P

Do you prefer online shopping or real-life shopping?

for reading!

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  1. The new shirt is really cool! I love such prints *_*
    Also the hairstyle suits you really well, makes me wanna get crimped hair too ^_^
    I prefer online shopping because I always find what I want ♥
    Normal shops usually don't got something I like and when then it's the wrong size >_<

    1. Thank you! ^^ I really like it also :D
      It is fun with crimped hair ;-) really 80´s flare!
      I also prefer online shopping, but I think that makes it extra nice to acctually find something in real life x)

  2. aaawh~ so cute as always <3 did you use a heated crimper for your hair? I really want one, but it's so expensive ><

    1. thank you! ^^ Yes I did! :D It came with a set of hairstyling things I got together with my curling iron from my parents :)

  3. Your outfit is really cute and I like your gets(*・ω・*)
    By the way, I read your last entry about your hair colour☆If you don't like the gold/yellowish shine that your hair may have, you should try to wash it with silver shampoo for a few times. Leave it in for a few minutes (not too long, because it actually may turn your hair into a grey/silver tone!) and then rinse thoroughly. I find this pretty helpful as it's made my hair more white/really light blonde without the shine(^O^)/

    1. thank you! ^^ I use purple shampoo when I shower, but I will try to leave it in longer also :) It neautrialises the yellow!

  4. Omg you look so pretty! Love the look *o* And also your hair!
    Well, to be honest I think that I find more stuff that I like online, but I usually shop more on regular shops! I try to find stuff that fits my style and that I like everywhere!

    1. thank you ^^
      That is a good idea! :) it is nice to be flexible like that ;-)

  5. Congrats on the followers!
    I adore your cherry rebel look *_* the red accessories! /steals/

    ♥ Sapphire


  6. hkfgjdhfgjhfgkjdhfg you are just getting cuter and cuter. Congratz on the followers! Your blog deserves every one of them ( ; v ; ) also have to say, as a little feedback to your posts; I love how you often end with a question ♥

    And to answer that question; I love any type of shopping, think I'm kind of developing an addiction... really can't pick... XD

    1. whaaah >w< you are so nice Saga <333 I like ending my entries with a question! ^^ It encourages to feedback ;-)

      Yeah, I think I am a shopping addict also x3

  7. you look so wonderful in first coord,I totally love it,also love ur sweatshirt with wolves <3

    1. Thank you! :D I was very happy with the first coord ^^

  8. hi! i like your blog! would u like to follow each other? it'll be cool)