søndag 27. januar 2013

+what happens it happens+

MoShI mOsHi!

I recently saw someone start their blog entry with those words, so I just had to give it a go =v= feels very nostalgic and happy-go-lucky-ish x3 hehe

I thought I´d just start off by answering the questions I got in my Q/A post! ^^
I don´t think people remembered it, or maybe I am just a very boring and un-interesting person, anyway, I only got two questions, so I will answer them here, instead of making a big entry, like I planned...

The first one is from 

"how long does it take you to get ready on a normal day? you always look so perfect ^^"
Awww! You are far to kind, you know, since I barely look decent these days =A=
anyway... normal days, when I go to school, it takes about 10-15 min to get ready. In the weekends when I dress up, It takes from 10 min until 40-45 min ? It really depends on how elaborate my outfit/hair/makeup is :P 

The second question is from

"who's your no. 1 lolita inspiration?" 

Ooooh, that is such a hard question! There is many, many lolitas I look up to for inspiration, and I don´t think I could single out someone at this point.... examples though are people like Princess Peachie, Cadney, Lunie, Misako Aoki, Pastelbat, Deka Wanko (though fictional), Victoria Susanne, Pixie_late, shelbycloud... and the list just goes on and on and on! The thing is, you see, that the definition of "lolita inspiration" is rather loose, atleast for me... When one is an inspiration, is it the clothing you wear? your attitude? brand? cordination? you vision of life? Your taste or your doings? All of these are taken into consideration, and for me, to have been so lucky as to meet and befriend many lovely lolitas over the internet, I have really come to see those attributes for what they are worth. I am so thankfull for that. They are what keeps me smiling, even when I face rough days :)

Now, on to my update! 
I thought I do a proper, old-fashioned one today, and tell you guys a bit 
about what has been going on in my life these past few days/weeks.

I have had an unusually rough start of the new year, and I hope I am finally facing brighter days!^^
I am waiting for loads of exciting things to arrive in the mail (my first seifuku ever, artbook and hairdye amongst other things) and my weekends haven´t been to bad either. 

Finally, the light is getting decent for taking pictures again! :D
Acctually, today we saw the sun again for the first time in over a month, 
and it felt really nice to know that we have lighter days ahead.

I did a little experiment this weekend. How simple can an outfit be, and still be kawaii?

I got a new pair of pants recently, that I am having a hard time cordinating. I kinda like this though! Just have to add something macabre to my outfits sometimes...
 Also, I had the best hair day EVER yesterday! What do you think? ^^

I wore it out when me and my parents went to a tiny little café that is located in our nearby town :) 
It was so cosy!

I had marzipan covered Walnutcream cake, with strawberry/rasberry milkshake <3
It was so yummy!

Otherwise, I have read VERY much manga this weekend! (I am one of those people that acctually tend to prefer manga very often over anime, since you get the feel of the original artists work.) I am completly in love with some of them, and I will probably write about it later, since I have been drawing fanart as well ^^

We had something quite different and very yummy for dinner last night! It was a pie, completly without crust/dough! It only had greens, eggs, ham and cheese. 
It was almost like a omelette, one might say.
The secret though, to giving it a firmer texture, was that it had loads of spinach. It was really yummy, and super healthy also ^0^

Other than that, I watched a really bad made b-movie that lasted faaaaar to long, I took a walk in the dusk, I wondered about life (like I always seem to do on Sundays) 
and I just generally existed for a while.

Do you like going to cafés 
with your family or friends?

OyAsUmI nAsAi! >0<

14 kommentarer:

  1. super cute post! The carton of milk is so adorable hehe
    I also love your hat/scarf ^_^

    1. thanks ^^" I suck at updating lately, but its hard writing about happy stuff when one isn´t really happy...
      I like my hat/scarf also, it doesn´t go with much, sadly :/

  2. I love your outfit! I definitely think you did a good job coordinating it.

    Oooh cafes, I love them! We don't have very many where I live, but a new one just opened and I happen to know the manager, so I've been going a lot. I definitely wish that there more D:

    1. thank you ^^ I think its a bit boring, but I had no imagination for it :P hehe
      oh, thats sad :/ We only have two in my little town, but there is more in a town thats a bit further away ^^

  3. What you only need 15mins to get ready? Thats so short O: (or maybe I'm just slow xD)
    I love how your hairs look so silver/grayish and still totally healthy *jealous* ♥

    1. haha xP I am to lazy for makeup though :p but even then its only like 15 min usually :P

      I feel very lucky, because my hair is very healthy! ^^ Even with so much bleach, it still feels soft and nice :D

  4. I love your hooded scarf!
    & yes, I love cafes. Especially patisserie style ones or those that put a lot of thought into the interior decorating :)

    1. Thank you! ^v^
      yeah! :D those are the best ones ^^ The ones around where I live are quite boring, but they have just got these cute new table cloths with cupcakes on that I adore *v*

  5. thanks for answering my question :D
    wow, only 15 minutes to look that good? jealousyyy! what kind of manga have you been reading?

    1. I don´t look good though XD I usually don´t put on makeup because its really early when I get up and I am tired and don´t wanna =w=

  6. ohh thanks for answering my question, i guess i'll answer yours aswell haha (*・ω・)
    i absolutely love going to cafés! sadly i live very far from one, but when i get the chance i never say no.

    1. no problem sweetie :3 It was nice of you to ask! ^^
      I don´t go to cafés very often either, but when we do its very nice :D

  7. Hey Sweetie,
    I've nominated you for Liebster Blog Award! If you check out my last post, you'll be able to see what I mean

    1. Oh wow! ^^ I am really flattered :) This is the third time I get this award ^^" I will answer it as fast as I get the time :)